Silence is that relaxed and passive condition of the mind and body in which the spirit energizes, illumines and clarifies the conscious planes of the mind.

In order that this may take place it is important that you have a special time for quietness or silence, in which you should allow no interruptions.

Every muscle of your body should be relaxed, and the mind withdrawn from all external things and given wholly to a listening attitude, as though you were in the presence of a great teacher.

In the silence the mind’s ear should be turned to the Supreme Spirit, and no other source of instruction. If your attention wanders bring it back. Spend from 10 to 20 or 30 minutes in this silence, It is not best to spend a longer period of time in the silence, unless there is some special emergency.

It is a good practice to have a set time or times every day for this silence. You may have other moments of silence, such as three to five minutes at your desk, in your bed-room, or while riding in the street car or train. You will find it easier to observe silence and receive wisdom with your eyes closed.

Do not be discouraged if wonderful things do not occur in the silence. Sometimes wonderful things occur after the silence rather than in it. Do not do the thinking yourself, but let the Supreme One think through you and for you.

At first when thoughts begin to come, they may not be very clear, or very correct; just listen, as the stream of thought flows on, it clarifies itself, and in a few moments you will be receiving wisdom, to help you in your life and work.

If you seem to receive no thought or instruction at all, do not be discouraged. You may be receiving just as rich a lesson as if you were conscious of it. It is being registered on the subconscious mind, and will be brought forth into the conscious mind as soon as needed.

Note the similarity between this philosophy and that of Moses.

The ancient tabernacle erected by Moses, typifies the three planes of mind in its three courts/ the outer, the inner and the inmost. The outer court was known as the profane, or world court. This is where the beasts and fowls were prepared for sacrificial offering. It represents the world or mortal mind, or as we prefer to say, the conscious mind.

The inner court was known as the holy place. This is where the people gathered to worship, to pray, and also to receive the word of the Supreme One, The court is the soul which stands between the inmost and outmost, as a medium to transmit the message to the people. The operator in the telephone exchange answers a similar purpose, When you lake down the receiver of the telephone, you ask for the number of someone in another part of the city or state. The operator connects

you, and you are able to converse through the connection the operator made for you.

The inmost court is known as the “holy of holies”. This represents the purified inner shrine. No one could enter this court but the high priest and he but once a year, for the purpose of making atonement for himself and the people. In the “holy of holies” there was a chest containing very sacred furnishings of the tabernacle. This chest was lined and covered with gold plate. On top of it were two cherubim, kneeling and facing each other. Between the cherubim on the cover was an upraised place somewhat like an altar; this was known as the “mercy seat”. From the mercy seat there emanated a mysterious light or radiance, which was known as the “holy Shekinah”. Light was evidence of Jehovah’s presence. It was regarded as the real presence of Jehovah which filled the entire “holy of holies”.

This chest with all its furnishings was known as the “ark of the covenant”, which represents the inmost word or thought of Qod. Your spirit is an extension of the divine into a personal human body. It is here in Spirit, that all are united as one,

The oneness is in all people, and we call it the super-conscious mind. The pure divine light manifests in human beings, in accordance with the purity or non-purity of the person through whom it shines. We can illustrate this better by saying that electricity radiating through a red globe produces a red light, through a blue globe, blue light and through a white globe, white light. The inner light in every instance is pure white. Our business is to clean the outer plane of consciousness so that the light may shine through us in its whiteness, instead of red or blue.

Attaining this state, we have become illuminated and inspired and we are no longer experimenters, speculators or guessers, on the path of life. We know – and we know that we know, without being bombastic or egotistical. The silence, therefore, is entering the “holy of holies”, beyond the veil of ordinary sense, to make our own at-one-ment. Thus we become knowers of the divine will, or the universal law, “Which maketh rich and addeth no sorrow therewith”.

Entering this true silence you become the possessor of advanced knowledge. This silence is where you meet the greatest teacher of all. This is the University of Universities. In this silence chamber all masters have learned mastery.

In silence and concentration your experiences will be of a character pertinent to your evolution and unfoldment. Some will seem to see light, some will seem to hear voices, others will only catch fertile thoughts and plans, still others will have a feeling or impulse to do, or not to do the things they contemplate. Some will seem to get nothing at all, but they do receive, though not apparent.

The human Spirit, or the super-conscious mind, is a great storehouse of power, love, and life. The Spirit might also be likened to high tension electrical energy; it is the power behind the throne.