Even if this High Frequency wave radio beam could be skewed to the very horizon, such a process could never export the beacon into those very distant locations. Poised where it is, the IRI beam would only succeed in producing a plasma cloud, whose particles would fan out at right angles to the geomagnetic field. Such a cloud would describe an auroral arc rapidly travelling along an east-west orbital path. The local geomagnetic field, parallel with respect to ground and perpendicular with respect to the IRI propagation path, would effectively constrain and contain the plasma cloud within the aforementioned widening arc. Continued application beam energies would increase both the size and concentration of this plasma arc, until the arc at last passed over both horizons. Skewed IRI beams would produce ever widening plasma arcs whose drift would take them south, providing perhaps a momentary ripple in shortwave communications at southern locations. As a potential means for effecting auroral storms, the IRI is an unlikely candidate for a functioning weapons system of any dependability. The IRI cannot effect controlled conjugate auroral storms along longitude lines. Even the claimed immensity of the upscaled IRI output is yet insufficient for even radiowave communications blackouts. Daily solar eruptions, imminently incalculable in power in terrestrial impact, do not produce total communications blackouts.

In a more practical perspective, the enormous size of systems such as HAARP and SEAFARER preclude them from being weapons. The very activation of such a blackout system, unless precise, decisive, and devastating to any Geopolitical House, would stimulate vengeful repercussions. A worthless initiation. It would the have been better to withdraw its very construction. First strike activity would deal with the IRI long before such an activation potential was reached. In this use, the IRI would have served as a very expensive “one-shot” weapon. Military would have preferred aerial nuclear detonations, the only terrestrial means by which significant EMP effects are achieved.

Other misguided thought has imagined the IRI as a “directional ELF system”, a thoroughly convoluted and ludicrous notion. In this scheme, the IRI projects a concentrated beam toward the zenith, a beam which renders the very air conductive. It is upon this supposed thoroughly conductive aerial beam “carrier line” that Extra Low Frequency alternations are then impressed. Systems independently developed by H. Grindell-Matthews (1917) and J. Hettinger (1919) utilized deep ultraviolet generated ionization paths to provide a pathway for applied high voltage DC pulses and radio frequency currents. These systems did not produce powerful effects beyond a given reach. Indeed, such beacons do not provide the capability of carrying alternating currents to any sufficient distance without severe ground arcs. The impossibility of attempting the actual insulation of such a conductive beacon would defy natural tendencies of electric charge. Others have believed it possible to “impress ELF signals” on shortwave carriers in order to resonate some ionospheric portion at Extra Low Frequency. Shortwave energies can be modulated with ELF energies, but the resultant waveforms produce only a slowly modulated train of high frequency waves. This is equivalent to scrambling the ionosphere in slow pulses. No electrical signal in the ELF band can be projected to the zenith through such an uninformed scheme. Indeed, HF wave energies are completely incapable of effecting the coherent ELF pulsations made possible by large generators such as SEAFARER, and cannot conceivably be employed to use the ionosphere as an immense ELF aerial.

Certain writers have viewed both Project SEAFARER and Project HAARP as psychotronic applications, capable of transmitting deadly ELF throughout the civilian population. Supposedly designed to modulate and entrain both circadian cycles and thought process, these systems are made for controlling and maintaining the local population. Simple thought of these matters should inform the woeful that such an operation would effectively wipe out both operators and their target populations. Furthermore, one cannot target any site with ELF, neither can one remain insulated from their effect while supposedly “exporting” a distant damage. The most casual knowledge of both radio theory and military deployments rules out each such possibility. ELF energy cannot be directed. ELF spreads out across space and ground, saturating geology in ever-expanding propagation paths from its source. ELF continuously affects all who lie in the transmission path. This begins from the very source site, and would either kill or modify the minds of those involved in transmitting the signals.

Furthermore, there is a group who believe that several distantly poised ELF generators can be phase modulated to “triangulate” specific targets. In this complete misunderstanding of ELF alternations, it is believed that ELF “standing waves” would direct deadly effects to specific points on the planet, while shielding all others. These effects, the supposed result of interference effects, would be the rationale behind ELF deployments. First, ELF energy is alternating wave energy. Standing waves alternate, passing from maxima to minima over a wave period. Despite triangulations, there is no “safe zone”, no “target zone” anywhere. ELF energy lends itself neither to triangulation methods, or to “safe-zone” isolations. ELF energies are insidious, their sources cannot easily be located with precision for this reason. Because of these principles, one cannot “focus” ELF energy on any single geographic point. Several widely separated stations, operating in synchronous phase, would not succeed in isolating a tight active zone of ELF alternations.

Considering the IRI to be a beam weapons system is part of the repertoire of paranoia, an anachronistic and foolhardy evaluation. Why would the military spend billions on so large and unwieldy a target as the IRI if it were a weapon? The IRI cannot achieve weapons objectives. Neither can it launch clustered particle beams along the geomagnetic field lines to specific targets. In a more benign function, some writers have mentioned the IRI in conjunction with surveillance technology. But the IRI is no mere military listening post. The overwhelming number of military satellites can do far better in the surveillance arena. Furthermore those who make the ridiculous claim that “deep earth tomography” is a possible application of the IRI have much to learn in basic physics. Recall that ELF wavelengths literally span continents. How are such waves to be employed in a technique which would seek out the detail of “subterranean tunnels”? Such tomography requires the projection of waves more minute than those of the infrared band.

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