The aerial terminal was so designed to absorb aether and discharge electrons in opposed cycles. The incoming aether energy would be handled by the various within the station, side branching circuits made to appropriate the pure pulsing energy, while converting it into various pulse rates for rebroad-cast. The initiatory impulse would start the avalanche, the space aether flowing with gradually increasing intensity. Tesla would control and maximize the volumes of incoming aether until the flow became “permanent”. At first Tesla had difficulty balancing and establishing proper parameters. Eventually, however, the conditions which originally desired became a routine process. Tesla planned to train his operators in this art, having accepted several personnel to this end. One, Fritz Lowenstein, later was found to be a “spy” for one of his financial enemies. Tesla discovered this when several mysterious “accidents” occurred in the Colorado Springs Station.

During this testing period, Tesla encountered several phenomena for which he was not totally prepared or forearmed. In small preliminary tests, the primary aetheric pulsation produced “stationary waves”, fountains of white streamers which appeared instantly and which also grew to large proportions with time all around the activation site. Tesla mentioned the “standing waves” only when referring to the attendant slow electron waves, manufactured through the bombarding action of aether in the earth. The different names of each waveform related different processes, unforeseen phase interferences which Tesla encountered during his tests at the Experimental Station in Colorado.

Problematic to the action of his system, these successive waveforms thus appeared at the station out of phase. Now, both aether waves and electron waves came back to their sourcepoint, the fact that Tesla quizzically mentioned to the press. When stating that “the earth behaves as a conductor of limited extent”, he was not referring to the discovery that the earth can store electricity! He already knew this. He was referring to the problem of destructive interference, one of phasing among two contrary and mutually opposed wave species. This behavior of the “earth as a conductor of limited extent” was not a thrilling fact to Tesla. It was an annoying problem. He would have preferred a conductor of infinite extent, one in which all received aether power could be set free, along with the attendant contaminating electrons. Because the earth held onto the electrons so tenaciously, there were literal repercussions at the station which taxed his intellect far too much for his own pleasure.

Here was the situation. Aether waves flowed with superluminal velocity from the station and into the earth proper. These were neutral pressure waves whose instantaneous movement through the ground was slightly slowed by resistance process. A continual lagging backflow of aether “pressure echoes” appeared at the station with unprecedented force. The application of aether to the ground brought a fountain-like condition to the station area. In the absence of appropriate elevated capacity, aether streams stood out of the ground vertically. These were the “stationary waves” of which Tesla so often delighted to speak. These were the powerful aetheric emanations which offered humanity a new means for obtaining limitless power from outer space, and for rebroadcasting the same through the ground to any needed point. ./Ether waves are neutral pressures of enormous energetic potential. Opposed to the desired neutral aether pressure waves, there were those slow alternating electron waves. Electrons, developed by aether bombardment in the rocky crustal matter at the station, choked the otherwise continuous movement of aether pulses. But the aerial release of these from the system induced slow subluminal electrical waves throughout the earth. The very presence of these completely interfered with the system. Fast downward aether pressure pulses were met by slow rising alternating electrical waves. The opposed pulsation of fast aether and slow alternating electron waves would destructively interfere with one another.

Tesla referred to the aetheric phenomenon as “stationary waves”. He referred to the electronic phenomenon as “standing waves”. Stationary waves, instantaneous whitefire fountains. Standing waves, slow electron waves. Stationary waves occur in incompressible fluids. Aether is incompressible. Stationary waves are the charge-neutral products of pressured fluids in fixed conductors. Stationary waves pulsate in a unidirectional manner. Standing waves are the result of alternating compressions and rarefactions, characteristic of electron currents in fixed conductors. Tesla knew that these two different waves could react, one upon another, in restricted ways. You will remember that he strove to separate aether streams from electrons. Electrons quenched aether streams by encapsulating and pinching them off. So long as electrons contaminated aether streams, only the gross electrons would dominate. Also, the concentrated aetheric streams actually manufactured electrons. Striking into already manufactured electron streams would simply intensify the condensation process. A veritable electron avalanche would follow, the process so poised as to interfere destructively. Unless a proper relationship could be arranged between the two energy forms, one could not expect a highly efficient acquisition of aether power.

The difference between these two waveforms had been critical for Tesla to comprehend and rearrange. Only a Tesla could have balance the two contrary actions. It was ironically the slower electron waves which determined the tempo at which the system would operate, since these alterations would keep appearing long after the aether flow had begun its resonant rise. Tesla now calculated and readjusted the impulse-rest intervals so that the two opposed wave species would never destructively interfere. Timing was the critical key Each would glide past the other undisturbed and non-interfering.

The first full-scale tests of this experimental station took place throughout the month of July 1899. Tesla found that each groundward pulsation of the Transmuter brought such a volume of space aether down through the system that it was difficult to control the exchange process. Once the astheric draft had been successfully induced, charge formation could actually be utilized to slow and moderate the downward growing flood. Tesla always measured increased electron surges in his Transmitters. His aerial terminal bought in an unprecedented electron avalanche, measuring some 1100 amperes of the current Indirectly this was a measure of *ther flow, for it was jether which manufactured the electrons. This current increase demonstrated the continuous formation of charge in the metallic conductors of the Transmitter, the result of Athene bombardments through the system. It was just as he had foreseen. This central problem which he encountered, and which he finally solved, became the usable solution to his first fears. The formation of electrical charges was being used now to slow the aether flow, which otherwise would continue growing out of control (see figure).