HAARP is a project whose Staff and advisement council having been determined by Phillips Laboratories (Air Force) and the NRL directly. The “Ionospheric Research Instrument” (IRI) itself has not yet been built on the Alaskan North Slope near Gakona. Its developmental prototype, the DP has been built first The DP is what the photographs reveal. The DP, as presently established, consists of a primary HF transmitter field, an assemblage of HF antennas, and a host of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. The DP itself was constructed by Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI), managed through E-Systems, and is owned by Raytheon. It is probable that Raytheon has either leased or purchased the land on which the DP now sits. This is their business, not ours. Examination of the photographic evidence is thoroughly disappointing, truly disappointing. The HAARP site is not the monstrous multigabled structure befitting the hysterical claims. It is pitiful assemblage of frail uprights and cross wires, the whole system duplicating obsolescent Marconi HF and VHF arrays.

The first impression reminds the trained eye of a powergrid. A total of 48 towers comprise the DP. Each tower stands 72 feet high. Although the lot on which this fastidious assembly stands covers a 33 acre field, the actual DP site measures some 500 by 800 feet; very roughly 12 acres in area. It is important for us to understand that of the 48 towers now standing, only 18 are ever actually energized. Each tower is founded on a 12 by 15 foot rectangular base. These are each spaced 80 feet apart. So much for the physical dimensions. Tesla achieved much more with less space. No part of the otherwise standard equipment appears novel or inspired, save in the vastness and geometrically positioning of the intended IRI collection. Each of the towers support a double crossed dipole. Upper dipole sets operate from 2.8 to 7 Megacycles, lower sets operate from 7 to 10 Megacycles.

Beneath the existing vertical array is a 12 acre copper screen. This singularly curious structure, supposedly a reflective screen, is poised on insulators 15 feet above the ground. The distance of the copper screen “reflector” to the ground permits vehicle access to and from the various shelters of the facility. Prime electric power for the DP is provided by 3 diesel driven generators, each providing 300 Kilowatts. Radio energy for the huge assembly is derived from transmitters housed in separate shelters which have been spread across the 12 acre plot. Only 3 such generating shelters now exist, each shelter containing 6 pairs of 10 Kilowatt transmitters; the total output being 360 Kilowatts HF energy.

Bombastic and ineffectual, it is stated that vertical wave radiation from this array will be phased controlled to produce net circular polarizations at the ionospheric point of contact. Contrary to the many overstatements, neither the DP nor the mi can focus radiative energy to a tight point in various selected ionospheric strata. The point of focus realistically claimed for the IRI is a “region” which may vary from 18 kilometers to 80 kilometers in diameter. This is hardly a focal “point” at all! Concentrated radio energy from the DP is frequency directed into specified ionospheric strata. There the energy is absorbed in a layer a few hundred meters thick, a process which requires deeper examination. But more fundamental and immediate questions need be asked here. The vertical beam can be skewed and therefore aimed toward various compass headings, a process which diminishes the effective energetic cross-section at the aerial target site.


Why have global cartels actively poured monies into Project HAARP? Why are these financial activities being masked by Industrial, Governmental, and Military bureaucracies? What covert business arrangement guides the efforts in Gakona? How has the stalemate in OPEC Policies and Petroleum Resources compelled the powerful “outsider cartels” toward new destabilizing ventures on the world stage? What is the “merchandise” which HAARP promises to yield? How have auroral anomalies provided certain cartels with a new power alternative? It is obvious that the DP has been deployed in the northlands to achieve a very specific objective. If it were not so, then the present design which we see would never have been given funding.

The Arecibo facility in Puerto Rico, a geophysically coupled RADAR telescope, could certainly have been outfitted with more powerful radar transmitters than those of which the DP presently boasts. In such a case, Arecibo would have greatly outperformed the intended IRI on several counts. Operating in the superhigh frequency range, the total amount of deliverable energy to the ionosphere would be immense in comparison with the HF energy of even the planned IRI. The enormous parabolic RADAR mirror at Arecibo, built into a natural basin by the Air Force for Cornell University, could most certainly have focussed more heat on the ionosphere than the IRI can ever hope to produce. The Arecibo facility is an 18 acre reflector already in existence. The planned IRI will cover a 33 acre reflective field. But the waves projected by the IRI will be 30 meters, while those at Arecibo are as small as 0.03 meters. The IRI has to be 1000 times the size of Arecibo in order to equate with its effective EM output! Indeed, if we shrank the intended IRI to an equivalent energy-acreage with Arecibo, the IRI would actually measure one six-hundredth the actual size of Arecibo. This is precisely why the IRI requires the intended 1 Gigawatt of HF energy. Balanced out, this energy performs the same ionospheric work as 1.6 Megawatts RADAR frequency energy. So why the expense and the labor?

There is an all important and revealing difference between the two sites, one which leads directly to our conclusion concerning the HAARP Project. Though intensely more powerful than the IRI will ever be, Arecibo does not have the northern access for which the Gakona site has been specifically based. Why north? Why so lose to the geomagnetic pole? Well, what is the stated value of the Project? In the words of the military releases, the DP “stimulates and controls plasma processes” in the northern auroral zone. This is the most clarified comment made by the military press releases, the very one least favored and most understood by the many popular writers on the subject. Examine the evidence. Why is the DP so close to magnetic north? This is the very heart of the HAARP Project, the High Frequency “Active Auroral” Research Program. Why “active auroral”?

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