The next time you see a picture of the Earth’s curvature, turn it on its side, view it properly, and you will see only the horizon, which may be more distant than you are accustomed to viewing, but your mind will tell you that it is not curved, only appears to be so because no matter at which point on the line you look, the distance is the same, and if the line were straight, logically it should appear to bend away from you as the angle of viewing became greater. This is the true “optical illusion” of the horizon.

The Atlas’ camera has not shown us the curvature of the Earth, only a more distant horizon. To say that it proves the Earth is curved is to misconstrue and distort the evidence. The Earth is surely curved, but the evidence is SOLELY visible in the familiar “hull down” phenomenon, and no other!

The scientists are so anxious to show off the knowledge that we all possess anyway from our own simple observations, that they are not averse to a little “subterfuge” to get into the limelight. Either that, or they actually cannot tell the difference between the curvature of the Earth and the horizon. In which case it would be better to give the cameras to someone with the ability to use them correctly!