Finally, knowing the facts is neither concession nor willingness to accept HAARP technology. Of this, make no mistake. We do not endorse, approve, or applaud this infernal deployment. Knowing the facts is not affirming the right of military engineers to continue deploying such projects. But knowing the facts empowers our confidence in relinquishing concern over a technology which, it will be learned, cannot wreak the environmental destructions which certain publishing houses are using to best lucrative advantage. Do not allow yourself to be used by conspiracy writers. They rely on your hysterical response for their success. You need facts. And only historical facts will clear the issues.

Finally, concern is tempered by knowledge. Knowledge is an item which does not easily sway in the winds of hysteria. Only the loss of discipline in scholarly research causes us to slip into hysteria. Statements made in ignorance cannot be accepted with the gravity and concern so vehemently projected by the hysterical conspiratists. There is nothing covert in HAARP which cannot be clearly affirmed through careful and meticulous study of the available patents, patents which greatly exceed those recently claimed to envelop the Project The historical bibliography provides every clear developmental path which led to these present designs. It remains treasurehouse filled with innumerable gem-studded ravines. We find their repetitive patterns crossing and recrossing in continual affirmations. These kinds of illuminated studies alone reveal the truth behind the fears. In this chapter we will see how the Industry-directed radio project known as HAARP seeks the evocation of forces which Tesla successfully secured one hundred years ago. Incidentally, they will never reach their goal, and this can be adduced by examining the techniques which have been claimed for the process.

Apart from these historical fascinations, the pleasurable and elevating examine of deep forgotten bibliographic treasuries, there remain those inscrutable considerations which HAARP has so provoked. Technological considerations. Of course, there are those aspects of HAARP which seem too thoroughly intertwined in social energy, a manifestation that consciousness has somehow been aggravated and irritated by the mere building of the IRI. It is therefore that all who undertake a serious study of the HAARP Project encounter an unbelievable maze of conundrums; a maze which oscillates in its path among considerations technological, considerations geopolitical, considerations bureaucratic, and considerations social. In truth, the HAARP Project raises questions having a most perplexing and contradictory assortment of answers.

The realization of this shifting and mirage-like nature, which suffuses the HAARP Project, is the very first clue that there is more to HAARP than commonly known. Examining the nature of these “blinding diversions”, these mazeworks and deceptions, can be best addressed by examining the assortment of jigsaw pieces before our eyes. Yes, we have all the pieces, not one is missing. Those which we do not hold in our hands, are clarified and revealed by solid templates and models. Inferences can be considered, especially when observing the concerns and movement os power so clearly evidenced in the Industrial and military treatments of HAARP. If indeed the “Tesla Rule” gives us the pattern, the analytical guideline by which covert projects can be unraveled and understood, then we can easily penetrate the HAARP mystery without concern. It is against this historical backdrop that we are in a position to now qualify the HAARP Project. Indeed, before we can know what HAARP is, we must know what it is NOT. So, what is HAARP not?


The intense military involvement surrounding HAARP is always equated with weapons research. Indeed, many inexperienced analysts conclude that HAARP is a weapons project on this basis alone. But it is no such thing. One must examine the scenario in question before jumping to such prejudicial conclusions. Those who read the military involvement in HAARP as proof of a secret weapons program have not logged in the adequate research time. Had they done so, they would never have arrived at these pedantic and embarrassing conclusions. Let us begin our discussion here by stating that the modern presence of military in any project is insufficient proof that project is a weapon. In order to understand this seemingly contradictory statement, we must comprehend the changes which have been taking place in our world right from the beginning of SDL There has been a change in the power allocation which once placed military ahead of Industry. This positional empowerment was necessitated for the various reasons which have been already shared. The original refocussing of power took place when nuclear secrets were leaked to the Soviets, proliferating a horror of potential world devastations. Because of this emergency world condition, military was empowered to solve the problem. ff not for the nuclear secrets leak to the Soviets, military would not have received the subsequent allotment of authority and unlimited capital required to undo that fiasco.

Anticipating only devastations, superior command directed military to achieve every necessary solution to the nuclear dilemma. In the rare incident which precipitated the uncontrollable international proliferation of nuclear weaponry, military was supplied with endless funds to labor over the problem of neutralizing the threat. With those funds, military hired sufficient talent and creativity towards the realization of those Cold War objectives. With its supply of unlimited funds and enormous academic resources, military achieved the objectives for which it originally received empowerment. Let it be stated here that the complete obsolescence of fissile and fusile nuclear weaponry has been achieved. In our later chapters we will study the several patents by which we recognize how these goals have indeed been fulfilled. These are systems which have not been openly discussed in public forum. And it is necessary that these items be mentioned in public forum, since it was working class labor which ultimately supplied both the energy, the ideas, the designs, the material, the sheer labor, and all of the capital increases. Therefore it is fitting that we should so share a new awareness.

All Geopolitical Houses came to recognize the suicidal nature of nuclear weaponry. They each now know that the use of but one such weapon on another House will return with thousandfold vengeance on their territories and children’s children. Therefore, each has resorted to another weapon systemology in order to reinvigorate the power game. The entire concession has been the result of knowledge concerning the Bomb. Infused as it is with fear and the consciousness of imminent annihilation, it has become a symbol of contradiction. It is the weapon which none dare use. This of course does not mean that those who lack sufficient consciousness will not use nuclear weapons, a high probability in a world of underdeveloped nations which act entirely without awareness. But this is precisely why world Intelligence Agencies are constantly surveying every possible nuclear leak, an oligarchic police force. The new weapons status was not reached and enriched during the SDI years. The SDI years marked the public unveiling of projects which had already reached their objective conclusions several years before. Presidential and military media releases of the time period evidenced a curious enthused relief. The bureaucratic agencies seemingly shared some secret knowledge, for which claim was made to change the “world order”. The SDI years, where nuclear weaponry was actually made obsolescent by more frightful and controllable designs, has indeed brought about a defined world change. But it is not a New world change, certainly not a “New World Order” at all. We are living in the post SDI years, the years where oligarchs are resuming their Old World Order. The order which was interrupted by nuclear fear.

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