scientific control of the breath anyone can retain health, renew youth and prolong life,

40. Air is a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. Western scientists recognize the value of oxygen to all living beings. Without it no life is possible upon earth. But these same scientists hold that nitrogen is the enemy of life, and without oxygen it is powerless to support life. This may be the truth. But without nitrogen, oxygen alone cannot support life, otherwise why did nature combine such a large percentage of nitrogen with other gases to form airl All things in nature have been so designed by an all-wise intelligence, that if we care to look deeper at things we discover that even the apparently most trivial and useless thing serves a multitude of purposes in the laboratory of nature,

41. Nature is all-wise; it is our vision and knowledge that are circumscribed.

42. Scientists inform us that all things we require could be obtained or extracted from the air. All that we require for building and repairing our bodies must be present everywhere, and as the major portion of the ocean of the air is composed of nitrogen, much valuable substance for the building of living organisms must be found in its composition. Thus breathing not only helps to oxygenate the blood, but also supplies the basic building materials for making blood, cells and tissues. Therefore, to prolong life, practice breathing daily for at least fifteen minutes, in fresh and fragrant air.

43. The Yogis of India have been known from time immemorial to select shady spots under the Banyan-tree, Reus Indica, situated in places far removed from the bustle and hum of busy cities or villages, as ideal spots for their Yogi practices. There are good reasons why they choose the shade of these trees.

44. The Banyan-tree is known to be the longest living tree in the world. The age of the Banyan-tree is estimated as 5000 years or more. The sap or the milk of this tree is full of the life-invigorating tissue and brain building substance phosphorus. Sages have recommended the milk of this tree as a sure and simple remedy for all sexual weaknesses.

45. The leaves of this tree contain milk, and it is said that a few leaves each day are sufficient as food for a Yogi. It is known that some Yogis depend entirely upon the leaves and fruit of this tree for their sustenance. Now you have another of the secrets which keeps the Yogis ever young and strong and full of sex force, which they transmute for building stronger mental powers and for attaining various spiritual powers.

46. Though the Western student is not in a position to use the milk of the Banyan-tree, I can recommend a simple preparation which may be used as a substitute and by which you may perpetuate health and long life.

47. Both occidental and oriental students will find no difficult/ in preparing and using this simple compound, which is called “Ghee.”

48. The method of preparing Ghee is: heat fresh butter until every trace of water evaporates from it. You will be left with an oily residue which is called Ghee, and it can be preserved in a stoppered bottle for quite some time. Mix this Ghee with honey, in the proportion of two parts of butter to one part of honey, and take a tablespoonful morning and evening each day. The use of this preparation not only confers health and life upon the user, but also helps to develop spirituality. Not only the Hindus, but we learn that some of the Jewish prophets were in the habit of using this preparation. John the Baptist who had a gigantic physique used honey as part of his food/ and in the Bible, we find the following words: “Butter and honey shall he eat that he may know to refuse evil and choose the good.” (Isaiah Chap. 7-15).



Review Questions

1.   1. The human as a magnet manifests the qualities of positive and negative poles. If we divide a person in half, which side, the left or the right, is positive? Which is the negative pole?

2.   If we divide a person into an upper and lower half, which is the positive and which is the negative?

3.   If we divide a person into their ventral side and dorsal side, which is the positive and which is the negative?

4.   Which part of the Earth is the positive and which is the negative?

5.   What is the lesson to be learned from this?

6.   What is Prana?

7.   What is the Astral Body?

8.   How may we assist in prolonging life?

9.   What do the Yogis use Ghee for?