Those who cite ELF methods in this respect simply do not understand the nature of ELF and its inability to reveal such detail. Waves this large can define nothing smaller than their own dimensions. How then can they resolve small subterranean tunnels beneath an equally small geographic section? Conclusions such as these are evidence of unfortunate misdirected and unschooled zeal among those who are easily dissuaded from observing the obvious. Deep earth tomography can be accomplished by orbital means with far greater definition and access. All surface, submerged, or entrenched installations require the penetrating gaze of more powerful emissions. But the well documented and patented techniques of X-Ray and Gamma Ray technology will elsewhere be discussed.

There are those who have suggested that the IRI is a missile tracking system, one whose sophistication utilizes a supposedly new “bent beam” plasma phenomenon. In this view, the IRI skewing potential bends a focussed HF beacon into the ionospheric layers, and allows a signal-modulated plasma to bend out and around the earth along geomagnetic great circle loops. When writers describe this scheme, one is asked to believe that such a plasma-bending method will allow stationary observation of distant aerial movements, notably the signature discernment of hostile missiles. But this is so much fantasy! In no means can the IRI so skew its signals as to propel such a plasma great circle route to a directed location. Once the beam has produced any plasmic streaming, that streaming is at the mercy of natural forces for which there can be no directing influence.

The double dipole system is supposedly a “transmit-read” couple, one bay blasting space with modulated plasma generating streams, the other bay receiving and reading “back signals”. If such a technique were indeed possible, there is no means to receive the sign that some mere speck of metal has flown into that beacon, for a missile at these distances would be no more than a metallic dust speck. Also the consideration of the possible signal-to-noise ratio involved in discerning any such “mobile signature” is impossible to rationalize, no such clarity being recognized through such an auroral hash of natural noise. But the exact conductive means through which a continual stream of “return signals” is to be engaged seems to escape genre writers. In truth, such a signature recognition route, a ground based conductive reading system which brings information back to base, is not provided in the Gakona site.


In brief, genre writers and supposed scholars on the topic of HAARP have continually betrayed an alarming ignorance concerning both system feasibility and radio behavior. But more so, they have demonstrated a complete miscomprehension of technological state-of-art, and a fundamental inability to recognize what space technology has achieved for military. In the plethora of orbital stations which have consistently been deployed through the decades, one would wonder why military would desire a ground based system of such enormous expense, high visibility, and by now antiquated technology. Furthermore, the Raytheon Company, whose unquestioned expertise is established in a host of highly classified communications related projects, would not expend such time and labor on a ground based system when orbital space technology is available. Space reconnaissance and weapons capabilities far exceed the bombastic and now obsolescent VLF and ELF” capabilities. Clearly then, another experimental series is being carefully monitored; one whose nature seems now evident from the balance of our deductions. Every possible interpretation of HAARP has been eliminated save one. The most obvious one. But his most obvious possibility requires familiarity with the prior years of radio phenomena and geophysical explorations of auroral process.

One asks why megalithic Industry would actually resort to building a radio ionospheric backscatter technology, one which was already abandoned by the time satellite communications relay satellites had become the routine channels. If for mere study purposes, then there were already stations in existence for this application. Military had sufficient remnant stations of this kind throughout the decades to satisfy the academic curiosities of several university generations. Not a backscatter system, not a HF research tool, not an ELF tomography system, not an ELF impressment system, not a means for changing weather, not a way to bend sunlight, not a means for peering over the horizon and locating missile launches, not a means for directing radio energy to incinerate distant incoming missiles, not just another system for exploring auroral process. Indeed, since 1958, satellite technology has been rapidly replacing every landbased radio technology. Indeed, the old Naval VLF stations are gradually and methodically being dismantled; a fact which few seem to be recognizing. The military shift of technology for reconnaissance, communications, and weaponry has been moving out toward space in methodic and routine steps since the CORONA PROJECT.

Pointing out the fact that those who both own the land, the IRI, and all of the pertinent patents to the study field are heavily committed to fossil fuels, there are those who find evidence that the IRI is a beam-energy transmitter for the deliberate transformation of natural gas into microwave beacons. There are those who contend that HAARP is a project which Atlantic Richfield organized for the purpose of exporting the otherwise unusable gas reserves of the North Slope. Directed to a space poised reflector, this microwave energy is supposedly beamed back to base receivers and there converted into usable 60-cycle current. Distributed throughout the local power grids. Well and good, except for the fact that nowhere in the IRI do we see any evidence of a microwave transmitting system. And no space platform can capture or reflect an HF field, regardless of the claimed IRI super potential.

The bibliography dealing with radio technology is replete with examples of projects of which HAARP is supposedly the most recent and sophisticated example. One would question the expertise of those who insist that HAARP is both a new style communications relay and a tracking system. Most of these gigantic systems were developed prior to World War II. Projects exacdy like those claimed for HAARP have already been established and discarded before 1930! Indeed, texts and periodicals on VLF, ionoscatter, RADAR EMP, and ELF, flood the technical shelves. The information, opened and declassified, is waiting to be read. Source critical in comprehending the function or purpose of HAARP does not require examination of the Easdund patents. That often quoted patent “base” on which Project HAARP was supposedly framed has litde to do with the actual device in Gakona. The Easdund patents present a confusing assortment of components and proposals, all the more dubious because of its claims. The device demands several completely contradictory applications. One reads that the fully operational system will “modify weather patterns…derange incoming missiles…focus sunlight on distant areas…lift enormous sections of atmosphere to unprecedented heights…create strong updrafts…evacuate atmospheric regions…target specific locales to produce drought…stimulate ELF signals in the Schumann natural waveguide…a duplication of Tesla techniques”.

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