In the conflict of World War II, threats that the Nazi regime had developed an atomic weapon were more than conceivable. Lingering rumours teach that Nazi physicists had already tested small atomic weapons. Having found the repercussions of these weapons inefficient from the conqueror’s standpoint, their later development of neutron-emitting weapons has been more than a matter of speculation. Wrenched toward the headlong development of an atomic arsenal, the real power once again refocused without permission or delegation. Predicated on the inescapable demands of war, oligarchs were again force to watch the power leave their centers of control, as power was being spontaneously generated in working class laboratories. Moreover, the threat was such that the rulership had to expend capital in order to insure that they would first acquire their version of the “Atomic Bomb”. In this incredible turn, atomic energy research neutralized the repressive tide of decrees with which rulership had punished the working class. But those of the working class who labored on the new “device” were not prepared for the path into which they would soon find themselves walking. It was at this very point in history that the initial and wonderful visionary potential of atomic energy was to be twisted into a thing completely devastating for humanity.

The result of decades’ dreaming and experimental research produced, not the intended glory of an endless and safe energy source, but an absolute livid horror. The envisioned goal was never to use the heavy metals at all, but to employ light metals, and the solar energies of which Tesla and Le Bon spoke. The real atomic energy was a natural release of energetic streams, a direct process of conversion which produced pure electrical currents, not radioactive debris. But with the hot body-permeating green-white flash of the Alamogordo experiment, all those dreams were exploded away in a thousand thunders. Indeed those once confident regulators, who so pushed for the “bigger Bomb” were scrambling for assistance and explanation. Here was an unreckoned force, an unknown whose repercussions were far more horrific than the thunderous blast which reminded many of eternal judgement.

Atomic weaponry best expressed the power of consciousness and its embodiment in technology. For those whose policies sought the eradication of visionary science, here was a true horror. The Atomic Bomb was a destroying power unlike all others, released through a simple application of theoretical analysis. A simple mental application by a working class consortium. Here was the earthly equalizer. The untamed and irrepressible world annihilator. The Bomb was impersonal, ultimate, and unregulated. Fear was the force inherent in this natural energy. Fear and respect for those who wielded The Weapon.

The oligarchy viewed Atomic Bombs as destroying weapons from whose aftermath there could be no hope of resource acquisition. These were absolute weapons of threat, weapons used to do permanent and final damage to hostile Houses. Such damage could be inflicted, so it was commonly thought, with absolute impunity. No repercussions. To destroy an opposing House with finality would be the threat which balanced the often expressed ambitions. Houses would be forced to speak one with the other through diplomatic channels at the very highest intelligence levels. These weapons could effect the total destruction of an enemy House region and its territories, a subsequent total takeover being then possible. Many controlling agencies in the bureaucracy comforted themselves in this notion, somehow imagining that the atomic weapon under construction was but a larger version of any conventional chemical explosive. Most thought the Atomic Bomb to be a larger blockbuster type bomb, with no major difference but blast size. Typical was the self-indulgent response of the rulership, which anticipated no real distinction between chemical and atomic weaponry.

The race to produce a working atomic prototype is a tale told in madness, a device the result of madness. Forged in the fear that hostile others would, at some indistinct future produce just such a terror weapon, NAO research teams were literally pushed against all reason into the atomic fires. The totality of an American working force misapplied its intellect and labors, permanently stained by the mere touch of their new and pernicious acquaintance, Uranium. Ironically, uranium was discovered by Martin Klaproth, a German apothecary. During this time, uranium found use only as a ceramic glaze, producing yellow, orange, brown, and black enamels, and in glass. Used to make in vacuum capacitors, uranium glass gave a pearly yellow color with a strange green fluorescence. These radioactive components produced an extraordinarily stable high capacitance per unit volume, and were used in highpower Naval UHF and RADAR transmitters. The Westinghouse Lamp Division briefly experimented with uranium-doped tungsten filaments, a means by which indefinite lamp life had been demonstrated.

Experimenters and researchers, once fascinated with the phenomenon of radioactivity, turned their minds only on deriving benefit from the strange natural variety of radioactive minerals. Not one of the early experimenters required the purification of uranium for the powerful effects which they had discovered. Indeed, it had been found that natural uranium ores were sufficient for the production of electrical currents and other such exoenergetic effects (Le Bon, Tesla, Moray, Ainsworth, Winkelmann, Metzger, Moray, McElrath). The mad rush toward the development of atomic weaponry provoked an unmetered lunge into an oblivion, one in which the wonderful dreams were for a time forgotten. The atomic threat was a hideous and macabre shadow, standing at the very edge of awareness. Fear of this figure momentarily covered all of the dreams which the previous Century had succeeded in delivering to humanity. Atomic fear was a vacuum, drawing out the life of dreamers and other children. But for the old patents of radioactive tubes, special medical beam energies, and other such devices, the old knowledge comprising the mysterious atomic dream was nearly lost.

Careful study of the radioactive attributes of uranium convinced Leo Szilard that highly purified uranium isotopes could function in a chain reaction of unmentionable power. Neutrons, the primary particulate radiation of the metal, and the neutron-absorptive resonant qualities of the heavy uranium nucleus, would combine to produce explosive chain reactions. Uranium was the element of choice. Toward these ends, uranium was sought in huge quantities now, an unnatural condition. Nature did not concentrate uranium in such vast quantities. Researchers were now prepared to defy Nature and all natural law. Pushing the limits of blind scientific will, science committees now demanded uranium supplies. In June 1940,1200 tons of high-grade uranium ore was shipped to New York Harbor, and stored in an isolate warehouse on Staten Island. While 20 other such shipments made their way to Tennessee and Washington State, this first shipment was “forgotten”.

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