There were those RCA engineers who, for purely commercial reasons, insisted that true wave type antennas would produce better results. Rogers type antennas, buried at some slight depth or simply laid along the ground surface, suffered from reflective distortions. Energized at 70 kilocycles, Rogers antennas increased broadcast efficiency with increased frequency. To satisfy contractual obligations, some combination of both designs was sought. Spanning great area, the SEAFARER ELF signalling system is a matrix of small power transformers, raised lines, and ground plates. SEAFARER went operational in 1989 broadcasting coded messages on an assigned carrier frequency of 76 cycles per second.

In sites which have been loudly announced by government publications, the SEAFARER system pumps the earth with ELF power of closely monitored intensities in both Michigan and Wisconsin. SEAFARER uses the multiple ground system, the entire array behaving as a conduction strip of great extent ELF aerials may be rectilinear or circular. Properly phased ground currents are driven back and forth along the miles-long strip of chosen geology. The weak alternating disturbance spreads outward for thousands of miles. The Wisconsin aerial consists of two lines, each 14 miles long. The Michigan aerial consists of 3 lines: two of 14 miles length and one of 28 miles length. Both systems are phase coordinated. Both aerials must work in tandem, each broadcasting a piece of the total communications intended at any instant. Phase coordination permits ELF radiation without the need for an excessive physical structure by creating coordinated electromotive tensions. Each link in the ELF antenna pulses any singular signal along.

The SEAFARER system is a poor solution to an otherwise impossible requirement. Phased wave integrity between the two sites is exact. With coordinated electromotive tensions existing between the two sites, the ELF signal conductively spreads through the long groundpath. Unfortunately there is destructive interference of a degree which seriously limits the total amount of dipole radiated ELF. Ground currents neutralize at each successive ground plate in the phase sequence. Consequently, not much ELF actually disperses to greater distances. This is why the excessive generators are required. Ever more obvious with time, radiowave communications become less preferred communications channels. While SEAFARER was being completed, another communications development was already making ELF obsolescent. The deployment of high orbital geostationary satellites, coupled with the development of highpower multispectrum lasers, gave military hierarchy a superior communications system which already exceeds the capabilities of radio.


Throughout this intense research period, experimenters assumed that ELF radio modes represented a “unjammable” communications core. Whether through natural or human agency, it was believed that SEAFARER would remain immune to any means of disruptive interference. When tested against the electromagnetic ravages of certain natural sources, ELF systems performed with remarkable consistency. Producing only extremely insignificant depressions, even solar flares did not effect diminished signal strength or signal integrity for certain ELF signals. While experts were amazed at ELF resilience to natural impacts, only a few realized that ELF was not invincible to human interruptions.

Several American experimenters found out just how efficient and invincible SEAFARER is. When their use of ground injected audio signals brought government officials to their door, the real truth was out. The introduction of a few audio frequency watts into the earth can sufficiently disrupt the supposed invincible SEAFARER System! It is obvious that ELF can be jammed. Any RF signal can be jammed. So many engineers published on this fact, yet were not included in the main thrust in Project analysis. Project contractors published a great deal on coding-decoding schemes for averting several different kinds of jamming methods. Other researchers remained entirely unconvinced.

Soviet ELF systems concentrated on designs perfected by Nikola Tesla in 1899. Low frequency alternating interpretations of Tesla designs, Soviet systems are ELF monopoles. Theirs is a brilliantly simple and effective means for “pumping the ground” with ELF. The system has demonstrated great power in a relatively compact size. The ELF spreads as circular waves of electromotive tension from the monopolar ground site. Requiring only that appropriate absorptive capacity structures be built, several of these structures were supposedly built throughout the last twenty years. There were those who believed these to be part of an ELF jamming system, their most notable encrypted broadcast being referred to as the “Russian Woodpecker”. In light of these new facts, many began to openly question the operation of SEAFARER and other ELF projects. If SEAFARER was not the “invincible” radio system which billions of tax dollars proclaimed, then exactly what was its purpose? Both seasoned analysts and conspiratists alike seized upon this theme with an unprecedented tenacity during the late 1980’s. These writers began to see an insidious weapon in the ELF potential of SEAFARER and other such military sponsored ELF systems. In an unprecedented openness, military reports were released in which ELF safety margins were clearly outlined. SEAFARER engineers and advocates loudly proclaimed the harmlessness of their new communications system, one which they insisted was built solely for submarine communications.

Meanwhile, other researchers began recognizing the biologically related hazards of ELF. Numerous university researchers discovered the effects of ELF electrostatic and ELF magnetic potentials on test subjects. Potent emotional and mental derangements were observed when the EM vectors were slightly modified (Hunt). Numerous individuals began “hearing” a strange and penetrating “hum” which could not be recorded acoustically. Besides the sentiments against AC power industries and the growing number of high voltage lines, civilian anger over earth applied ELF potentials was especially aimed at military research groups. It was during this time that numerous highly qualified analysts misunderstood the true potential of the SEAFARER system. They claimed it to be an ELF radiator whose peak pulsed applications could kill. It was claimed that the SEAFARER system could reach peak potentials of nearly one megawatt. In their opinion, the SEAFARER system was much more than a communications device. The conspiratorial scenario was fever pitched. Pulsed at its supposed peak potential, a sudden electromagnetic fluctuation would pass through every grounded object. Any population exposed to the inductive effects of such a burst would suffer terrible consequences. Conspiracy writers considered the biological potency of ELF signals, insisting that SEAFARER could be used in “genocidal” operations.