PROLOGUE — Symbols and Models


Each serious endeavor to penetrate and comprehend the covert atmosphere enshrouding HAARP has demanded nothing less than a thorough familiarity with technological history. In this regard, only a special familiarity with military developments in radio and communications arts deployment can empower the inquiring scholar to reach reasonable conclusions. The central question concerns itself with the huge array which Raytheon has constructed in Gakona, Alaska. We know what the Ionospheric Research Instrument actually is. But what does it do? For what reason does it exist at all? The mystery has done more than tantalize informed thought. It has revealed the abysmal lack of knowledge among writers who do not know their topic area, and yet will not stop writing. The “problem” which this project has presented to concerned civilians is one of classification, there seeming to be no reasonable explanation for the presence of the IRI at all. Those who have attempted its classification do so without a cohesive model from which to make reasonable assessments. Closer scrutiny reveals the function and purpose of the device without further need for speculation. Accurate models of action hold up under various logical applications, each plausible HAARP scenario being weighed against all the facts and historical documentation.

More sensitive persons have referred to HAARP as the modern ultimate in human technological arrogance. Those who very clearly sense the absolute separation of military and citizen know that military intentions are the result of superior commands, directives which come down to military through bureaucratic power channels. The arrogant separation existing between government, military, and civilian sectors is evidence of an alienating secrecy. This policy requires absolute obedience to an authority which maintains absolute secrecy. The law abiding citizen is therefore required to render respect to an authority which keeps the population in the shadow of ignorance. The permeating alienation which has so thoroughly characterized our time is the direct result of a ruling structure which seeks the absolute domination of every bureaucracy, every technology, and every conscious state, were that possible. The rulership of which we speak exists above the halls of government, in conUol centers having nothing at all to do with bureaucratic or democratic process.

Radio History provides a stranger walk than fiction or the subconscious can convolute. But here too, one must not simply make speculative comment on scattered inferences. This useless and futile tautology has been the achievement of several supposed technical writers who very obviously have not spent time thinking about what they say. We must have facts on which to base any such strong assertions. Indeed, the ignorance concerning past technology is a tragic legacy of our time. Having forgotten the past discoveries, there are those who now presume to analyze both the present and future. The Victorian Bibliography, which too few popular writers cherish, contains wonders which we have only begun to suspect. This bibliography remains a monument, a treasury of anomalous discoveries entrusted to our time by trustworthy experimenters.

The true interpreter of problematic and questionable military research reads through patents and articles thoroughly before drawing out possible inferences. Trustworthy inferences are composed only after lengthy study in the topic area, a radio science bibliography which now spans the whole Twentieth Century. The acquisition of such a bibliography requires hundreds of consecutive hours of unremitting deep and committed research, with an equal expenditure of several thousand dollars. Certain dedicated individuals have already undertaken this task, a labor which is pleasurably never ending. In truth, the storehouse of lost treasures is inexhaustible. There are, in fact, very few individuals with whom I am able to speak on such levels. In this respect I am very fortunate to know a pure and independent researcher, an experimenter in the great tradition. Mr. William Lehr is one of my vital links in the continuity, the unbroken chain of scholars. Our discussions have been a reference frame and source of the very deepest inspiration.

Those who seek truth often do meet on the great plains of knowledge. One must plow deep in the rocky soils before picking up the trail. The most remarkable experience meets us when we make first contact with vital references and documents. The degree and pursuit of work which culminates in such a personal event is excessive, the expenditures of scholarly passion. There are those whose passionless love of comfort derides those of us whose eyes sometimes dizzy with the rapid flickers of passing microfilm. Persons such as this should never dare speak when in the presence of scholarship, much less to acquire collections of researchers for purposes of self-aggrandizement.


The unexamined bibliography contains a mountain of factual gems and secrets which few value. But only a logical and thorough recapitulation of all of the developmental roads leading into and beyond HAARP must be aggressively engaged. The conclusions drawn from this bibliography are indeed provocative and controversial. This publication therefore contains only historical facts pertinent to the military management and development of ELF, VLF, SHF, and other technologies. Beyond this, I have made every effort to present a thoroughly researched chronicle of Cold War and SDI projects. The actual state of military technological art is a great deal more advanced than we are led to believe. The patent record alone proves it. In addition, a very great deal of time has been spent agonizing over each hypothesis in the chain which leads to the conclusions of my last chapters. But how indeed have some 75 years of privatized Military Research succeeded in producing, establishing, and using such a completely new and superior superradiant communications technology capable of rendering all present communications arts obsolete?

It was in the last twenty years of military developments that the successful deployment of such technology made its appearance. If in fact this is true, if there are indeed revolutionary new technologies, why then are military groups stating their reliance on older systems? Moreover, if this be true, then why have these obsolescent systems required staffing, energy, and funding at all? The two contradictions mutually neutralize, while the truth emerges from the smoke screens. I have underscored my assertions. I am convinced that, while citizens of the 1950’s were thrilling to science fiction themes and dreaming of a bright future world, military researchers had already directed the creation of amazing radiation technologies which have been used ever since. This technology is even now so far in advance of any known system that a trained mind is troubled by its inherent implications. Can it be believed that a technology, entirely operated through gamma ray energies, whose potentials could completely change the face of our world as we know it, had already been registered and dispatched by 1960? Apart from a flash of insight, coupled with an accidental patent discovery, who would ever have vaguely suspected such a thing? Currently and routinely utilized, the interrelated advanced systems which we will report have remained, for decades, the best well guarded “open secret”.