Legitimate research studies were used to prove these assertions, pointing out that heart attacks could be induced by even mild ELF inductive effects. These effects, they believed, could be broadcast to any region with push-button speed. The frightening results of ULF energy and the neurological entrain-ment of test subjects was then employed to prove the sinister and covert purpose of SEAFARER, military sponsored ELF studies being quoted in these regards (Grissett, deLorge, Wever). SEAFARER was viewed as a means for regulating the chaos of society with deliberate neurological entrainments. This trend focussed on the possible use of ELF to warp human perceptions on a mass scale. Specific ELF frequencies of very low intensity could induce passivity, sleep, coma, seizures, insomnia, hallucinations, hysteria, insanity, violence, and more. Broadcast into any target population, ELF systems would effect malevolent designs on the unsuspecting.

Scrutinizing all ELF projects from this paranoid perspective, “population control” became the topic of conspiracy writers. Radio talk shows, journals, lectures, tapes and videos. The message went out. Certain writers began citing the use of ELF entrainment to suppress social chaos. Electrical nerve gas. Scenarios of famine and deprivation were assessed by conspiracy writers as requiring metropolitan riot control systems. Violent inner city riots would be quelled, managed, or eradicated at will by ELF weapons. Underground bunkers, hooded ELF corpsmen, triangulations, electrical fireballs, target populations, black helicopters. Others described means by which ELF inductions could be sent to specific regions through methods of “triangulation”, a blatant impossibility (Bearden). So much conspiratorial interference demands complete clarification. Facts must precede evaluations. First critical fact: ELF is not effectively broadcast through space by aerials. ELF is primarily ground conduction communications. ELF signal consistency varies with ground conductivity, this is why the original SANGUINE engineers devoted an entire study toward geologically optimizing station sites. ELF propagation is completely dependent on ground surface electron currents. Though the immense aerial structures in Michigan and Wisconsin use phased ground conduction effects, the resultant signal is weak. Regardless of aerial dimensions, ELF signal transfer is weak. This is why they require extremely powerful alternating drivers.

Second fact: ELF alternating currents cannot be directed to any specific earth point. ELF spreads out across broad surfaces of ground. ELF completely disperses in transit from its broadcast source. ELF is inherently incapable of being focussed. There are those who describe ELF operation by which nodes and antinodes may be concentrated at specific earth points. In order to effect such a condition, each station in the SEAFARER network would add its small increment of power toward a distant target. ELF surface standing waves must first pass through the broadcasting station before being established.

At the SEAFARER operating frequency of 76 cycles, the wavelength is 2447.37 miles. Taking half the earth circumference as 12444.5 miles, there would be approximately 5.035 standing wave zones formed on the surface of the earth. Because of inconsistencies in both tuning and earth surface features, the ELF nodes would slowly drift along the ground. Sweeping the entire surface of the earth, the condition would kill the station operators and everyone else in the expanding wave path. If this wavetrain could be intensified above its present inefficiencies, worldwide genocide would occur in a few seconds.

Claims concerning the “triangulation” of ELF is the result of writers who do not make distinctions between the energetic species and mode employed by Tesla and those used by the Military. Tesla used penetrating electrical rays. The Military uses electromagnetic waves. Tesla effects greatly exceeded the realm of electromagnetic waves. Rays can be triangulated to specific points. While the Russians employed the structures and symmetries of the Tesla method, they did not utilize the arc impulses of Tesla. Thus however large the power supply of these ELF engines, they do not operate in the true Tesla mode. The supposed means for directing enormous ELF wave energies to distant sites do not exist.

Third fact: There is no immunity from ELF transmissions of this magnitude. Ground applied ELF potentials stimulate alternating ground currents. All grounded objects would be electrified at these potentials by conduction. Insulated objects would be bathed in an overwhelming fluctuating induction field. If such a genocidal operation was actually conducted, nothing and no one could escape the permeating ELF energies. Were such an operative activated, everyone would suffer and die. Everyone. This includes the personnel who supposedly operate the system. No ELF transmission site remains immune from its own pulsed outputs. Were such an absurdity performed, all personnel conducting the operation would become affected by the transmission with the first switch closure. Each operating crew would suffer the effects of its own signal transmission. A death transmission would kill every national SEAFARER station crew. Transmitting behavior modifying waves would likewise affect and damage each SEAFARER crew. In truth, only Tesla was able to achieve these objectives, using DC impulses in his systems.

Fourth fact: ELF cannot produce the neurological effects of ULF at 7, 8, 9 or 10 cycles per second. SEAFARER is limited to an operating frequency of 76 cycles per second. SEAFARER cannot operate at the ultralow frequencies demanded by those who accused that military neuro-entrainment capacities were being worked into SEAFARER. We see therefore that such objectionable uses of SEAFARER cannot hold under real examination. But here we have a genuine mystery. If SEAFARER is so weak that amateurs can interfere with its operation, what is its possible worth?