Aether was more highly concentrated in the ground, but it flowed from space into that ground. Since the stream was directed groundward, the only possible means for absorbing extra eether energy was to forcefully drive an aether current down! With the applied flow directed into the ground, incoming aether from space would be given a resistance-free path to follow. The impulse transmitter would be acting as a pump. The immense space reservoir would be drawn down through the system. With the parameters very strictly controlled, space gether would prefer the elevated terminal to the natural geology, a more resistant an inhomogeneous surface. Accelerated by this downward flow, cether streams would very quickly turn toward the impulse transmitter from outlying volumes of space. The impulse transmitter would be a source of almost eternal energy. But there were a few more facts to learn and a few more problems to solve before a practical eether engine could be built and operated. Were there additional characteristics in the natural flow which would require special systems accommodations?

Tesla used gas-dynamic and hydro-dynamic analogues in developing apparatus toward this remarkable objective. In his outdoor tests, the ground connection had revealed something of the process which he would now engage. Tesla had already learned that his impulse transmitters could absorb “extra energy” when grounded. Appliances too, when grounded, would produce uncharacteristic magnified performances. He should have known! This was early evidence that a natural ajther supply was already present between sky and ground. In some inexplicable way, his impulse transmitters had entered the aether absorption process of Nature. Through some simple “pumping” action, an additional energy flow had made its appearance in his power broadcast. This now made sense. The creation of an “aether pump” would necessarily conform with the prevailing natural aether flow, one which poured down from space to the earth. The relatively small applications of his impulse transmitter was being given an enormous “boost” by the natural downpour!

Discovering more details about the space aether was now more than intriguing. It was a technological necessity. In the absence of any such knowledge, the pursuit of excellence had been a slow and methodic succession of discoveries in which he was left alone. His numerous publications and press conferences consistently highlighted the potentials of a future technology which would change the world system. Having already demonstrated the fact that Polyphase could undo an “institution” as American as Thomas Edison, his former employee, many financiers had become concerned when Tesla described wireless power transmission. Heavily invested in Polyphase, the general feeling of security was by far too shaken by his now numerous and detailed announcements. It was very obvious to all who knew him, for he was well known in such social circles, that he had perfected the broadcast power system to a degree which could put them all out of business. Here were the first confrontations of finance and technology, meeting in the person of Nikola Tesla. Concerned enough to meet the impending crisis which seemed so imminent at the hands of Tesla, a select and powerful consortium of financiers arranged a formal reply to Tesla’s many overtures.

In the early morning hours of March 13, 1895 at 2:00 AM, the magnificent Tesla Research Laboratory at 33-35 South Fifth Avenue exploded and burned. Floor upon floor fell until the building was nothing but a swirling wind of ash. The devastation was unprecedented, the very obvious work of hired saboteurs. Dynamite charges destroyed the very building foundation, a death trap which could not fail. Unknowing to them, and breaking his normal nightly routine that particular evening, Tesla had quietly slipped out through a concealed stairwell for an extended dinner at Delmonico’s. Tesla returned with his frantic assistant, Mr. Czito, and watched the ashes drift down the avenue until dawn. He vanished for two weeks to the great concern of his closest and dearest friends.

The message of his return left his shadowy enemies thunderstruck. Tesla was still alive! His next public announcement was divisive and deliberate. Every press interview for the remainder of his life took a new turn. He was no longer opened and candid. This mystique drove intrigued enthusiasts toward his every statement. He was now planning the broadcast of power on a worldwide scale, and requested funding from the very ones he clearly knew were the guilty parties. It was well known by the public that certain such individuals had long threatened Tesla with the hostile takeover of his Polyphase amalgamation with Westinghouse. Fearful of public accusations in the all too obvious foiled death attempt, the guilty parties crawled out of the woodwork with philanthropic donations which Tesla absorbed with relish. He played this game with the same parties all of their remaining lives, until none of them were left to extort “philanthropic donations”. The hurt and the loss, nevertheless remained. He was purposed now to achieve what he had set out to do. Overturning the financial stronghold which he perceived taking root in the world, would be brought down at all costs. Energy, fuel, financial power, and regulation, these several principles would be reversed by the social response which his new technology would exact. The demand? Absolute freedom from the tyranny of regulators.

Into these fields he continually strove, his technology the threshing tool. Li his new laboratory at 40 West Houston Street, Tesla conducted a number of very revealing experiments with grounded impulse transmitters. He had conducted sufficient experiments in this new laboratory to acquire certain basic information necessary to the construction of a large-scale test station, a remarkable ability to perform small scale tests with a view toward subsequent enlargements. Pumping the local area with aether streams, Tesla discovered an amazing and essential fact which he had not previously realized. His ground pumping impulse transmitters operated with peak efficiency only when specific pulsations were applied. He also noted that the timing of applied such pulsations would produce zero reading or maximum readings on the output side. This meant only one thing: the strongest incoming pulsations were clock-regular. Instances where he received “zero outputs” were instances where the impulse transmitter was completely out of phase. Instances where he received strongest outputs were instances where the transmitters were completely in phase with the incoming pulsations. Of course there were those instances where a moderate output was gained, instances where the pumping action may have preceded or followed the incoming pressures just a bit. In order to absorb these natural pulsations with greatest efficiency, he had to find a simple way to synchronize the Transmitter with them exactly.