Quantum Consciousness

Fred Alan Wolf concludes his thoughtful article with this observation: “Understanding how the brain/mind works may lie within the whole range and arsenal of the mathematical language of quantum physics. The probability equations and the behavior of atomic objects may depend on the wave-into-particle actions of consciousness. Without such actions the world and all of its participants would remain wispy, ghostlike quantum waves, and there would be nothing material at all.”

Conspicuous by its ab­sence from Wolfs article is reference to moral and ethi­cal considerations in the use of Quantum Consciousness. My teachers in the Western Mystery Tradition say that consciousness of morals and ethics rides on the “wispy and ghostlike* waveswhich descend from the topmost of the Four Worlds of the Cabalist, Atziluth, as shown in the accompanying chart These waves tend to en­courage people to treat other living beings with con­sideration and respect. As I understand it, the message from the Void is that this is a moral universe, that we are responsible for the re­sults of our every action This point of view was con­spicuously lacking in the teachings of Aleister Crowley and in the philo­sophy of Descartes.


In his illuminating book on “Holistic Health*, pub­lished by Holt, Rhinestone and Winston, New York, 1982, and by Turnstone Press, England, 1984, Lawrence LeShan gives an interesting example of the consciousness direction problem:

“Some years ago, I instituted a program in a hospital with many long-term patients. An hour after each patient was admitted, a volunteer wheeled into the patient’s room a cart containing a hundred good-sized reproductions of famous paintings. The reproductions were professionally mounted on light beaverboard and the patient was invited to make a selection and decorate his or her room. The volunteer returned once a week to ask the patient if he or she wanted to exchange the prints for others. The program cost the hospital nothing, except for the time of one volunteer. (The paintings were donated by an art company to which I had explained the purpose.) The program was instituted against the strong opposition of most of the staff. The only objection verbalized was that the program ‘would cause confusion’. The unspoken objection was that it gave the patients a sense of individuality, ofbeingpersons with a disease, rather than being a disease with a person somehow attached to it, and that it treated patients as adults. The patient response to the program was very strong and positive and the program continued very successfully for the next two years. Within three months of my leaving the hospital for another job, the program was discontinued.” Another unspoken objection by the staff to LeShan’s program was, no doubt, that he had no degrees after his name, and cured patients leave empty beds.

Beyond that are the deeper implications of Quantum Con­sciousness. Wispy ghostlike waves from hell, or matter within the earth reinforce the hospital staffs “basic attitude that the patient is no longer an individual human being worthy of respect*. This is power without love, reducing the healing art to a scientific, mechani­cal production for money. As the pollution of the air, the water, the earth, and the electromagnetic pollution of the atmosphere in­crease, we can see the goal of the Secret Few who run the Western world at a profit, to keep the majority of the people in a depressed, depleted physical state, more amenable to their soul-destroying philosophy from the underworld. But as they accelerate the decline of Western civilization for their own evil ends, the Secret Few serve the forward-moving, evolutionary plan of the Logos whether they know it or not. Theoretical physicists like Fred Alan Wolf aren’t the only ones who know that whatever is bom at the physical level must die, sooner or later. But philosopher scientists view life from the indestructible mental level. They know that the death throes of an old civilization are the birthpangs of anew one. Life goes on. Forms made of atoms do not — though the atoms themselves may be as old as the Solar System.


The irresistible march of life through the forms of the Solar System is aptly illustrated by Besant and Leadbeater in “Man, Whence, How and Whither*. Central to that marchis the Judgment Day which comes to each globe or planetary schoolroom midway through its active cycle. About 40% of the life wave of a globe or planet will fail. These laggards fall back and take the work over again. Many of them look down instead of up and tie their consciousness to matter. This is evil if it is done deliberately. Let’s call it planetary evil. This anti-evolutionary attitude opens them to guidance by Cosmic Evil serving the Destroyer aspect of creation Orion the Hunter, mentioned in the Bible, is one such source. Another is a sun in the Great Bear Constellation, reputed to be Dubhe.

If quantum consciousness is allowed to run unchecked on a planet, it can result in the total destruction of the planetary schoolroom. This happened to Globe D of the Moon Chain shown in Diagram II of the Besant/Leadbeater opus. In some of the early teachings it is called Maldek, the remains of which are the asteroids orbiting between Mars and Jupiter except for the largest remnant, Luna “surviving as our Moon,” according to Leadbeater, “but the Moon is only what is left of it… a globe much diminished in size, on its way to a total wreck – a corpse, in fact”.

In following the distribution of the “sheep and the goats” after the Judgment Day on Maldek, it is apparent that the failures were dumped here on Globe D of our chain, the Earth. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that with our Judgment Day fast approaching, we face the same kind of planet-destroying crisis with our nuclear arsenals, created by reincarnated atomic scientists faced with the same choice again. Let us hope that the Will to Goodwill prevail and that the majority of them will look up to Spirit rather than down to Matter.