The pulsations themselves represented a natural process which Tesla had never suspected. Here was evidence that space aether did not in fact flow from space smoothly. The earth as whole was somehow modulating parts of the aether flow. Tesla monitored and charted this complex and fascinating natural phenomenon, an exciting display of mysterious origin. There were slow pulses whose ultraslow periods exceeded his ability to record them. Others required hours to express themselves, yet others a few minutes each. The aether pulsation spectrum had no lower limits and certainly no upper ones. Here were ample natural “channels” to use for power and other applications. In order to build a functioning aether engine, he would have to select one of these strong natural pulsations.

Tesla found that an amazing sequence of pulsations coexisted in this incoming flood. These came as pressure waves, never reversing direction, and were interspersed by relaxation intervals having specific duration. Therefore, the incoming aether came as complex superimposed pulsations, each having their own periods of pressure and relaxation. There was no upper or lower limit to these. Many of these pulse trains were very powerful, not just a few. Those powerful pulsations obviously differed in cause and source. Some were solar stimulated, others had more mysterious origins in outer space. He correctly surmised the source of the more powerful pulsations. The sun played its greatest role in this pulsation process. Because it represented an aether source so close to the earth, its streams did not arrive with the uniform distribution of the space aether supply. The proximity stimulated the strong pulsations which were found to occur at fixed rates and in a specific range of pulsations. Pulsation groups were found, those groups each having singular source. Whether in the sun, the stars, the influence of planets, or mysterious causes in space, each group represented an available pulsation spectrum for utility.

The source of all these pulsations had several causes. Space sourced aether entered the earth at pulsation rates related to the mysterious processes occurring in deepest space. Many of their pulsations were the result of those space processes, having nothing to do with earth. Others yet had to do with process in space we may never properly comprehend. These represent the native properties of space and so forth. Yet there existed a class of pulsations definitely related to the proximal sun and the earth as a resistive body. The rocky earth represents a resistance to the otherwise smooth and continuous flow of aether from space.

Resistance in the crust brought an aether intensification process into play. The self-collimating self-magnifying property which he had observed, while experimenting in countless other applications, was suddenly appreciated on a terrestrial scale. Resisted aether focussed into the resistant medium, producing intense bombardments with subsequent explosive particle emissions. One principle emission was electronic in nature. Electrons appeared in the rocky resistant matter, a contaminant which often choked the pure aetheric flow. The electron conversion process retarded the aetheric flow. On the terrestrial scale, such effects were enormous in scope. The incoming space aether stream was not such a smooth flow after all, an unexpected fact. Tesla saw the native pulsation properties of space sources. These did not result from contact with earth resistance at all. But because the earth itself resisted the various incoming supplies in various degrees, special group pulsations had long ago been initiated in the groundward aether efflux. These group pulse effects were produced on a vast scale. The incoming aether pulsated into and over the surface of the ground, in some places smoothly, in others with greater difficulty. Certain geological locales had been the historically persistent site where prodigious lightning activity had been the familiar local attribute.

This retardation in the natural absorption of aether yet occurs on a vast terrestrial scale. The already pulsating streams encounter resistance, first in the atmosphere, and then in the crust Space streams, however pulsing, are slowed from the otherwise superluminal velocities as a group by crustal resistance and the electron conversion process. The condition had existed for aeons. Momentum in the Ether supply maintained the incoming group pulsations. The growth and establishment of this pulsation process was unstoppable. /Ether pulses in, is converted into electrons, relaxes, and comes in again. In addition, the proximity of the sun played its part in another class of group pulsations. The sun was not homogeneous in its bombardment of the whole earth surface. Solar eether drove a vector over and through the earth. Several group pulsations were the result of this passage. There were geological modifications and magnifications of these effects. A whole class of aether pulsations were solar related. This pulsation train was unidirectional, eether passed into the earth, flowed around it, and went off into interplanetary space.

Streaming aether would have, in fact, been problematic in this effort. Pulsations offered the possibility of an increased engine efficiency. The impulse transmitter would be so synchronized as the apply its groundward Eether blasts at the exact instant in which a space pulse arrived. It would rest with the arrival of the natural relaxation interval. Arranging a highly resistive condition had been the work of engineers for countless centuries. This discovery and situation, revolutionary and futuristic from every aspect, required the opposite engineering conditions. Tesla had long experimented with the use of liquid air to refrigerate his systems. He was first to find that zero-resistance could actually be established in cryogenically cooled circuit components. Non-resistance was the key. The key to extracting momentum, power from the Eether!


In order to fully utilize the groundward space eetheric flow, one simply had to conform with its natural pulsations. Tesla Transmitter stations had to accommodate these incoming pulsations with least resistivity. Tesla designed systems to accommodate cryogenic liquids for this purpose. Side branch circuits would appropriate the pressures from this main flux, applying them for broadcast purposes at quicker impulse rates. Tesla believed it was possible to arrange the parameters of his system to best enable earth absorption of greater-than-normal setheric quantities. The large aerial terminal would focus in eether streams, beneath the station, a very deep and considerably broad ground system would spread out this concentrated flux into the earth, where it would find its way through to the upper core. Establishing the initial “power draw” required a special function which Tesla had already worked out.