The Transmitter operated as an incredible Magnifier of aether. Tesla noted with fascination the fact that pulsations in the aetheric downpour seemed to tormed a zone of ever increasing power. In this zone, successive aether pulses superimposed in a manner which was not usual. The growth characteristic of these pulsations provided an ever increasing supply, with the local zone surrounding the Transmitter becoming a site of strange effects. He found it indeed possible to disengage the Transmitter from the electrical power source after only a few seconds of application time, the proof encrypted and preserved in his cunningly captioned photographs.

Tesla spoke of two different waveforms, “stationary waves” and “standing waves”, when discussing the effects which his Magnifying Transmitter had produced in the earth. The “standing waves” related to the consequences of alternating charge waves stimulated by the successive aerial release of manufactured electrons. The “stationary waves” were wonderful phenomena of ground conducted aether currents. Once the stream began flowing through his system, magnification processes would draw in an ever increasing aether supply. The more “opened” the system became, the more aether would flow. He could moderate this aether avalanche with certain drive coils which slowed the rest intervals during which electrons were released. In this was, the aather would be limited from “going critical”.

The avalanche magnification factor would have to be strictly controlled by the station operator. Because aether was rarefied in the space above and around the station, a condition brought about by the downward pumping action, a powerful and dangerous response would result throughout the incoming stream. Working its way back out into space, the pulsations would force the supply streams to flow with greater force into the Transmitter. Because aether responds to simple pressure laws, the Transmitter would ultimately summon responses from its very source. A strange form of communication would this be possible between two very distant points, a communications technique which Tesla mentioned.

The stationary wave was an effect unknown in electrical science. It was unknown because electricity is a bipolar manifestation. ^Ether, being a neutral Radiant Energy, has more in common with gases. Densified aether streams were more like fluids. Stationary waves were a familiar feature in fluidics, where the application of streams to enclosed containers brought immense fountainlike effects. Tesla played with the science critics when patenting an apparently banal design for a water fountain. In tins ovoid shaped system, Tesla encrypted his stationary wave secrets. Years later, Victor Schauberger developed egg-shaped vessels into which streams of water were introduced at high pressure. The result cavitating turbulence produced frothing jets which emerged in pulsations. Stationary waves are produced when force is applied to an incompressible fluid which has been constrained within a fixed volume. The fixed volume of smoothly rounded containers rigidly hold fluidic pressure jets and produced enormous fountains. These fountains appear instantly with the very first application of pressure. The fountains emerge from the entrant orifice, unless otherwise arranged. The effect is illustrated with an ordinary sink which has been filled to a height with water. Drops which have been directed to specific parts of the water surface, at specific velocities, can raise a sudden thin fountain high enough to strike one in the face!

Aether is neutral. Because of its electroneutrality, aether reflections produce no alternations. Aether reflections produce stationary waves, where geometrically fixed zones of streaming aether are observed. Tesla applied aether “blasts” into the ground. These blasts moved the aether reservoir already absorbed within the earth in an instantaneous pulse, resulting in a sudden aether fountain all around his station. The pulse travelled through the ground, unaffected by its encounter with various rock strata. Nevertheless, when this pulse finally reached a sufficient resistance, or change of mass density, the flow was sufficiently refracted to surge back up toward its source. The effect occurs instantaneously because earth absorbed aether is a dense and incompressible fluid. The entire effect thus derives from refraction effects in the variable resistance of earth rock.

The bunching action of aether, both entering the ground from above, and that rising from beneath, produced an overwhelming pressure rise in a fixed location. These waves were, in the Tesla lexicon, truly “stationary”. Rising up like a fountain of white light, they remained fixed to the station perimeter and “stationary”. In addition, it seems likely that Tesla discovered, natural “vents” where aetheric pressures persistently emerge. Such natural loci evidence strong upwelling gusts of natural aether which may be tapped at for power. These strange natural features explained why certain locations far from his station suddenly erupted with columns of stuttering white light. Indeed, many such locations do exist across the world, places which flow at rare intervals with a white light. This phenomena is due to sudden natural cascades of space aether, an otherwise invisible downpour (see figure).

The “fountain effects” which surrounded his station are not responsible for the ever growing power observed by Tesla. This was the result of an incoming aetheric supply for which his Transmitter gave low-resistant passage. The incoming aetheric flow preferred the transmitter terminal to adjacent, more resistant rock. This gradual flow process soon evidenced itself in magnification effects, ever increasing volumes of flowing aether being measured in his system. Some have argued that Tesla merely stored energy in the earth, extracting it for use later. This is a basic error, the result of imagining the Colorado Springs experiment to be one consisting entirely of electrical effects (Grotz). It is in this light alone that we may comprehend the evident anomalous magnification of aetheric phenomena in his Colorado Springs photographs.

Once aether energy had been obtained from space, it had to be conveyed to consumers. Tesla had arrange for the automatic activation of aether rebroad-cast circuits in the station. The downpouring aether were automatically shunted to side circuits through capacitors. In these side branches, aether pulsed through dielectrics and expanded over the surfaces of his smaller coils. Thus stimulated to more rapid pulsation rates, they were ready for “rebroadcast”. Being rebroadcast away from the station through large vacuum globes, poised on elevated platforms, these were the aetheric pulsations which would be utilized in home and industry. Simple and compact receivers would be established in every home and factory, set to receive aetheric current through the ground. Tests were thrilling. Distant appliances, lamps and motors, responded to the powerful pulsations as if physically connected to the station by wire. A small house-like structure was established some 26 miles away from the station. In it, an aetheric power receiver was tuned to one of the rebroadcast rates. The 200 lamps housed within this structure, each of 50 watts rating, all remained bril-liandy illuminated throughout the test runs. This apparently stimulated enough excitement and concern for word of this development to get back east.