Regardless of the futile struggle, the streams of vitalizing energy, the biodynamic energy so prevalent in Nature, are those potent currents which neutralize and reverse all subordinate manifestations. Here then is an exercise of curious faith, a tender feeling in the dark after the Divine. The vital energies reveal a spectrum of strata, one each deeper than the other. The sooner humanity will relinquish its pedantic examination of Nature as a collection of inert forces, the sooner it may allow itself to rediscover and “permit” the very obvious bioorganismic attribute of the world at large. Once this macroorganization has been realized, its overwhelming proofs will drive away the mechanistic paradigm which has so thoroughly contaminated the intellectual community for three centuries. These realities are discovered through personal experiment, wherein one learns that language which draws humanity; the metaphoric themes running through the natural tapestry. When the world as a whole will begin again to comprehend the endless glories which persons, derisively termed “dreamers”, have always enjoyed, then vision will guide and preserve the true power. In truth, those whose devoted desire is to seek out and find the biodynamic generators of Nature hold the only true power on earth.

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