These researchers had long measured the responses of their biosensors to environmental changes stimulated by thunderstorms, earthquakes, eclipses, solar flares, and auroras. These effects on the biodynamic environment were temporary, a manifestation of natural process. But whenever nuclear weaponry was being tested, and those tests went on with regularity throughout the postwar period, the radionic responses of their biosensors simply “went dead”. The biological responses of sensors remained “dead” for hours, and in some locations, for days after each nuclear “shot”. In addition after these bomb tests, certain researchers noticed that the crystallization of certain organic substances became deranged and, in some cases, completely altered. The derangement of molecular and even of atomic process in normal crystallizing solutions was also observed at great distances from the bomb test epicenters. Derangement on such atomic and molecular levels evidenced a desperate condition which was now proliferating itself across the world without constraint. It was obvious that the biodynamic environment had been disturbed to a frightening and permeating degree. Reports of these findings were not appreciated by military researchers, who could not register any of the effects with their instruments. These effects did not register on either electrical or magnetic instrumentation, the standard battery of “inertial force” instruments.

Incapable of detecting the articulate and prolific detail of such an effect, the protests of this consortium were rejected and then officially denied. But the long distance “deadening effects” did not cease with these laboratory biosensor measurements. The lassitude which many sensitive individuals reported after such tests was taken to be a product of hysteria and suggestibility. Quoting the erudite opinions that such visceral responses could be nothing more than the “placebo effect” on a grand social scale did not help those who, hundreds of miles away from the tests, began reporting the same debilitating effects. The sudden wave of nausea, the sharp and complete loss of balance, the sense that “the floor has given way” represent effects in the autonomic nervous system, a demonstration of bio-geodynamic modulation. Only Radionic Science could account for the effects, which were instantaneous and biological in their impact Others who began studying these effects decided that they could only be the result of geoelectric or geomagnetic modulations, a vast study on the phenomenon being conducted by the NRL and the Air Force operated Phillips Corporation (Puthoff, Persinger).

One researcher was not surprised by the official response, a characteristic “biopathic response” in his revolutionary terminology. A colleague of Sigmund Freud, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, was all too familiar with these “dead responses” among the academic convention whenever confronted by these kinds of biosensitive phenomena. Conventional science remained both unable and unwilling to consider the possibility that environmental responses, viewed in mechanistic terms as inert force exchanges, might actually be macroscopic bioresponses. Organization on such a grand scale intimated that the environment could act as a whole aggregate, rather than as an inert and interrelated collection of forces and masses. Dr. Reich voiced the opinion, as so many had, that the biodynamic environment was behaving as…a living being.

Dr. Reich had long considered the absolute reality of the Freudian libido concept. Taken by most as a mere metaphor, Dr. Reich believed that the libido was a very real and unexplored energy; one which could be isolated and studied. Toward these ends he employed numerous biosensors and human subjects. Observing the enormous muscle contractions and dilations of “pleasure-pain” responses, he measured bioelectric currents. Attempts at reproducing the same muscle effects with applications of equivalent electric currents failed. With this demonstration, Dr. Reich quickly determined that an unaccounted energy was producing the powerful responses. Evidence that the new energy was distinct from all of the other natural forces became evident in a great number of now-classic qualitative experiments. Dr. Reich found it possible to greatly amplify muscular bioresponse with special large multi-plate capacitors of his own design. Though muscles so exposed produced more powerful and “complete” contractions, Dr. Reich found that the bioelectric values remained absolutely unchanged. It was obvious that the sensitive galvanometers, inert instrumentation, could not measure the unknown force. He believed that he had isolated the libidinous energy, which he termed ORGONE.

Conventional instrumentation had not been able to reveal this energy. Inert meters could not measure the force, because they could not respond with the force. Orgone was a force requiring response, biological response. Only biosensors could therefore reveal its presence. This explained the inability of researchers to measure Orgone. But the unwillingness of researchers, despite numerous demonstrations of his findings, prompted Dr. Reich toward a new psycho-evaluation of the academic world. Academes who did not want to find evidence of “life force” were everywhere to be found now. They had produced nuclear weaponry, evidence that a specific mindstate permeated the pursuit of this science. Was it any wonder then that the effects of this avenue of nuclear research could never produce any life-positive effects? Dr. Reich published his analysis of the “biopathic condition”, a powerful and accurate thesis which explains both the fixation on death-oriented technology and the unwillingness of certain scientists to open themselves to biodynamic realities.

It was known that intense gamma ray bombardment of fissile materials could literally reduce and even remove the radioactive characteristics of those materials. This process had been developed, the accidental discovery of several researchers, who found it possible to so “treat” and neutralize spent reactor fuel rods and other hazardously radioactive waste products. Indeed, these discoveries derive from the work of Dr. Gustav Le Bon who found it possible to reduce and even remove the “radioactive character” of radium both by hearing and exposing it to “neutral” radiations. Dr. Le Bon found it also possible to manufacture radioactive materials by exposing them to concentrated streams of sunlight. Experiments in which tin and magnesium were so exposed, produced such a radioactive effluence that Dr. Le Bon could not distinguish, save in the volume of material equivalences, between the intensities of these radioactive metals and radium itself. In one natural instance of this natural transmutation, from neutral to radioactive, it was known that sunlight exposure could modify roof copper sheeting to a very radioactive state.

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