Tesla had a conception of worldwide broadcast which greatly outweighed the mere transaction of words and song, news and weather. Tesla had a conception of a Radio World in which small portable receivers would permit the direct reception of pictures and thought. The medium of words was insufficient to truly change humanity. He had long inferred that pictures could be harmlessly beamed directly into the mind, into neurology. These developments were demonstrated and witnessed, but he kept them close and secret. The world was not yet ready for the release of this information. He is seen among those forces with which he battled all his life: abstraction without experience, and the bureaucratic prostitution of scientific expertise. Tesla appears remarkably youthful, despite the fact that he was already sixty years of age. Thoroughly disgusted with the unnecessary waste of effort, outraged by the display of bureaucratic control, Tesla objected to Marconi himself as well as his inferior system. Yet, we glimpse a rare moment in history (see figure).

Nicola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Up through this time, Tesla’s biography became clouded. This was partly due to his own growing preference for secrecy and seclusion, so often the victim of hurt and derision. Asked to comment on the new Marconi World System, a vision which he himself had once dreamed to see fulfilled, Tesla made characteristic use of the opportunity. Tesla’s mocking indictment of this wasteful broadcast method told why VLF wave communication was prone to interference and natural restrictions. There was a reason why these stations had to be so expensive and mammoth. Tesla published an analysis of the Marconi System in a later mocking indictment, the wasteful broadcast method of waves being explained. In this splendid thesis, entitled “The True Wireless”, we are shown that VLF alternating waves resemble the radiation of radio “heat” rather than the more powerful a;theric radiant modes which he himself discovered and developed. The radiation of radio “heat” could not equal or compete with the emission of powerful “electrical rays”, which he himself first discovered and developed.

Knowing exactly how to stir Marconi and his financial base direcdy, he addressed the very heart of the growing communications cartel. Mocking its futile waste of funds, and predicting its eventual failure, Tesla was blunt, derisive, and technical. The latter portion of his statement was directed toward the vast supportive staff of engineers on which Marconi now absolutely relied. This technical swipe had its own determined effect. After the event, after the statements, the press interviews, and the publications, many engineers began to demand an elevated pro-Teslian technology. Having secured sufficient technical information in the older Tesla patents to reconstruct some semblance of the otherwise “lost secrets”, there were those who broke all affiliations with Marconi and sought employment in more privatized laboratories. The names of De Moura, Hartmann, Gati, McCullough, Hettinger, Ulivi, Turpain, Reno, Moray, Farnsworth, and others who delved into Teslian technology are not widely known.

We are sure Marconi read all of these publications with exceedingly deep anger. Nevertheless, Marconi was conquering nations now. His empire would not be driven down by this wizard! For the establishment of his Radio Empire, Marconi expected the cooperation of many different nations. This necessarily would be an international network. Nothing would stop his procession of conquest. Toward this end, Marconi first sought the capture of European nobility. Politically and bureaucratically equipped to impress his own system on a worldwide basis, he would sell the idea of a worldwide communications “circuit” first to the aristocracy. The establishment of his huge world-communications “circuit” did not suffer by knowing his mother’s family ties in England. Himself a Marchese, this easy access to the major European Houses made his initial foray relatively easy. Perhaps only a Marconi could have suited this role. Stubborn, adamant, glacial in his reserve, the sharp-tongued Marconi managed to insult many a European dignitary with little regard for their dainty feelings. The list included Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm. In his business affairs, he insisted complete autocratic rule. He envisioned the popular democratic future which his system would unfold with himself as its ruler.

His wireless organization incorporated schools and luxurious hotels for operators. Run as a military organization after the Edison model, Marconi had final and ultimate say over every publication and official release. The deliberation of this action sealed the fate of both the academic and commercial radio world for an entire century. Establishing his Radio System as a monopoly, Marconi could effectively control and regulate all world-financial traffic on behalf of any financial base which bid the highest price. Personal communications with European markets would mean total financial dominion across the world for any individual wishing participation in the new Trans World Radio Circuit World Wave Communications had arrived. Financiers had their private radio stock-ticker system now.

By far not the first to conceive, investigate, develop, and proliferate radiosignalling apparatus, it remains that Marconi was the first to commercialize wireless communication systems. In this proliferation of wireless communications, he alone remained the paramount business developer. Marconi had the world, and Tesla had his visions. Wave Radio was the inefficient result of a willful ignorance, one which exalted pride above superior discovery. A tragic personal flaw thus became a social contamination. The result has been a world ignorance of the very deepest kind, one which has kept us from having reached the highest quality of life potentially available during this century. This declination from the high mark has touched each one of our lives in more ways than we can possibly know. While capital accretes human talent, labor, and effort to itself, producing profit for those who send it through the social seas, technology fares far better. Technology which reaches the deepest heart of Nature accretes to itself far more than mere capital profit.

Tesla Technology had its powerful potentials aimed at the social eradication of low living standards, disease, isolation, and ignorance. In each of these Tesla, an oftentimes victim of deprivations in America, saw the application of his Radiant Energy Technology to each social problem. While not here able to discuss the psychotronic aspects of Teslian Technology, let it suffice that Tesla had found means for broadcasting vital energies. Tesla Radiant Energy transmitters later evidenced enhanced ability to transmit emotions and even thoughts, a phenomena to which he often referred when speaking of the “Increase of Human Energy”.