The transmission sites were chosen on opposite sides of the North Atlantic: at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and at Cornwall, England. There, enormous aerial structures were erected. Four huge multi-girdered masts were first erected. Upon these, an immense inverted pyramid of cables were strung. Work on these aerials proceeded slowly, weather conditions prohibiting more rapid deployment of the necessary transmitter components. These sites were chosen because of their obvious close geographic poise, Marconi anticipated that the first signals would be relatively weak and furtive. Until the proper parameters for transmission and reception were chosen, there would be wide room for failure. Transmissions were to proceed from Cornwall, being received at the Nova Scotia side. The famed signal was a simple Morse Code “S”…the three dots. This signal was to be continually broadcast in hopes that the others in Nova Scotia would receive them. Telegraphic affirmations would serve as confirmation of signals received. Marconi swore that soon only waves would be exchanged from coast to coast.

The weather raged against his efforts. The high winds finally destroyed the Nova Scoria reception aerial. With time working against him, Marconi decided to try a simple method for launching an aerial wire to greater altitudes than the original pyramid afforded. Taking a lesson from Mahlon Loomis, Marconi had large kites constructed and outfitted with copper screens. These were sent aloft, using the very winds which destroyed his aerial towers in order to give him aid. Many doubt whether Marconi’s signals were ever received, believing that Marconi faked the results in order to stall for time. They assert that his stall technique was based on his confidence that a strong signal could eventually be transferred across the Atlantic, but that the initial attempt had failed. But Marconi’s signal, clouded with noise and static, was indeed received across the Atlantic. It was transferred, but not through the power which was provided his transmitter on the western shores of England. Calculations show that the Marconi signal could never have been transferred through the power levels which were employed, the effective output energies of his spark generators being insufficient to produce an intelligible signal through the medium of waves. How then did the signal manage the crossover?

Examination of his methods reveals an astounding fact Employing large spark gaps, inductors, and capacitors, Marconi’s transmitter developed a complex blend of currents. These included high frequency alternations with a strong aetheric component Calculations have proven that the wave component of this first experiment could never have surpassed the natural transadantic barrier. The Teslian component however, the aetheric Radiant Energy magnified by highly quenched spark gaps of great power, actually established the signal. It was on the basis of this demonstration success that Marconi received sufficient funds to bridge the Adantic Ocean.

But Marconi, apparently willing to remain thoroughly ignorant of Tesla’s true discoveries and claims, continued to develop only high frequency alternating wave technology. Because he was intent on eliminating every component which was associated with the name of Tesla, Marconi progressively moved away from systems which released radiant aetheric energy, focussing all of his attentions on the development of generators capable of providing a purified high frequency alternating current. Holding to a foolhardy belief that “wave purity” equalled “signal strength”, Marconi drove his engineers in the wrong direction. Inefficient on every count, Marconi systems became mammoth reminders of tiny statements made by Tesla throughout the years. Tesla viewed the high frequency alternating currents, his own original developments, as unimaginably inferior to those potent effects produced by unidirectional impulses. The small Radiant Energy transmitters of Nikola Tesla could send strong and clarified signals to great distances with neither the excessive need for power, size, and geological installation of those Marconi Stations which began appearing on every coasdand throughout the world. What signalling effects Marconi obtained with his now gigantic stations, Tesla could routinely outdo with a portable field unit. The contrast between the two systems evidenced a fundamental reliance on completely opposed energies.

Realizing only that Tesla’s most recent admonitions were potential threats to the World Radio Cartel, Marconi simply derided and excluded Tesla from both his technical conversations and public statements. In this critical time frame, Tesla Power Transmitters and Signalling Systems represented the only real potential threat which Marconi feared, his ambitions to establish a world monopoly in radio communications representing his only recent inventive expression. Marconi excluded Tesla from magazines and texts printed by his now large publication house. The “Marconigraph”, the house organ for all things related to the Marconi Radio System, was eagerly bought by enthused amateurs and experimenters the world over. Nowhere therein was the name of Tesla ever found. Marconi deliberately excluded and stonewalled the name of Tesla from his every discussion, lecture, and publication. But the conspicuous absence of Tesla’s name in Marconi publications, while evidencing the great exertions spent by Marconi in preserving his own pride, actually stimulated larger questions which Marconi was unwilling to address. The very absence of the Tesla name from radio journals brought shame to Marconi! Marconi was going to crown himself Emperor of Radio!

Despite this disgusting aloofness, the biting arrogance, and the utter conceit, every existing Marconi system was completely plagued with difficulties. Just as Tesla predicted. Inefficient. Waves were viewed by Tesla as the waste heat of electrical alternators. The history of Radiant Energy transmission belongs to Nikola Tesla, a far superior and mysterious technology than the banal wave radio with which we are so familiar. In his own indomitable manner, Marconi gathered engineers to “solve his problems”, hoping to slam the Tesla prediction out into oblivion. But no matter. Nothing the engineers could do would solve the inherent problem of signal weakness when utilizing alternating currents. There just was not enough power to “push signal” out into the environment The absolute need for the stupendous size in both generators, components, aerials, and ground systems, came as a result of using lossy alternating current Each recalled what Tesla had very early stated, considering carefully their present crisis. Many engineers each gradually realized that Tesla had been right after all. Tesla had already been through each of these steps, years before. Another electrical current had to be found, one whose potential for propagating without significant losses would change the dilemma. They would never dare admit as much, fearing the vengeful and vile wrath of Marconi. Tesla’s name was never, ever to be mentioned. Never to be spoken in his presence.