After a time, and with increasing distance from the city itself, Dr. Tesla felt free enough to speak. Having now become sufficiendy impressed with the performance of both his device and the automobile. Dr. Tesla informed his nephew that the device could not only supply the needs of the car forever, but could also supply the needs of a household “with power to spare”. When originally asked how the device worked, Tesla was initially adamant and refused to speak. Many who have read this “apocryphal account” have stated it to be the result of an “energy broadcast”. This misinterpretation has simply caused further confusions concerning this stage of Tesla’s work. He had very obviously succeeded in performing, with this small and compact device, what he had learned in Colorado and Shoreham.

As soon as they were on the country roads, clear of the more congested areas, Tesla began to lecture on the subject. Of the motive source he referred to “a mysterious radiation which comes out of the aether”. The small device very obviously and effectively appropriated this energy. Tesla also spoke very glowingly of this providence, saying of the energy itself that “it is available in limidess quantities”. Dr. Tesla stated that although “he did not know where it came form, mankind should be very grateful for its presence”. The two remained in Buffalo for 8 days, rigorously testing the car in the city and countryside. Dr. Tesla also told Mr. Savo that the device would soon be used to drive boats, planes, trains, and other automobiles. Once, just before leaving the city limits, they stopped at a streetlight and a bystander joyfully commented concerning their lack of exhaust fumes. Mr. Savo spoke up whimsically, saying that they had “no engine”. They left Buffalo and travelled to a predetermined location which Dr. Tesla knew, an old farmhouse barn some 20 miles from Buffalo. Dr. Tesla and Mr. Savo left the car in this barn, took the 12 tubes and the ignition key, and departed.

Later on, Mr. Savo heard a rumor that a secretary had spoken candidly about both the receiver and the test run, being prompdy fired for the security breach. About a month after the incident, Mr. Savo received a call from a man who identified himself as Lee De Forest, who asked how he enjoyed the car. Mr. Savo expressed his joy over the mysterious affair, and Mr. de Forest declared Tesla the greatest living scientist in the world. Later, Mr. Savo asked his uncle whether or not the power receiver was being used in other applications. He was informed that Dr. Tesla had been negotiating with a major shipbuilding company to build a boat with a similarly outfitted engine. Asked additional questions, Dr. Tesla became annoyed. Highly concerned and personally strained over the security of this design, it seems obvious that Tesla was performing these tests in a desperate degree of secrecy for good reasons. Tesla had already been the victim of several manipulations, deadly actions entirely sourced in a single financial house. For this reason, secrecy and care had become his only recent excess.


Dr. Nikola Tesla quiedy passed away on January 7, 1943. Not many hours after his passing an official operation had been dispatched for the reclamation of all papers by Tesla. To this end, several figures of the National Defense Research Committee along with key members of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Several thousand complete technical transcripts were retrieved, the priceless work of his lifetime. Some 80 to 100 large boxes filled with such completed technical papers were retrieved in this operation. His safe was opened, and the contents removed. Of all the agencies, military or academic, it seemed strange that the Naval Research Laboratory should serve as prime recipient of this literary treasurehouse. It is said that Tesla acted as an unwilling consultant in the infamous Project Rainbow, a reason why perhaps Naval Intelligence would claim this priority.

Official statements concerning these papers essentially proliferate a rumor that these papers contained “nothing of worth”. Yet, attempts to retrieve them have been fraught with technical restrictions imposed by an agency which knows their true worth. One fact becomes ever clarified with increasing time. Tesla perfected a science which few yet comprehend or can appreciate. Only when judged against the rigid views held by electrical science, Teslian Technology appears to be an impossibility. In electrical terms, none of the famed Teslian claims can be supported.

Prejudicial in their views of Tesla, chiefly the result of ridicule heaped on him by a few envious members of The Royal Society, Tesla was viewed with increasing concern. Because these individuals did not comprehend the fact that Tesla had indeed abandoned all work on high frequency alternating currents, replacing this with an impulse technology, most continued to deride his work. Then, in order to rationalize what demonstrations they saw Tesla performing, an artificial battery of explanations was concocted from known electrical principles. This is why the contemporary failure to achieve goals Teslian has been so frustrating and enervating to all those who so engage. Such results serve only to frustrate electricians, repel academicians, and tantalize military. Of these three, the latter knows the truth. The military forms the only core of professionals who know with absolute certainty that Tesla achieved what he claimed. How do they know this? The older remaining officers witnessed Tesla’s demonstrations. But this opens a new world of questions. Why had they not appropriated his work while he was available to develop his systems to full perfection? Why had they not given him the much needed laboratory equipment and staffing, in addition to the common courtesies of medical attention and better daily fare, to complete his work? But the truth will out. And only the truth now remains. The rest is silence.