PROLOGUE — Symbols and Models

Drawn down through the confusion and into paranoia, the essential structural material of the subconscious, conspiracy writers serve as hapless mediums of a submerged and incoherent flood of emotions. Such a stream, when written in the language of consciousness, successfully evokes hysteria. The emotional white water of these kinds of books has blocked true scientific realization concerning HAARP. The frequent topic of those whose inspiration is both submerged and fundamentally subconscious, an hysterical tone is being projected into society. In addition, because these texts do not emerge from the conscious mind, they cannot supply conscious coherence to their readers. Such books then become an effective source of extended social ignorance on the topic area. While hysteria fears the devastation of ecological systems by a fully operational IRI, the most powerful effect of HAARP has already made its first impact. It has done so in the very deepest visceral part of humanity. HAARP has impacted the inscrutable and irresistible, that monstrous thing that hides in its lair. The Id and its entourage of misperceptions. Some say that conspiracy writers are sensitives who have somehow vocalized the subconscious undercurrents now prevalent in all of society. If this is true, then we can forgive their writing style. If at all, we may only comprehend the murky message in conspiracy books as the writings of symbolists. But as symbolic expressions, these books are incapable of granting scientific insights. Thus, by their very nature, such books are useless in satisfying those having engineering pursuits. The quest of young minds is often completely and effectively diverted by the available conspiracy literature. Minds devoted to such literature remain entirely ineffective as a corporate force for social improvement.

Having its inspiration entirely in the subconscious, conspiracy books do not represent science. Conspiracy books are not scientific works. They are each excellent examples of verbalized symbolic art. They represent the serpentine reactions of the negative subconscious to perceived external threats. These are usually technological provocations, which the negative subconscious both hates and seeks to destroy. If there is some truth in the murky and nightmarish phantasmata with which they move, these symbols are warning our world of an impending crisis far deeper than anything technology can supply. The very emergence of these anti-technological symbols is the danger. The subconscious mind, which hates technology and is intent on driving society down into its own murky waters, has already begun its assault on society. Demanding total attention, the subconscious wishes to dominate and destroy technological society. But these are topics for another thesis, the most fascinating discussions concerning the energy of consciousness itself.

It has become very obvious that those who spew such vociferous volumes ol hysteria begin, not in the solid record of the past, but in their own fears. Inferences thus derived release the negative subconscious into the greater seas of the reading public. As these manuscripts wend their way through society, a free flow of emotive energy rather than conscious thought, it effectively accretes vitality. Vitality is drained from those who read the manuscripts. Those who read these books, to the exclusion of all other technical literature, expose themselves to a deceptive source of hopelessness. Conspiracy themes never offer an escape hatch to the reader. One is soon caught in the halls of the Labyrinth without the silken thread of Ariadne! Acquiring and accreting fragmentary facts, the subconscious stream represented by these books, tugs already weakened minds further away from truth.

The factual fragments comprising conspiracy books and their invariable accompanying cassettes and videos are designed to bait the reader into forming specialized conclusions. These almost invariably satisfy the personal needs of readers who are actively seeking a conspiracy. The writers of these bo >l carry no burden of proof. Theirs is the role of provocateur, irresponsible activators and promoters of social malaise without solution. The public now seems to require the services of innumerable writers and spokespersons who make their money by selling the fear and hysteria which a metaphoric stream of subconscious symbols evokes. A populace whose innermost sentiment expects nothing but disappointment thrives on the nightmarish symbols and fragmentary messages written by conspiracy symbolists. One nevertheless finds that a continual flood of such symbol laden manuscripts are finding their way into the new conspiratist genre.

Being collections of murky symbols and subconscious expressions, these books are expected to contain mutually contradicting statements and opinions. Conspiracy books are never the scientific reports which they purport to be. Nevertheless, it becomes obvious that certain very popular writers are in serious need of self-examination and of fundamental study, each in their topic area. One reads through several examples of these texts with growing boredom. Each verifies the inner observation that such books are made to be sold, not to convey facts. Filled as they are with the turbid waters of hysteria, this publications assault has succeeded only in confusing readers everywhere.

Conspiracy books are not clear water pools in which to quench a serious scientific thirst. Misunderstood and misused, many students nevertheless seek out these books of symbols, servants of the subconscious, while hoping to find answers to scientific questions. Being thus produced by negative subconscious energy, conspiracy books are incapable of serving us with more information than the fear which they transmit. The murky world of nightmarish fantasies and horrifying figures is not the world from which archetypes and other uplifting symbols emerge, the superconscious world of vision and revelation.

Very unfortunately, these inferior publications do not contain the real answers, the real models, which a waiting public expects. The only service which conspiracy books seem to provide is the magnification of paranoid undercurrents. Conspiracy books are then psychosocial expressions of an energy-minimizing substratum, one which drains the vitality away from those who continue reading them. These books themselves are evidence that a new foray of subconscious energies are actively reaching up from the depths, and connec-rively linking susceptible people together in unhealthy aggregates. Too few appreciate the power of such undercurrents, or the inherent energy working therein. This aspect of the subconscious is deadly to societies who indulge its expressions, a possible explanation for those cultures which quickly rose and fell.