In this present time period, we have been witness to severe structural reorganizations within various bureaucratic levels. These changes signal a reversal of policies which held their sway throughout the Cold War Years. Because of the present condition of nuclear disarmament, one based solely on the proliferation of newer weaponry, the phase relationship of power has shifted circumstance. The military rule of Industry has been terminated. The Industrial command of military has commenced. Industries have been given unlimited power and resource now to achieve new world dominations in wealth and power. Superior directives have stimulated Industry with both authoritative empowerment and adequate funds to reengage the capital-building regime, that world order which had been breached through the international proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Oligarchy, Intelligence, Military, Industry, Academician. This was the directed Cold War alignment within the bureaucracy. This order has changed. In the renewed Old World Order, the Oligarchy has begun again to delegate power to specifically selected Industrial Bases for the designed purpose of wealth multiplication. What has so changed the structure of these liaisons? Nuclear proliferation. The subsequent development of highly controllable weapons of far greater potential has erased the threat. The resumption of Old World conditions in a new status quo has resumed.

Industries, specific Industries, have thus become the powerful new focal points of highly delegated wealth and authority. Absolutely replacing the military in this new elevated role, the power has forcibly been shifted. The once servile Industry has become the new overseer of Military process. Projects such as HAARP become the focus of several different groups: Intelligence, Industry, Academicians, and Military. This, for the conspiratists, represents a seemingly meaningful amalgam. They do not see as they should. Military no longer initiates. The one time it did, was its last time. Thus we learn the simple promotions and demotions which are dispersed with the vagrant needs of the Oligarchy. Oligarchy initiates. Military obeys. Oligarchy dictates. Military executes. Industrial Objectives enunciate military involvement now. Oligarchy, Intelligence, Industry, Military, Academician. The qualifications of academicians were once scrutinized by military consortium. Industry waited on military authority in the Cold War Era.

The presence of academicians in projects such as HAARP is predicated on the needs of Industry now, the years of the Renewed Old World Order. The select Industries, who have been empowered with vast wealth, once offered to the military, are now those actively engaged in recruiting academicians sufficient to achieve their secretive objectives. The only covert operations now are covert Industrial operations. Oligarchic control has now shifted its emphasis away from the once necessary eradication of the nuclear threat to a resumed posture of wealth multiplications, territorial acquisitions, and the withdrawal of delegated power from lower bureaucratic levels. Military involvement is a servile role now. When Industry seeks academes suited to the achievements of its endeavors, military bureaucracy is summoned along to function as organizer. It is therefore in this limited role that military now has been made to serve the various delegated aspects of Industrial deliberation. Central Intelligence monitors and reports the progressive development of military research groups directly to the Oligarchy.

Military leadership now serves to bureaucratically oversee every aspect of mandated Industrial directives. It is a fact that military agency has been called to organize the Industrially owned project known as HAARP. Other than this, the military has no ownership in HAARP. Industry owns HAARP. And Industry is enunciating directives to military. Military is simply overseeing the HAARP Project. It is neither devising the necessary components, nor investing in its ultimate goals. Military is managing HAARP for a more powerful Industrial objective. Why is the military overseeing a commercial venture? On whose behalf are such strict research directives being enforced?


Why indeed was the IRI developed? For whom are its effects prepared? The imaginary applications which hysteria composes from a few dissociated facts cannot be achieved in HAARP technology. There are several convoluted themes through which we can pick our way in order to penetrate the fog which has been deliberately cast around HAARP. One examines the numerous wild claims which have been spawned in this ignorance. The Ionospheric Research

Instrument (IRI) is a device whose construction and operation is obviously being directed by the military. What is furthermore perplexing in most topical examinations of HAARP is the obvious puzzle of discovering why HAARP was founded on land owned by the Department of Defense. Examining both the original reasons for Defense ownership of those regions, and the powerful Industry which has now acquired rights to that land, will give obvious answer to this pointed question. The Department of Defense acquired those lands during the years when ground-based Early Warning RADOMES were established across the northern lands bordering the Arctic Circle. Government and Military Bureaucracies have been directed into a joint and subordinate involvement in the project; one which is completely owned and funded by a megalithic Industry.

In the military weapons theme, some imagine the IRI to be a sophisticated ionospheric “backscatter” communications system, patterned after those trans-Pacific systems developed during the Cold War years. This simplistic notion is eliminated by the very existence of satellite technology, a deployment which renders all such radio technology obsolescent. Furthermore, if the IRI is just such a backscatter transmitter, then where are its receivers? If its directed beam is manufacturing ionospheric plasmas for the express purpose of launching and storing radio signals into long world-girdling routes, those responsible for anomalous hours-long signal delays, then where are its HF ground stations? More recently, certain writers have mentioned HAARP as a highly directional communications “blackout” system. Coupled with the fact that the HF beacon of the IRI can be skewed from its vertical launch path toward the zenith, some have imagined HAARP to be a directional EMP weapon. The radial magnetic symmetry available to the IRI, so near the North Geomagnetic Pole, would seem to afford a convenient means for launching sudden plasma concentrations along any radial route.

To effect this weapons potential, the IRI beacon is not in perfect position to both “touch” various geomagnetic radii and launch disruptive plasma clouds toward the south. To do this, the IRI would necessary have to be directly adjacent to geomagnetic north. There, where the field lines are emerging from the bedrock, such an operation could conceivably be attempted. But the latitude of Gakona, Alaska is insufficiently polar to achieve these perspectives. There are those who cite the fact that the IRI can be skewed from vertical, through a wide angular degree of freedom. It is inferred by this comment that the IRI beacon could be skewed into pole-emerging geomagnetic lines.

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