Radiant Energy

There is much of value to be developed in fields that have not even been touched and about which very little is known in research in the atomic nucleus. We have made some astounding discoveries in artificial radioactivity set up, not by the usual expensive method with the cyclotron, but by the Moray method. A new world is to be entered through ultra sonics, hyper and ultra high frequency currents created through the use of certain tube discoveries working in ionizations as well as electronic action.

Too little work has been done with rays or frequencies around 106 to 105 A. U., no doubt, because the mechanical means used in working in this field has been attempted with practically the same type of equipment used in the one-meter field. We might as well try to carry water in a sieve.

It is my belief that Television also will never be a complete commercial success until the method of approach is changed to a celestial wave rather than the present approach.

One should not enter these experimental fields in the gamma band without the proper protection, for one will be risking his life in this work without a proper absorber. Water, the common means of protection, has proven of little value as an absorber in most of our investigations. Neither has boric acid water or hydrogen gas proven too satisfactory as an absorber.

In September, 1943, a letter was written by us on transmutation of metals to some parties interested in mercury experiments, part of which letter follows:

In the reducing of colloids from a non-crystalline state to a crystalline state, the current and rays used must be such as to produce a synchronous action. It is well known that colloidal “solutions” do not obey the solution laws: the alterations of the boiling and freezing points are inappreciable and the osmotic pressures very small. A colloidal solution is, in reality, a disperse system, and in the case of attempting to “knock down” the suspended metallic colloid one must cause what might be called coagulation and precipitation of the metallic colloid found in metallic sulphides, chlorides or salts of a metal in a non-crystalline form to a coagulated and crystalline state.

Now, whatever frequency of current used and whatever ray or rays used, the frequency of the current and the wave length of the ray or rays used should harmonize so as to blend or synchronize with the natural frequency or wave length of the substance treated so as to produce the synchronous action that will set up a vibration for which we might “coin” an expression and call this action a “super-ultra sonic reaction” between the frequency of current, the wave length of the ray, and the vibratory rate of the substance treated to cause the desired metabolic or catalystic reaction which will result in, I am convinced, a complete change in the mode of mining. That the mining of the future will not be done in the crude ways of the past. Man’s work with animals, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and all sorts of animal and vegetable life has shown that he can improve on the things that nature produced. Man must first go to nature to learn, but then he must learn to improve over nature’s ways. I am positively convinced that man can improve nature’s mineral deposits by making “colloids” “grow,” if one does not object to such an expression. Or, in other words, speed up nature’s action and obtain the same or better results in a fraction of the time taken by nature.

In the catalystic production of metals from “colloids,” one must remember that like begets like, and one cannot obtain copper from the “salts” of some other metallic deposit.

In the catalystic production of metals from colloids one must not confuse this process with the evolution of forces and the evolution of matter, the former being the process of “growing” from colloids, the latter the actual phenomena of energy becoming matter and matter, energy. This still is not a process of splitting the atom, but changing the arrangements of them.

The real test of science in modern destruction lies not in the explosion of matter by matter or matter by energy; but energy by energy, “super” ultra sonics against the vibrations of matter.


Compiled in Los Angeles, California, January, 1939, from Moray notes and printed booklets written by Dr. Moray from 1913 to 1926. See “Beyond the Light Rays” and other publications. This account may lack continuity.

This account will endeavor to give a brief explanation of the Moray Radiant Energy device whereby it is possible to utilize the vast source of energy of the universe without a prime mover through the splitting of the atom by the action of the universe not man-made splitting of the atom.

The Moray device is not perpetual motion, but it utilizes energy that already exists and transforms it into useful forms. An electrical generator is in the true sense not a generator, as it creates nothing. Electricity is not made by the generator, it is merely pumped. From that standpoint, an electric generator might be referred to as an electric pump and the Moray Radiant Energy as a high-speed oscillating atom turbine.

On page seventeen of the “Nature of the World and of Man” (compiled by the technical staff, Chicago Institute of Technology), we find it states that our planet is receiving energy from the sun continuously at the rate of 160,000 horsepower per inhabitant of the earth at the present time.

The following is taken from “Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency,” by Nikola Tesla, page fifty-eight, written in 1904:

“Ere many generations pass our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe—Is this energy Static or Kinetic? If Static, our hopes are in vain; if Kinetic, and this we know it is for certain, then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature.”