These considerations open the field of radiation detectors into a much wider perspective now, it being recognized that the vast majority of such devices can actually serve in the reception of modulated radiation broadcasts. The several notably declassified patents which describe both X-ray and Gamma Ray Detectors represent critical clues in this inference. Orbital detectors can do more than scan space for nuclear warheads. They can read the coded messages beamed up from beacons however deeply submerged. In like manner, such detectors empower submerged craft to read the ocean penetrating coded signals beamed down from orbit. In such systems, Gamma Ray detectors form the very heart of receivers, responding to each pulsed transmission with unerring accuracy. Analogous in every manner to those photophones of the Victorian Epoch, and the radiophones of Post World War I decades, Gamma Ray communications technologies represent a new state of art which is both unexpected and unsuspected.

The onboard equipment required in implementing these penetrating rays is minuscule when compared with the equivalent radio transmitters and required aerial trailers. The modulated use of Gamma Ray quanta represents a technology which renders the frail Art of Radio Wave Communications obsolete. Passing through several thousand feet of seawater, Gamma Rays suffer neither dispersions nor diminutions of strength. For Gamma Rays, water and steel may represent extremely weak refractions, but for coherent Gamma Rays, these substances are transparent. Coded, vocal, and video communications over a pulsating beam of Gamma Rays! Normal scrambling processors may be employed with these systems, a revolutionary comlink which cannot be stopped. Current state of art military deployments in space enlist the combined aid of several such key components; Gamma Ray beam weapons and Gamma Ray beam communications technologies representing the known apex of the art These space poised components collectively form a mighty world communications system of far reaching military potentials. With this system now in active placement, military personnel can access and execute commands literally from any point on or “under” the world.

When taken in their various combinations, these state-of-art components excel radiowave communications systems. Such communications systems provide effortless access to and from normally unbreached boundary zones. Used in pulsed mode, both X-Ray and Gamma-Ray systems form encrypted secure communications links. Each of these have demonstrated their effectiveness in connecting submarines, at extreme depths, with orbital communications satellites. We have thus discovered the numerous components of systems which render radiowave communications obsolescent. Compact, portable, easily powered, and highly directional, such X and Gamma Ray communications systems are a military dream come true. Using these beams as connective links, military command centers are easily joined with personnel on the ground, in the air, and deep within the sea via high orbital satellites. Gamma Ray switching satellites therefore serve as a perfect relay exchange center for all terrestrial military communications. Moreover, there are nonnuclear weapons which have now been placed in selected deep space orbits. Therefore, we realize that unique weapons and communications systems are already in place, an armada of super pulse Gamma Ray LASER systems and communications links. Regularly monitored by now habitual Space Shuttle missions, these orbital fortresses have effectively rendered obsolete every terrestrial weapon and communications technology. The orbital arsenal.

The very obvious transfer of military systems, from terrestrial to orbital positions, provokes a line of reasoning which few technology analysts have addressed. Since space orbital positions are the most advantageous locations for military applications, and since space deployments perform their functions with imminently greater efficiency than even ground based installations, why would military require terrestrial systemologies at all?

It is suddenly realized that the very rationale which directs the construction of ground based military installations stands in question. The reason for building a SANGUINE/SEAFARER system is to enable communications between central command and submerged fleet vessels. Yet since a truly invincible means now exists, then the very use of ELF becomes cumbersome and redundant. The superior directive which commanded the development of “nuclear solutions” had a twofold purpose. The first phase demanding deployment of a space poised reconnaissance system. The second and final phase demanded deployment of space poised weapons platforms. Nonnuclear weapons.

Oligarchic rulerships each now seek supremacy in orbital space. They are not interested in interplanetary space at all. Mastery over the planet is what each House desires, the theme of ambitions and acquisitions. For social working class personalities, there is a new credibility gap which now extends out into orbit. Archimedes declared “give me a lever…and a place on which to stand…and I will move the very earth itself. Indeed, the fulcrum of that lever once sat squarely on the ground, in thrones of power which ruled openly. The withdrawal of rulers into the shadows marked the retreat of power up into a virtual pyramid, whose vertex rose up in virtual directions skyward. Geopolitical regions were mastered and manipulated irom these virtual points, points which have veiy mysteriously now become physical realities. Power over terrestrial regions has literally raised itself above the planet, an arrogant pride in which overseers who gather and disperse power have promoted themselves heavenward. In their attempt to force the terrestrial fulcrum skyward, they have reversed the traditional order, but not changed its themes. Space ful-crums now rule the earth with wide leverages, and our attentions are therefore caught between systems visible and systems invisible. It is no longer the Nuclear Age.

The Cold War space directive, that which was issued in 1946, was accomplished with the successful establishment and continued improvement of orbital reconnaissance systems, a technology which remains unsurpassed in its abilities. But SDI marked the second phase of the thirty year directive, the deployment of nonnuclear orbital weapons platforms. The threat of nuclear holocaust, itself the horror which destroyed the known world, has been done away. Now there is only a sublime space: “The Space Age”. Yet for all the bureaucratic promises of unlimited and endless horizons, we find ourselves and our geopolitical zone unable to rise above the ground. But this may be a secret and mysterious blessing, for power appears among those who receive dreams and passions while laboring on the ground. Indeed, the distance between earth and space has now taken on two completely separate meanings for us. One defines the oligarchic powerlines out to a limiting vertex. The other follows a dreamline into endless translations and metaphysically beauteous spaces. And it will be into those who dream and who love vision that the real power will continually flow,

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