In another variation of this method, asymmetrical pulsations are applied to a tall antenna of large capacity. The results of this method exceed those obtained with high frequency alternating energies. Although better designs can be developed, a simple field of antennas will serve well in developing the experimental functions. Only the size of the absorptive terminal, into which the auroral stream is made to flow, will limit or liberate the amount of available energy from the auroral ring current. This technology utilizes a wide variety of technologies which we have already discussed. In its action on the auroral ring, the DP functions like a valve, the auroral ring current as a Klystron current of enormous volume. The absorptive screen is the passive component, resembling the passive capacities of Galvani, Vion, Ward, Dewey, and Lemstrom. In its active components, the DP seeks to mimic impulse technology-

A distinct variety of resonant technique is being developed in Gakona. The DP is designed to induce rhythmic HF pulsations of circular polarization in the Auroral Electrojet The DP applies this energy as a focussed beam. The large receiving area spreads out the incoming power. The secondary function of the vast insulated copper screen is to act as absorber. Downflowing electrical energy is safely absorbed in this highly conductive screen. The DP utilizes a circularly polarized beam, the result of whole array phase shifting. Cross di-poles conduct HF radio energy with a phase difference of 180 degrees. The resultant radiant field rotates like a screw into the auroral plasma. This energy is focussed by a superimposed system of phasing which bends the outermost beams toward a central point. If the rotations are timed properly then swirling energy reaches the auroral ring, bunching electrons. The method produces long travelling waves of charge so immense it staggers the imagination. In the DP, auroral charge bunching is consistently concentrated and deformed toward the ground site. Timed pulsations in the station maintain the resonant pulling on these successive bunches, which soar overhead in a steady supply. All of these schemes seek duplication of the Teslian a?theric methods, a task for which neither academes, military managers, nor engineer-designers are equipped to achieve. These endeavors do not engage the aether, neither can they do so. These designs engage the by-products of asther, the high aerial strata of electrons and ions which eetheric bombardments manufacture, otherwise known as “the ionosphere”.

Once this energetic ion flow has been secured, the auroral streamer can be modulated to the need of any load. There is moderation, control over this groundward ion stream. Such pulsating power under control may be rectified and used. In fact, such power can be sold. Sixty Gigawatts of natural, non-polluting energy at no cost for those who own the system. And this could be tapped from a single large terminal base. Several such stations would vasdy amplify the amount of induction energy. Pulsations of power derived direcdy from the aurora. If it were possible to handle such an output of energy, whole regions could be supplied with electricity for centuries. But who would outline such a proposal? Who would benefit from such a venture? The Military itself? No. The Military takes orders from its rulers. Once the initial phases of such an experiential station have been assessed, then proper parameters can establish a first model commercial station.


For the informed, the DP is a convoluted admixture of several much older technologies. It may be strongly suggested, on logic alone, then that the DP is serving none of the functions which have been demonstrated in the past. Because all the prior uses of such an array had already been established through historical progression, we are all too easily compelled to and eliminate those

possibilities on the very basis of that progression. But the pursuit of truth may not be one which can be based on the movements which we consider “progressive” or “reasonable”. Technology, of the kind which we see in Gakona, is not always subject to the natural dictates of true progress. Technology of this kind is subject to the whims and fancies of a superior directive, whose supply of capital literally decides the progressive line. The natural progress and funded progressions do not always coincide. In fact, they oftentimes clash in oppositions which defy our natural sense of reason and of progress. In truth then HAARP, and projects like HAARP, serve best as focal points on which we may test both our thought process and our world-models.

In assessing the DP, we have coordinated several resources abilities. Among these we count a fundamental knowledge of radio principles, access to an extensive bibliography, and an unerring logical guidance. In our lengthy analysis we have considered the great many possible functions of the DP, and have by that study, determined what the experiment cannot be. But all of our considerations have presupposed the fact that military is operating by processes of advancement. By processes of logic. But here may be our very source of error! It may be, in the very furthest stretch of our imagination, that military has actually been directed to pursue a regressive progress; degenerating to a more primitive state of technical utility. If this is so, then its cause can find no reasonable source except in the superior dictates of an socio-interruptive agency. A geopolitical agency. The interruptive and frustrating manipulations of geopolitical rulership are not unknown in social history. In this bleak scenario we may comprehend some of the absolute technological reversals taken throughout our Century; steps which have witnessed the eradication of revolutionary energy technology, and the substitution of the same with inferior technology.

Were the DP experiments directed toward development of newer trans-ionospheric beaming systems, designs which possibly launch signals along vast geomagnetic loops, then we will find our logical process completely defeated.

This extreme possibility represents the absolute reversal of reasonable thematic progression. If this is indeed the reality behind HAARP, then none of its stated functions have any connective relationship with things believed to be reasonable. But such a deflating, depressing, and utterly disappointing theme, a negative progression, defies the newest evidence. Those patent documents which have recendy been uncovered support the positive theme. The overwhelming evidence that technological advancement is, yet very much the thematic direction of technology, strongly supported by the shocking evidences recendy found in the Patent Archives. These evidences, official patent documents, prove that a newer technology is available for the achievements of unheard military objectives. It is in the consideration of each of these patents that we will find the thematic progression of technology very much intact, a progression which has powerful repercussions in every other related discussion.

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