1.   Every form of disease brings about a disturbance in the balance between the flow of the right and the left nostril.

2.   The cure lies in restoring the balance.

3.   If you suffer from any disease, it should be your aim to make a careful study of your breath-flow.

4.   Breathing accomplishes many vital functions of the body. It not only oxygenates the blood but also stores up pranic energy.

5.   It not only co-ordinates the positive and negative electro-magnetic currents of the body but also attracts desirable and undesirable conditions into our lives by the operation of the magnetic law of attraction and repulsion.

6.   All things we require for building and repairing our bodies are held in solution in the ether. If this be so, every time we breathe we must draw from the air oxygen and from the ether nourishment.

7.   This has been demonstrated time and again by the Indian Yogis who live for days or months without food, retaining buoyant health, rugged strength and charm of personality.

8.   Our very lives depend upon breathing, is it then too much to think that life might be prolonged indefinitely, if the act of breathing could be prolonged indefinitely!

9.   If disease can be prevented by a scientific control of the breath-flow, then surely old age, decay and death may be indefinitely postponed by a scientific control of the breath, coupled with proper dieting and with the practice of spiritual bodybuilding exercises.

10. This is not a new theory, but on the contrary, it is said that in India today there are living examples of Yogis whose ages range from 200 to 500 years or more. Do you believe this!

11. First and foremost you should know that every kind of disease is the result of some disturbance in the balance of the two electro-magnetic currents – the positive and the negative – due to external causes, Therefore if we can restore the balance between these two currents and can also remove the physical or mental cause which brought about the disease, the disease will then disappear.

12. The proper balancing of the positive and the negative electro-magnetic currents, as nature intended, will produce prana to meet every demand of the body. But an excessive flow of one of these currents results in a proportionately lesser flow of the other. This does not produce enough prana, because, like electricity, prana is produced by the union of the positive current with a proportionate amount of the negative current.

13. Disease in most of us is due to a waste of prana generated in the body. Complete relaxation of the body during sleep and several rimes during the day will conserve the prana generated in the body.

14. Thoughts of happiness, hope, faith, courage and strength tend to conserve prana, while thoughts of sorrow, fear and worry tend to deplete the prana generated in the body.

15. A sudden shock of fear results in a cold uncanny thrill passing down the spine of a person. What is the secret of this! It is nothing but the depletion of the whole supply of prana from the system. The cold thrill experienced along the spinal column is a certain indication of prana oozing out of the spine.

16. All sorts of stomach troubles, such as indigestion, flatulence, chronic dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, etc., occur when the left nostril is in flow, and often after a protracted flow of the left nostril. The cure lies in closing the left nostril and allowing the right nostril to flow till the symptoms disappear.

17. To hasten the cure you may place the palm of the right hand or the fleshy portion of the fore-arm just below the elbow on the pit of the stomach and take fifteen to twenty deep breaths through the right nostril, retaining the breath as long as you can. You will feel current of prana coursing through the region of the stomach, before the lapse of three minutes.

18. All lung troubles such as asthma, catarrh, and consumption are due to a protracted flow of the left nostril daily, for months, or years, while the flow of the right nostril occurs only occasionally. In order to effect a cure, keep the left nostril closed during the greater part of the day. In addition take good nourishing food to build up the weakened system.

19. To cure constipation and its attendant disease piles, make it a point to drink a glass of water before retiring and also early in the morning, and keep your left nostril closed for about half an hour, before your usual time for easing the bowels. Thus you will have free motion.

20. Paralysis is due to a longer flow of either of the two nostrils during each day. While diabetes is characterized by a longer flow of the right nostril daily.

21. Neurasthenia and impotency in males are attended by a predominant flow of the left nostril. By keeping the left nostril closed for a greater part of the day and by taking a nourishing diet these diseases could be cured. While neurasthenia in females is I believe attended by a predominant flow of the right nostril, as the sex principle in women is governed by the flow of the left nostril.

22. As you read through these lines which disclose to you how to conquer all disease by a natural, scientific and simple process, which had eluded the minds of the most contemplative sages of all other places, and in all ages, I hear you ask, “What remedy have the Yogi Adepts to offer regarding the cure of old age and death!” Well! It is indeed a question of supreme importance to all who are spiritually awakened today, as it had been in that far distant age to the Yogi adepts of India, who studied the mystery of life from more angles than scientists know of today,

23. They pondered this question of questions and after much searching, discovered means and methods by which they could put off these twin enemies of humanity.