The proliferation of this visionary trend continued throughout the period between and after the Second World War, one which we will closely examine in the next few chapters. Here was evidence of an unsuspected visionary resource in the civilian population, one long championed by Nikola Tesla. Dreams and their technologies were truly unstoppable. The conduction raybeam devices of H. Grindell-Matthews (1917),J. Hettinger (1919), F. McCullough (1922), and C. Reno (1924), became mere shadows of weaponry developed and demonstrated by Tesla. These were systems tested and classified during World War II, systems which will shortly be described. The trend had not ceased by the mid-1940’s, new beamray systems having been developed and reported by Riley, Gosztonyi, Pribil, Mohr, Salisbury, Chapman, Claudel, May, Longoria, and hosts of others. The list has never any end of names. It continues to this very day.

Throughout the time when Tesla openly offered his beamray systems to the United States, military remained aloof. Were they truly ignorant of his successes? Were they prevented from knowing of his achievements? Were they commanded never to deal with him? Was their aloofness a sign of ignorance or of unwillingness to move on his behalf? What superior command held the military so enthralled that they were incapable of appropriating the wonders which came from the fertile mind of Tesla while he was available? What, if any, alternative technology kept them so disinterested in Tesla that they failed so miserably and completely at the supreme opportunity of a lifetime? Either these personnel have no insight whatsoever, a highly unlikely possibility, or they have been constrained by private agencies of superior command. Made all the more clear through their very sudden Cold War interest in Teslian technology, one wonders whether they “just woke up”. Tragically, typically, military experts appeared suddenly and completely enraptured by Teslian aether technology after his death in 1943. But what could have so reversed their decision to alternately ignore, and then adore the work of Nikola Tesla? What has so completely overcome reason among military leadership, that complete and absolute rejection has now become adoration? To whom is the military held completely captive?


How curious that the flow of power through bureaucratic structures so closely mimics the natural flow of current in the ground, the currents whose power is to enliven and sustain. Unlike those biovital currents which so many inventors studied, the flow of power from the Geopolitical Houses is not intended to enliven. Moving forcefully through all the governmental bureaucracies, through the military, and into the population, this enslaving power does not normally reverse its directions. Government bureaucracy evidences arbitrations on behalf of citizens at the very lowest levels. Above these, citizens are effectively divorced and alienated from all other bureaucratic portions. When anger and hostility is expressed from the citizenry, the sometimes violent interchange is effectively blocked from ever reaching higher government levels by police force at the lowest levels. In this manner, the oligarchy maintains absolute separation between its own “free enterprise” and the citizen. The bureaucratic distance between oligarch and citizen is a labyrinthine maze of blind alleys and circular force-loops which blocks those who would see “further up” from those who “see down”. According to the model, there is a directed flow to the power which proceeds down from any one Oligarchic House. The Intelligence Networks, whose presence permeates each subordinate nation, is first to receive that superior command. Next in the division of authority is the bureaucracy of government, which processes each command directive down, delegating the further subdivision of tasks to each governmental compartment. Power finally stops flowing, just before the masses of governed citizens are reached.