But what was Orgone itself? It was sensibly “breezy”, a dense and flowing stream which was far more than a particulate emanation. Best secured as a powerful stream, when his capacitor-accumulators were thoroughly grounded, or connected by flexible metal hosing to running water sources, Dr. Reich explored the possible eetheric nature of these natural manifestations. He also explored the environment with a host of special telescopic aids and sensors, finding that this “orgone energy” was everywhere in the environment…especially in sunlight. Building on his discovery of the vitalizing energy, Dr. Reich discovered that his capacitor, which he called an “Orgone Accumulator”, evidenced very strange visceral, thermal, and visual phenomena. In absolute darkness, he and others reported the visual manifestation of foggy blue-grey light all around the Accumulator.

After years of fascinating study and discovery, a most enlightening bibliography, Dr. Reich began experimenting with the strange biological energy and its relationships with magnetic, electric, and nuclear energy. Each of the inert energies were found to be in antagonistic relationship with biological energy, each provoking degrees of measurable biological devitalizations. These devitalizations were each in proportion with the species of energy used, previously an unrecognized fact. Subjects exposed to magnetic fields evidenced visceral symptoms of depression which were far weaker than those hyperactive conditions stimulated by weak electric fields. These effects have been reproduced by military and private experimenters.

In this spectrum of devitalizing reactions, none proved as deadly as the effects of nuclear energy. Dr. Reich placed a small radium needle in a large Orgone Accumulator to test the antagonism between biological energy and radioactive matter. In a short while however, a wave of nausea spread among all of the personnel in the large research facility. This initial nausea soon became a proliferation of critically dangerous symptoms. This effect spread throughout and beyond the entire grounds of his facility with deadly force. Personnel had to be removed from the area. Their symptoms included nausea, imbalance, fatigue, heart palpitations, asthmatic constrictions, fevers, and nervous hyperactivity. Placed thus in the large Accumulator, Dr. Reich had inadvertently provoked an antagonistic reaction between biological energy and nuclear irritants which, because of the grounded Accumulator had somehow stimulated a reaction of geophysical proportions.

The condition lasted for months, an unfamiliar demonstration of biody-namic “catabolism”. Here, the natural environment was very evidently digesting the powerful irritations of radiation; and would not cease until all of the irritant had been consumed. With biodynamic energy so powerfully focussed on the radium needle, its ordinary functions in supporting surrounding life, indeed of the enlivening the environment itself, was withdrawn. Constricting into the radium needle, and thus away from all surroundings immediate to the laboratory, the region grew dark and deathly. Dr. Reich hypothesized this to be the mechanism by which natural energy digested bioirritants, a “bombarding” means also by which matter might be transformed into new states. The disastrous condition, a “death phase” of enormous power, gave rise to a new dawn. A little more than a year after this hideous event, and after untold physical maladies had gradually disappeared, Dr. Reich made an earth shattering discovery. Reexamination of the original radium needle, that which provoked the reaction, proved that its radioactivity had been removed. During the deadly days of this unexpected reaction, Dr. Reich and a close colleague, Dr. Robert McCullough, had buried all of the laboratory radioactive sources in a thick lead container several miles from the laboratory. Now, they went back to the burial site and dug up the container. Strangely, miraculously, each of these materials had been neutralized. It was impossible to measure any radioactive levels in these normally lethal sources. Indeed, the strange facts taught that exposures to special energetic streams could methodically neutralize radioactivity in Radium and Cobalt-60.

The deadly large scale reaction was the result of an unmoderated exposure of radioactive material to the biological energy stream. What would a moderated treatment of the same materials produce? Dr. Reich discovered that directed biological energy streams, when properly moderated and controlled, produced measurable and continual decreases in new radioactive samples. Through the use of special beam-type projectors, Dr. Reich demonstrated how these effects could be produced at great distances, hypothesizing that nuclear weapons could be deactivated. The use of special energy streams such as these could be employed. His notion was part of a defense proposal, the goal being to produce a nuclear warhead “deactivator”. Securing a highly concentrated stream of biological energy could so significantly reduce the radioactivity of fissile mater that the weaponry would be rendered useless. By his method, enemy weaponry could be neutralized on its way toward national targets. This statement provoked an official response of the very highest biopathic variety. On trumped up charges of “malpractice”, Dr. Reich was sentenced under Federal law. He thereafter died in Federal Prison.

In truth, the ability to neutralize a power is far greater evidence of supremacy than the exercises which implement that power. That vacant “power” which only appropriates the inherent strength in Technology, that which moves through the halls of earthly rule, has little of which to boast when measured against the real world-foundations. How is it that the world-foundational biodynamic energies stand in such sharp and antagonistic contrast to that vacuous force? The “biodynamic atomic energy” of Le Bon, Tesla, Paneth, Moray, Reich, Pons, Fleischmann, Mills, Patterson, and others represents a natural expression of deep consequence. Biodynamic continua, a marvelous stratification, exerts powerful destabilizing thrusts against the geopolitical rule by decrees which represent authority of the most extraordinary fundamental kind. The natural order subverts geopolitical rule simply because geopolitics are synthetic, artificial; themselves arbitrary and easily substituted. Anarchy exists in the natural order, breaking down these rulerships at every moment in ways not adequately appreciated, not immediately obvious, and not possibly eradicated. The anti-progressive stagnancy which has been proliferated by oligarchic rulership has so resisted and antagonized the biodynamic continuum that natural repercussions must be shortly expected.

Thoughts of this kind impact military agencies, shocking every station in a chain reaction of fear which leads straight through every part of the caste labyrinth, and directly into the oligarchic control centers. The thought that any nuclear neutralizing force could be found was actually more of a threat to military weapons capability than the fear of total planetary obliteration. Clearly, someone wanted those warheads to work. But fear is evidence of possible loss, and loss is not an aspect of the most fundamental world energy. True power comes from far deeper reserves in the natural creation. Therefore is it not curious that the deeper energies, so manifest throughout the deepest conscious levels of creation, have their devastating effect on world rulership? Alienated from this conscious substratum, earthly rule cannot stand in its presence, and so rejects every manifestation of vital energy, that to merely infer its technical applications is to infer total eradication of rulership. What a strange tautology. The biopathic reaction. These two antagonists then, power versus dream, each determine world directions. Of the two, the dreamers are more completely in communion with the natural conscious foundations which generate and define world directions.

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