Proof that we Live Inside of the Globe

Scientists Challenged to Open Contest

It can easily be imagined what an impetus such scientific tests would give to a system if they were true. If it were admitted that the results of this survey so definitely define the direction of the earth’s curvature as to entitle them to credence by the scientific world, the Koreshans would have a weight of evidence that would render that position impregnable. The future will reveal the validity or the fallacy of their claims, and judging from the line of work planned by the scientists of the new school they are not anticipating leaving the field to the criticism of the scientific world. Upon the strength of the results of the work of the expedition the founder of the system issues a general challenge to meet the advocates of the prevailing system, not merely in discussion, but in open contest upon the field of operations and experimentation. Corroborative of the results of the unique surveys, they claim to have a long line of facts of observation upon the surface of water itself, and the force of visible and tangible facts must be admitted to posses more weight with the people in general than platform arguments.

Concerning their attitudes toward the leaders of modern scientific thought, Professor Morrow says: “If the scientific men of the world today are as willing to test the truth of our propositions and results and results of our geodetic work as we are to meet them is demonstration of the premise of the Koreshan system, no difficulty will be experienced in speedily settling the question. We hereby extend to them the opportunity of demonstrating the earth’s convexity and to destroy our premises or to establish the basis of the Koreshan cosmogony, and thus overthrow all conclusions of modern science. In this we are not clamoring for dispute, but inviting an impartial test of the facts.

Easily Susceptible in Decision

“There is not another issue before the world today in which the principles can be so specifically stated and pivoted upon one point of test, nor so susceptible of absolute decision, as this one concerning the concavity of the earth; because the water’s surface cannot be changed, and no method of solving the question is so obviously certain as the one formulated in the Koreshan system, the results of which are now proclaimed to the world. We have employed a unique apparatus in the survey of an air line terminating into the water’s surface as we proposed and anticipated before undertaking the survey. We employed a process of extension of a right line concerning which there can be no question. We eliminated the elements of refraction of light and incurvation of visual lines, as well as the effect of perspective foreshortening, but mechanically forcing a straight line, and thus settled the matter beyond dispute. The work was laborious, requiring much time and patience as yet the scientists have not been forcibly made aware of the weight of the evidence obtained. We were confident in the beginning of our work and from consideration of the principles involved and the results which would inevitably follow, that we were projecting the greatest and most important geodetic survey of the nineteenth century.

“The importance of an undertaking is always measured by its ultimate results. On such a basis, we place the importance of our geodetic survey over against all the efforts of scientific men to determine the earth’s shape, with all their appliances and apparatus of the very finest workmanship. We are not discrediting the geodetic work of the world: such efforts have their value, but the sequel proves that they are not of paramount importance. We are simply comparing success with failure – we have succeeded in accomplishing that for which they have labored for centuries, by the application of direct means of determining the earth’s true shape. The great wonder of the hour, the startling fact now manifesting and forcing itself upon many rational minds is that outside of the ranks of recognized scientists there should develop a line of scientific work that eclipses all the efforts of the vast army of scientific experiments the world over.

“Nothing can now impede the progress of the Koreshan system: It is invincible. The world cannot long withstand the forces of the absolute truth, having for its foundation the indisputable facts of the greatest discovery of modern times. The facts we have observed and the lines we have surveyed demonstrating the earth’s true form, are susceptible to test. We challenge contradictions, but our challenge will have to be answered upon the field of contest in the many lines of experimentation through which we have observed the facts we announce to the world.”

Great Revolution Would Result

The Koreshan scientists have taken the question out of the realm of discussion concerning various astronomical and cosmographical phenomena and placed it at least in an effort at demonstration. They claim that if the earth is really concave it places the usual explanation of the character of the orbs above the movements of the sun, moon and stars entirely on the side of absurdity, and the habitation of the planets impossible, because in such case, all phenomena would have to be interpreted in accordance with the ground or foundation from which astronomical calculations are made – the arc of the earth’s curvature. It can readily be seen that if that arc should be concave instead of convex, the immense distances attributed to the planets and other heavenly bodies would have to be set aside and the stars brought to within a comparatively short distance above the concave arc.

It may be asked, what is the difference if the world is concave – in what way does it interest the public? In the event of success on the part of Koreshanity, many popular theories would be revolutionized. No other system ever put forth in the world has affected such decidedly radical changes in the channels of human thought and life as would result from general acceptance of the premise of the hollow globe theory and its resultant conclusions. It would turn the scientific mind into newer channels of investigation, reveal newer laws, and clear away numerous mysteries concerning cosmical form and function. Every domain of thought and investigation would be invaded by the new processes – in short, a startling, appalling and world-wide revolution would necessarily follow if it were proved beyond a doubt to the general mind that the universe is a great cell or shell containing forms of the highest realm of being, as well as all the stars, planets, sun and moon and atmospheres. Nothing could be more startling to the mind today than a vivid conception that the laws of universal existence and perpetuity have been discovered and all mysteries of the universe revealed through the knowledge of the earth’s form and the relation of all its parts.