1.    RAJA YOGA – Literally “Royal” Yoga, is the science of conquering the internal nature or realizing the Divinity within. This process is divided into seven steps:

First Step – YAMA

2.    Truthfulness, compassion to life, non-killing, non-stealing/ non-robbing, temperance.

3.    The harmonious assimilation of all there is in the world, in such a manner that it will not exhaust the vital energy of life or the resources at one’s command, but will perpetuate all that is good for the nobler ends of life in a qualitative manner.

Second Step – NIYAMA

4.    Cleanliness, contentment, the surrender to an ideal. The state of cleanliness is imperative. The millions of pores of the body, the avenues through which life functions must be kept clean, the external must be kept as clean as the internal. The internal purity must find external expression.

5.    There must also be mental purify. In order to meditate on any subject of an uplifting nature, it is essential to be bereft of malice, hatred, unkindliness and the like. By such mental action the inner self is purified and thought can function clearly to reach the desired end.

6.    Contentment is a state of mind that permits no other thought to interfere with the one particular idea on which the devotee is meditating. It is essential that no wandering thought enter into the mind lest they disturb the equilibrium of the individual.

Third Step – ASANA

7.    Posture, pose. One must take a comfortable position so that the physical may not call attention to itself, the thought must be allowed to travel unhampered on its errand. The state of pose expresses will and reason, in which the superior mind is manifested in sincerity and truthfulness.

Fourth Step – PRANAYAMA

8.    Controlling the vital forces of the body through breath control.


9.    Making the mind introspective, self-examination, the effect known from past experiences, apply the knowledge gained to discern objects and their consequences whether immediate or remote.

Sixth Step – PHARANA (Concentration)

10.  Recruiting thoughts and their objects for the purpose of selecting that which is essential for your work,

11.  The object selected by concentration is now to be meditated upon for the purpose of embellishing the object, so that the thought may shine upon it and through it.

12.  When in the state of meditation you can take a subject and think hard upon it until you are able to leam its origin as well as its relation to all other things. You will find in this state that one thought will suggest another until you find the entire series. All of your problems can be worked out in this manner.

Seventh Step – NIRVANNA

13.  A state to which only a great devotee can attain by strenuous discipline and by which planes beyond our realm are reached. In this state everything is perfect, it is a unity of all that exists. In this serene silence all differences have been subdued, all is perfect.

14.  In the first step you will find that you are getting wisdom.

15.  With the second step, the mind will cease to be dissatisfied,

16.  With the third step, you will feel sure that you have found the truth.

17.  With the fourth step you will know that the morning is breaking, and taking courage you will persevere until the goal is reached.

18.  With the fifth step, you will find that all pains will vanish, It will be impossible for anything physical, mental or spiritual, to give you pain.

19.  With the sixth step will come freedom. With the attainment of freedom you will require nothing to make you happy, for you are happiness itself.

20.  The seventh step will be the last state, and you will become peaceful and calm, never again to feel pain, never again to be deluded, never again to feel miserable.

21.  The great hindrance to mastery is doubt, we are doubtful, even the best of us will doubt sometimes, but with practice within a few days, some glimpse will come, enough to give us encouragement and hope.

22.  For instance, after the first few months of training, you will begin to find that you can read another’s thoughts, they will come to you in picture form. Perhaps when you concentrate your mind or try to do so, you will hear something happening at a long distance. These glimpses will come, just a little at first, but enough to give you faith, and strength and hope.

23.  To produce these results you must know the law and apply it. Miracles are the acts of great souls who have studied natural laws and at the opportune time,

performed some act which was beyond the knowledge of the masses and for that reason is termed a “miracle”.

24.  Yoga philosophy is neither strange nor mysterious.

25.  Mystery-mongering is weakening. Because a philosophy is not understood it is not necessarily mysterious, the unusual power of the so-called adepts and Yogis is simply the result of an understanding of certain natural laws which all may possess.

26.  The philosophy was discovered more than 4000 years ago, and has been perfectly delineated, formulated and given to the world by the ancient masters clearly and concisely.

27.  A Yogi never lies or causes another to tell a lie, or approves of another doing so.

28.  The Yogi knows that the easiest way to be happy is to make others happy.

29.  When this power of truth is established in thought, word, and deed, the Yogi may say to a person, “Be blessed”, and that person will be blessed. If a person is diseased, and the Yogi says, “Be thou made whole”, it will be done.

30.  By developing mental power you can penetrate anything. Take for instance drilling a well. If you have a diamond drill, it will go through rocks or anything else that may come in its path. So it is with mental power. You can penetrate to the borderland of existence, and conceive of experiences which may seem miraculous to the uninitiated.