Further study of this effect was fruitful on many fronts. The condition was found capable of being modified, modulated by an external application of sound energy. It was found that additions of sound energy to small wire samples of these elements, later known as “Mossbauer Isotopes”, produced very sharp gamma ray emissions. The sharpness defined a condition in which gamma ray emissions were obviously being produced in the lattice with specific energy. The energetic release was coherent in terms of the energy states of each gamma ray in the emission, energy states which were identical. This was the equivalent of phenomena in which excited materials release monochromatic light energy, that produced for example in sodium vapor lamps. Released gamma rays from these isotopes were “monochromatic”.

The effect was studied closely through very simple acoustic means, applying soundwaves directly to Mossbauer Isotope samples. It was found that gamma ray emissions from these peculiar isotopes could be phase modulated, a process involving gamma ray absorption in adjacent Mossbauer materials. By vibrating these materials across a gap at certain acoustic rates, one could literally force the rays to be released in surges. The intensity of these surges was a function of acoustic frequency, proximity, isotopic material, material volume, and test geometry. Sound energy was thus found able to modify the production of “monochromatic” gamma rays, effectively forcing their emission from the samples through sound application. One could theoretically “pump” such isotopes until all their radioactive emissions had been wasted to the surrounding space. Here, the mutability of radioactive half-life was demonstrated, where the entire sum of gamma ray emissions could be theoretically released in a single massive pulse.

Examination of these effects progressed into the dangerous study of shockwave phenomena applied to Mossbauer Isotopes. In highly shielded experimental facilities, the sudden acoustic energy represented by powerful shockwave applications to these materials resulted in massive and penetrating releases of very sharp gamma ray spectra. The danger level was reached when sharp shockwave applications effectively coupled with crystalline lattice structures in a real mass-related resonance, one in which a massive gamma ray emission incinerated the entire apparatus in a single blinding high density flash of deadliest radiation. The hideous spinoffs from research on filtered nuclear effects succeeded in producing pure radiant emitters. Gamma Ray Bombs. Such weaponry realizes the initial and perverse “dream” of those in authority who wished the complete obsolescence of heavy metal nuclear applications. In the emergence of superior and “clean” nuclear weapons, the obsolescence of the older weapons would permit a relaxation of fears that the territories of the world would be obliterated by explosive fury. In the emergence of such weaponry, deemed “clean”, one could make a public showing of good will. One could dismantle all nuclear warheads in methodical process, taken by the deluded eyes of the world as a manifest token of the peaceful intention of any such nation. One does not publicly “disarm” unless far better tactical weapons exist.

Now, military held a device which could be detonated with virtually no blast potential, no explosive effect at all. A single small flash, like that of a white flare, would be the only sign that a weapon had been deployed at all. The entire energetic emission being a radiant one, an entire city of people could be thus carbonized in the gamma pulse. The implications of such weaponry is truly hideous, the detonation of a small Gamma Ray Bomb would effectively carbonize every living thing within a specified “kill” radius. Only the land, resources, cities, and their buildings would remain completely intact. Not one long lingering radioactive residue would remain after the detonation. Occupation troops could move in without any of the just concern expressed during the cleanup operations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The “perfection” of nuclear weaponry did not cease with the production and proliferation of these weapons.

These explosive radiation weapons (ERW) demanded none of the high restriction handling requirements of heavy metal nuclear warheads. Troops could deploy them, a mere exercise in artillery fire. In fact, similar such designs have been deployed, the tactical nuclear weapons which have been used in battle. In their smallest embodiments, cannon fired armor-piercing darts, tank personnel have been “carbonized”. Tank bodies were recently welded shut by an intense thermal energy far beyond the capability of ordinary chemical explosives. The APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot) is a small “penetrator rod”, manufactured from depleted uranium fuel rods. The central dart is encased in a light aluminum casing, the primary round of the MIAI Abrams 120 millimetre Gun. Fired, the impact sheds the aluminum casing. The uranium rod, no larger than a pencil, impacts the tank casing. These darts, ignited by PIEZONUCLEAR stimulation, melt their way into the central tank cavity. The sharp impact of such isotopic darts into armor plating stimulates the Mossbauer effect. Directed radiation “flares” move through the plating without effort, the results being decisive and terminal. But these scenarios of death, the perversion of an original great and visionary discovery, have their overwhelming reply in a much forgotten episode involving the neutralization of radioactive sources.


One notices the strange appearance of numerous parallel electrical stria-tions during certain of the nuclear detonations. These parallel ribbon varieties, all nearly vertical, are electrical discharges often accompanied by smoky precipitations. These phenomena are easily discerned in the documentary stock footage from the era. Most did not recognize these forced geoelectric discharges with any concern. But some researchers of the qualitative sciences, those never considered as part of the conventional consortium, were sure they knew why these vertical striations were appearing.

Greatly concerned with the entire nuclear proliferation for reasons unappreciated by the academic world of researchers, these scientific investigators perceived that these electrical discharges were environmental “responses” to the application of nuclear “irritants”, the back-response of mysterious earth energies to the geophysical application of nuclear irritations. These mysterious vertical striations were but one of the electrical aspects, instantaneous “shrieks” provoked by nuclear detonations in the environment.

No one comprehended or appreciated the meaning of these responses more than a consortium of scientific researchers, who relied entirely on special physiological, biological, and organic instrumentation. Relying entirely such sensors to evaluate the energetic conditions of isolated material samples, human subjects, and the geophysical environment, such biosensitive instrumentation revealed an alarming decrease in the energetic response of plant tissue samples with each nuclear test These well corroborated energy decreases evidenced biointerference on such a wide scale as to be unimaginable. The over-the-horizon neutralization effects absolutely ruined the normal high sensitivity of radionic instruments the world over. This gradual realization gave rise to the notion of a “biodynamic environment”, in which vital energies actually surged and fluctuated in continual pulsating process.

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