Oil has not become the cause of worldwide oligarchic elevations. This is obvious when observing the world geopolitical condition. Those who go to war for oil, are not those who delegate its rations. In this, many Houses serve but one. Observe that oil sources are not universally available to all geopolitical Houses in equal measure. Several Houses have the technological engineworks, but only one House has the fuel to drive those engines. The total domination of oil sources and oil refineries has been the result of a single House rule. Oil is obviously not the power base of the NAO (North American Oligarchy). Abundant proof of this is found in the opened forum which the media has granted. Displaying every oil-acquiring military operation, we have recendy witnessed coundess occupations of underdeveloped oil-rich territories by the local House Rule.

Imagine a geopolitical scenario in which the total domination of petroleum resources by a single Oligarchic House has grown so uncontrollable that its power now holds every other existing House captive. Now suppose that the other oligarchies have realized a means for destabilizing their common foe. The flow of logic may be something like this: Oil does not exist in a socio-technological vacuum. There is a reciprocal agency which weakens the power of controlling oil. Because its worth is so bound up in the electrical generating technologies, the control-value of oil is now dependent on the continued existence of those very technologies. Here is a variable which has devastating importance for those Oligarchs empowered to use the option. Since the electrical technologies are worldwide systems, a takeover of their supply of current would amount to a world power shift. Electrical technologies can be “fueled” by alternative means besides oil, the problem is to establish a system large enough and powerful enough to achieve the change. Replacing the obsolescent fuel with another supply would represent a world power shift of enormous significance.

Recall what geopolitical region first developed the nuclear reactor technology. The hope of controllable, limitless electrical supply was championed in North America, Great Britain, and Canada. The revolution seemed to spell defeat for that House left with major world control of petroleum. Despite each movement toward a petroleum-free technology in this geopolitical zone, there has tenaciously followed an insistent demand that oil be the only supply. It is not therefore strange to understand the quest for controlled fusion in the same two national clustres. The ZETA Project, ASTRON, STELLARATOR, and the DCX began a desperate search for a controllable nuclear fusion source. In 1966, this goal was indeed fulfilled in the hands of Dr. Philo Farnsworth. His methodic and systematic development of an electrostatic containment system, the patented FUSOR machine, successfully produced a self-sustained thermonuclear fusion reaction, and a consequent electrical output of enormous value. These effects were witnessed by credible professionals. The subsequent suppression of this major work, couple with the elimination of the truly great Dr. Farnsworth was the direct result of a superior directive which used 111 as its bureaucratic agent of eradication.

In the past, patent examiners were directed by privateers to screen all energy devices. The motive during that purge was the maintenance of strict control, the method was elimination. The continual rejection of energy devices forced the nation to become addicted to a continual supply of inferior technologies. Simultaneous to this action was the proliferation of fuel-dependent technologies. Addiction to the supply of the supplier provided the greatest power making ploy of the millennium. Oligarchies fell behind the shadow of one House, whose dominating ambitions ruled the other rulers. Suppose that the powerful enemies of this dominating House have recognized the essential weakness in petroleum as a fuelstuff. Perhaps the eradication of revolutionary energy technologies is no longer profitable or now capable of supplying geopolitical power. Have the combined efforts of several Houses found a new energy venture which will dethrone oil and supply them with untold earthly power? But why the DP, so large and seemingly obsolescent? In comparison with the more refined energy devices of the suppressed technologies, the DP seems so unnecessarily huge; almost like a Marconi Station.

For energy devices to have geopolitical utility, the heart of control and regulation must be established. Power generating installations must be large, costly, distant, and inaccessible. They must involve systemologies which can easily be represented as impossible to reproduce without the sheer size. Propaganda through education then blocks those who would seek to miniaturize the system, a gradually less likely possibility with time. The secrets of such a science need not be too erudite, just physically unfeasible and inaccessible. Technological creation of new markets has not always being pursued by world major oligarchies. Stability and status quo has been the theme of all investors for nearly a centuries. Investments are made and secured. They are not tested in the fields of venture. But technology is the “wild card”. Technology destabilizes the status quo. Irrepressible technological progress has not been permitted to fulfill its expression in the world. Those who demanded a halt to progress managed to silence the wonder for a time. Now however, a situation has now presented itself where even the oligarchies have demanded a world revolution in technology.

The dissolution of the obsolescent need by a new system can replace the petroleum ration along with the agency which supplies that ration in a single technological leap forward. This spells defeat for the dominating supplier, as all the threatened oligarchies may have already banded together to develop a new and superior substitute. This explains why the DP has had so much cooperation among the several bureaucratic agencies of Industry, Military, and Academia. If this model proves correct, we can expect major announcements on the successive breakthroughs of the DP soon. Those who direct the development of devices such as the IRI, if indeed our assumptions prove correct, will reap and divide the acquired power of that dominating House. If the IRI is an attempt to drive technology backward, then this redirected relapse in progressive technological sequence will defy the very existence of the new weapons and communications technologies which have filled the Patent Archives. Indeed these recently retrieved technologies, which cover the Cold War Years until SDI, would then stand as yet more monumental witnesses, documents proclaiming the existence of superior and insidious directives.

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