He had already applied both disease-nullifying and consciousness-elevating broadcasts to himself and his staff. These lingering effects worked, some of which having been later redeveloped by individuals such as Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Ruth Drown, Dr. Royal Rife, Antoine Priore, and several others. The social repercussions of such broadcast energies would trigger a world revolution. While financiers doubted the reality behind such reports, deeper consideration proved their fear and hatred of such a possibility. Those whose fortunes were gained as a result of the regulated social ignorance would not tolerate such experimentation. A critical vertex in human history had been reached, and financial clout was again redirecting and distorting the natural flow of human development. Critical knowledge, critical technology, and critical consciousness were each covered and forsaken to the extent that we now even doubt the clarified documentation afforded through patents.


There was a final conquest for which Marconi now took the offensive. One last formality was necessary before he could be crowned Emperor of the Radio Empire. He now required the absolute seal of judicial approval, demanding the title “Father of Radio”. More than a purely protective act, Marconi simply behaved as a spoiled aristocratic child who believes that money buys entitlement, and legalistic threats honor. Inwardly of course, Marconi himself never truly believed himself worthy of the tide. Honor had long flown with his first wind torn kites. Maintaining his sway, one which he could now easily afford, the necessary legislative support came to his aid instantly. His name, his name was enough. The existing media of page and press had long ago obtained his fame. The society which idolized every image forged by the media, had elevated Marconi above all the true originators of radio arts. Society had failed in the pursuit of purity, of revelation, and of vision. His name, a media darling, secured the title long before the court proceeding was actually conferred the tide. Financial base weighed and paid the court The formality would seal the fame.

Marconi was informed that this proceeding would be a routine bureaucratic exercise, a mere flicking of pens in the hands of civil clerks. He was wrong. There now stepped into the spotlight a tall thin smiling man with piercing magnetic eyes. The several caustic public statements concerning Marconi’s claim to priority in both the development and deployment of Radiosignalling Systems came from one whose public appearances had, henceforth been rare and furtive. This gentleman made a sudden, unexpected appearance which shook everyone in court. Everyone, including the too poised Marconi; whose nose, for the first time in several years, actually declined a few inches to take note. That person was Nikola Tesla.

Tesla did not care for the tide, having patent documentation in proof of his priorities. Tesla came to speak on record. Tesla came to insure that the world would remember its impending decision. If the court was going to declare Marconi the self-proclaimed Emperor of Radio, Tesla was going to make sure that the declaration would not be an easy affair. His appearance insured that the bureaucratic process would find its just resistance. With famed priority in Radio Arts, Tesla had absolute sway in his domain. Tesla reminded the court of his Royal Society Lectures, his lectures in the St. Louis World’s Fair, and especially the documentation of his American Patents. Here were solid and admissible evidence that the entire Marconi System had been stolen from him. But why did Tesla come forward, and on whose behalf did he speak? Was it more than the acquisition of priority, or fame, of honors, or fortunes? Tesla knew that there could be no greater priority than the proof of prior years’ demonstrations, and legal patent documentation. If these two items failed in court, then there was no real justice in the nation. If priority could be purchased by the highest bidder, then there would be no reason to secure patent privileges at such expense and trouble.

Tesla took time to champion scientific discovery and the superiority of vision above mere technical applications. He explained that the nature of a technology as all-pervasive as Wireless had such powerful effect on society that a mistaken choice, so early in its history, would proliferate a curse rather than a blessing on the entire race. This in fact was what Tesla stated was occurring through the Marconi System. The fact that he had discovered Radiant Energy was not the issue. The fact that Radiant Energy systems offered humanity a far superior potential was the issue. Whenever Tesla spoke, the community listened.

Tesla continued to speak out on behalf of humanity, of civilization. He did so to insure the preservation of every one of his statements, those loaded with data, meaning, inference, and vision. These would be inscribed into the indelible public record. Others would, years later, seek these statement out and study them like a textbook. The visionary Tesla knew this. Encrypting his statements, as only he could, Tesla released sufficient pieces of privileged information to tantalize and draw in the younger engineers for years to come. Vision, was the power. The only power. Tesla knew it. Marconi knew it Morgan knew it Invention, embodied vision, was a means by which idea and revelation could be made physical. The archetypal power which carries humanity through its visionary gifts flows into and through visionary invention. Such information, dispersed among society’s minds, carry a message of power which is ever new. The message flows out to all who would listen and learn. While these wondrous visions glowed in Tesla’s vibrant mind, the predetermined Court awarded Marconi with sole priority of Radio. The decree, the edict was ratified in 1915 with all the pomp and circumstance of a coronation.


The applause and accolades rang on, the crystal tinkling, the wine sparkling ruby red in the raised goblets. Tuxedos and satin, smiles and riches. Somewhere deep within, Marconi looked into a dark comer and saw a young boy tinkering with copper wires in an attic room, and he secretly wept The crowds left, but a devastating change had come. It was a messenger of life, returning to give testimony to a man whose hardened face and stiff poise could not hide a simple fear. Deep within, Marconi had the soft heart of a sensitive little boy, coddled by his mother and hoping to impress his father. Marconi lost his innocence just before he was able to blossom into true greatness. He knew this far too late. Marconi stopped believing that he was invincible. Very gradually, Marconi learned his true status on the world gameboard. The financiers were now demanding a better system, a more economical system, a more easily deployed system, a system without interference and interruption.