RADAR marked a new technological breakthrough which was soon applied to weaponry. The use of super pulse RADAR as a lethal weapon became especially feasible with the development of large multicavity Magnetrons such as the Planotron of Kapitza, and the MASER system. Coupled with megawatt pulse systems, experiments using RADAR as a beam weapon were briefly entertained. The rumors of killed RADAR technicians, unfortunates who chanced to be caught in the beam of the intense pulsed output, are not rare. Service men continue to report these incidents. Cold War initiatives called for new such non-nuclear weapons deployments. This twofold potential became a directive guidance for industrial research teams throughout the last fifty years. Target irradiation techniques reached a state of unsuspected perfection in the hands of military developers during the Cold War, a breed of hybrid NUCLEONIC weapons. These combined radioactive sources, targets, and electronic pulse techniques to produce an astounding diversity of heinous killing weapons.

The “X-Ray Source” (L. Reiffel, 1957) is a beam weapon, a device which can utilize a small and compact linear accelerator to produce extremely tight beams of hard X-Rays and Gamma-Rays. The device utilizes a long conical shaped rod of Strontium-90, one which tapers to a sharp point (see figure).

Impacted by high energy electrons, the rod releases a needle of intense and deadly quanta, a radiation thread which can propagate for miles in a straight line. The “Device For Collimation of A Ray Beam” (W. Gschleiden, 1959) utilizes a Cobalt-60 source in a ray-tight box. Active matter baffle plates amplify, refine, and collimate the beam for projection. The list of isotopic radiation sources is lengthy, and represents a passive form of radiation beam projectors. The advent of MASER and LASER technology opened a new regime of beam weapons.

The “Coherent Gamma Ray Emitter” (J. W. Eerkens, 1966) uses Mossbauer isotopes in magnetic fields to produce high-yield Gamma Ray pulses, yields which indeed force the material to decay faster than the supposedly immutable half-life. Such a weapon is deadly, and “clean”. With the press of a switch, a coherent killing beam emerges, a quantum flux in the Gamma Ray spectrum of penetrating power. The patents describe a formerly undeclared phenomenon in great detail, one in which matter can be completely converted into Gamma Rays by sufficiently powerful and abrupt sonic impulse. This device is small, compact, and requires very little supportive equipment Such a design could easily be packaged and placed in a hundred different orbits. The “Apparatus For Generating Frequencies Higher Than Those of Light” (G. Gould, 1967) represents a patent for a hard Ultraviolet and X-Ray LASER system. The “Gamma Ray Laser and Closed Resonating Cavity” (Pieckenbrock, 1968) is a system which utilizes an unnamed crystalline material, a Gamma ray source, having stated coherent Gamma Ray potentials in excess of 30 Gigawatts. These exceedingly small packages could render more lethal devastation than any heavy metal fissile weaponry (see figure).

The radiant beam and target technique was used to produce a series of super pulse X and Gamma Ray LASER Systems. In the announcement made by Dr. Edward Teller, during the closing years of SDI, an explosive Gamma Ray LASER system was widely described throughout the public media. The Teller system was a large bathysphere-shaped weapon, studded with pointed metal prongs. This weapon, a thing of which the acrid Dr. Teller seemed proud to describe, combined a neutron bomb and long pointed targetable beam collimator rods. These projection rods were identical to the “X-Ray Source” of L. Reiffel (19.57). The design represented a launch weapon, capable of being deployed by missiles. Each rod could be locked onto target-cities while in flight. The system obviously self-destructed after ignition, but not before the high yield Gamma Ray blasts were directed through the pointed beam collimators. The weapon which Teller claimed was a “new height” in the nuclear arts is a hideous device of even greater death potential than his Hydrogen Bomb.

Thereafter, a new regime of disposable material, or “single shot” repeater systems made their way into the technology of tactical LASER weaponry. The “Method And Means For Producing Coherent X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Emissions” (J. A. Viecelli, 1973) uses a natural radioactive source to produce a dense and collimated ion flux. This current is bombarded by an incident LASER pulse, and produces instantaneous X and Gamma Ray quantum states at greatly elevated power levels. The “X-Ray LASER” (L. Wood, 1973) flash heats thin wire rods of radioactive isotopes with a high power LR LASER pulse, releasing a coherent quantum beam of deadly power. The wire rods vaporize and are replaced, a LASER cannon. This notion of disposable shot Gamma LASERS (technically termed GRASERS) also utilized metal foil technologies, the “slapper detonator” principle being used to produce instantaneous coherent quantum pulses in the Gamma Ray spectrum. “Producing X-Rays” (Mallozzi, 1972) uses alternate foil layers of unnamed “heavy metals”. The sudden shock impact of a powerful optical LASER pulse into such multiplanar target foils successfully releases coherent X-Rays of 100 Gigawatts potential.

Other systems employ variations of metals and foils to produce Gamma Ray beams of equivalent strengths. In the patent text one reads that the apparatus is fully able to “weld, cut, and melt metals”. Indeed such energies, when super pulsed, can punch holes through metal walls several feet thick, rupture stone barriers of greater thickness. Mounted in a satellite station, these devices do not violate nuclear ban treaties, being the realization of Cold War weapons objectives. With such weapons in place, nuclear weaponry is made obsolete. Gamma Ray LASERS can be applied on command, at the flick of a switch. Deactivated, they remain inert, covert, and insidious. Military reliance on special radiant energies is the most recent misinterpretation of Tesla Radiant Energy Technology.


Satellite to ground performance relies on ionospheric conditions. What is needed is communications links which remain unaffected and uninterrupted by natural and hostile military deformations. The result of this inconsistency became a desperate need for sustained secure-communications systems; one which neither could be disturbed by ionospheric conditions, nor fulfilled by existing LASER systems of the day. Optical LASER beams, regardless of coherent power, are blocked by cloud cover and distorted by ionospheric disturbances. Events leading up to SDI necessitated the development and deployment of entirely new communications continua. The use of Ultraviolet LASERS would not fare well in linking satellites with ground command, those spectral lines being rapidly absorbed in transit through small sections of atmosphere. Infrared LASERS of specific spectral content are able to penetrate deeper levels of the atmosphere, but may become distorted through voluminous water vapor currents. They are therefore not completely reliable for military communications links. Clearly some other spectral bands must be sought if space-to-ground or even space-to-sea communications are to become absolute.

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