Shortwave became a worldwide passion. Shortwave groups began appearing everywhere, in every nation. Soon, a vast consortium of wireless operators began bridging gaps between ordinarily impenetrable barriers of ethnicity and nationalism. A working class tide of world citizens began sharing a succinct new consciousness, one which recognized no geopolitical differences. Despite its complete inefficiency, and unfortunate in its newfound popularity as compared to a far better Teslian system, the shortwave revolution did indeed short circuit the firm geopolitical grip which had so isolated and limited working class civilians. Constrained to their work schedule, a population of labor and toils, shortwave pierced the invisible walls on which Oligarchic Houses so depended. People of every land, color, language, and religion found each other once again; an international guild of communicating souls, who shared a common and mysterious consciousness. Stars flickering in a sapphire sky, the ionospheric winds sang their sagas through the earphones of enthralled experimenters, who looked out at their aerials from solitary attic windows.

In the financial application, the commercialization of communications systems, Marconi is the principle showman. Despite the woeful fact that the mere mention of the Marconi name is synonymous with “Radio”, “Wireless”, and indeed of “Global Communication”, history shows that Marconi was a far more successful businessman than an original discoverer of new electrical phenomena. Marconi was only original when he found himself in a position to apply what had been discovered by others. Somehow, he could never comprehend why his first experiments were so successful. Lacking the great power of his VLF mammoths, there was a sense that sparks did hide some unbelievable secret. Marconi’s method was not to back track his work as far as Tesla would have insisted, a complete revision of radiant mode. Years later, an aged Nikola Tesla was employed by RCA, the Rockefeller megalith, to make significant corrections on the Marconi Wave Radio System.

It is indeed unfortunate that Guglielmo Marconi was actually prevented from achieving that true originality by which legends are known and remembered. Money and the advantage of noble birth remained his principle obstacles. Because he was financially equipped and socially privileged, he found himself ruling the fate of worlds. Lacking the appropriate knowledge, the position brought forth significant and damaging deviations from the path of natural discovery. In his life, the inner blessing of vision never fully blossomed. He was a tragic figure, a sad statement concerning fame and technology. Marconi was a red rose frozen white in the snow. However Marconi tried to atone for his horrible actions in previous years, he was never able to clearly see the very first mistake which he had made. It began when he sent his first little wireless waves across his attic laboratory. Waves were the problem. Waves are still the problem.