1.   The human being is a magnet. Every magnet has two poles, the positive or north pole, and the negative or south pole. If any magnet of any size is cut into two, or even into two hundred pieces, each separate piece will have two poles just like the original magnet.

2.   All bar magnets suspended by their centers turn one pole to the north and the other to the south. It is the law and is invariable. But the pole of the magnet which runs to the north is not actually the north pole, but the opposite, the south, for in magnetism like poles repel like.

3.   The world is one huge magnet.

4.   The magnet called the human being can be divided in three ways. In each of these three ways, the qualities of positive and negative poles are manifested.

5.   If you divide the body in half lengthwise, then the right half is the positive pole and the left half the negative.

6.   If you divide the body again into the upper part and the lower part, the upper is the positive pole and the lower the negative.

7.   Divided again into what is called the ventral side and the dorsal side, the ventral side is the positive and the dorsal is negative.

8.   Similarly when we divide the earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the northern is the positive pole, and the southern the

9.   Again when we divide the earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres, the eastern is the positive pole, while the western is negative.

10. The Hindu sages discovered that when you sleep with your head towards the North, South, East or West you attract various conditions into your life, which depend upon the relation of your magnetic poles to those of the earth.

11. They taught that lying North and South brings peace and comfort, and long life, lying East and West bring about the reverse condition

12. Dr. Fere, in 1905, tested the theory for the French Biology Society, and came to a similar conclusion. Two other French engineers, Wm. Duchatel and Rene Warcollier, tested the theory and found it based on fact. They even went a step further and decided that humans not only must sleep from north to south, but must work from cast to west. Without explaining whether the law is based upon magnetic terrestrial currents or the rotary movements of the earth, they concluded that all work executed by movements from north to south cause a useless waste of effort. They urge not only the turning of beds, but the moving of workshop tables in order to secure the best results.

13. During each lunar month as the moon passes through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the negative etheric current shifts, travelling from the toes to the top of the head, and from the top of the head back down to the toes, making a complete circuit. The center of influence of the part of the body at which the negative etheric current is concentrated, on each day, is said to be a vulnerable spot in the body on that day.

14. In the same way during each lunar month, the focal center of the positive etheric current shifts from one part of the body to another, also making a complete circuit.

15. In fasting, when the stomach is deprived of food, air rushes into the stomach and fills the vacuum. The Yogi believes that filling up the stomach with air helps to develop various spiritual powers, such as clairvoyance or the power to heal. And for this purpose some Yogis actually drink or swallow air a number of times a day. This conscious swallowing of the air is not only beneficial, but also gives the person who practices it control over the muscles of the throat and the stomach. It is done in the following way.

16. Close the mouth and place the tongue touching the roof of the mouth just above the teeth. Inhale air through the nostrils and closing the glottis, with the epiglottis swallow the air or send it down the gullet by the action of the root of the tongue and the throat.

17. The Yogi adepts of India have been famed from the earliest antiquity as miracle workers. This is not oriental fable, but truth pregnant with irrefutable proofs. In a land where occultism was the rage of the elite, many young Hindus sacrificed the security and comfort of home for a serene spot in some sylvan solitude, to attain the highest achievement of adeptship on earth.

18. The wonderful fact of levitating the astral body and transporting it at will to any desired place, was said to be a common achievement of these adepts. Now for the method.

19. Surrounding our physical body there is an exact, invisible counterpart, composed of an ethereal substance which exists at a very high rate of vibration. It is not matter, but it is not force either. It is composed of something very fine, but far more tenacious than anything that is known as matter.

20. The material of this body, called Akasa in the science of the Yogi, is the super-sensitive substance which pervades all space and enters into all bodies. The body that is formed out of this substance is called the Astral Body.

21. Sit erect, racing the East, on a chair placed on a rubber carpet, or on a large thick slab of glass (or traditionally on either a tiger or a deer skin). Rest your feet lightly upon the carpet or the plate of glass.

22. At the lower end of the Sushumana Canal is an energy center called the “Lotus of the Kundalini”, triangular in form, and in the symbolic language of the Yogis, coiled up there resides a power called the Kundalini.

23. When the Kundalini awakens, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, layer after layer of the mind becomes open, then visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi. When Kundalini reaches the brain, the Yogi is perfectly detached from the body and mind; and the soul finds itself free.