Radiant Energy

If we reverse our imagination on what the telescope has taught us of the stellar universe, we will find that beyond the microscope we have the particles of which everything about us consists, obeying every law that is found everywhere from stellar space to atomic space. We find bodies in motion and when we think how small the proton and electron are, and yet obeying the same laws of the universe, we may see the economical uselessness of science trying to crack the atom, when nature, or call it what you will, is accomplishing the same thing for us in stellar and interstellar spaces. Why do something nature is already doing for us? Let’s use what nature offers as I first suggested in 1926 and again in’ 1931. In the great laboratories of the universe we are having done for us something that far excells in its performance anything that we may hope to accomplish in our laboratories. Why try to do in our small way something which nature is already doing for us? From this conception we might see that Democritus came close to a great scientific truth in his bold statement, when he declared that all physical phenomena reduced itself to one single item—motion, or, as we might repeat, the sonic of the universe. Let me repeat, do not forget the atom is but a counterpart of the universe itself, and that light and other radiations exert a mechanical pressure upon every object they strike, and that all these radiations are essentially electrical in their character. There is a breaking down and a building up of the atom continuously, and it is the evolution of matter and forces which is producing, eternally, unlimited power.

May it not yet be shown that the dissipated energy which results from so much transformation of matter which has heretofore been unavailable—or we should say unused by us where it has only appeared to be unavailable—should now become available to us as an unlimited source of power through the Moray discoveries of application of these forces?

In the Gamma Rays we find potentials which are equivalent to as much as 2,000,000 volts, yet their wave lengths are not the shortest known to physicists. In octaves still higher lie rays which are known as Cosmic Rays. Who can draw a definite line and say how much higher other octaves exist than those of known Cosmic Rays? Our starting point for the discovery of these different rays was electrical conductivity of the air. It has been discovered that conductivity is just as strong by night as by day, so that radiations emitted by the sun can scarcely be the cause of this energy. May we not, then, accept the theory that the sun, in and of itself, has no energy, but is merely a rebroadcaster of the great generator— the sonic of the universe itself? That these two, then, matter and energy, are possibly one, is the sum total of all that has been found out during the centuries of constant research, to be judged by that small portion of the universe which is visible to man, who is only armed with his infinitesimal telescopes, or with the most powerful spectroscopes ever made by man.

It is the belief of the writer that all space is saturated with energies which are doubtless electrical in their ultimate energies or very closely allied to electrical action. The relation of matter to energy and energy to matter then becomes the potential of the universe, one continuous series of oscillations, oscillating to and fro like a great pendulum across the universe.

One might ask, “How can one get a steady source of energy from such surges?” Could not a steady flow of water be obtained from the surgings of the sea ?

The history of every major scientific discovei-y has proven that argumentation on the merits of a discovery, when judged by private interpretation of the scientific facts in question, has proven them all impossible and their discoverer a charlatan.

The above, with all of the other data which has been furnished you in the past, such as my general statements on Transmutation of Metals; Electricity in Medicine; the Patent Situation; the Pictures; and the General Statement on Radiant Energy; Electromagnetic Radiation, written in Los Angeles in 1939, which contains some quotations from my pamphlet, “Beyond the Light Rays,” which was written many years ago and printed in 1931, should be of sufficient help to you in forming a conception of the facts.

If you should need additional information, do not hesitate to request the same.

I would like to further clarify another point. I have not come to you, nor to anyone, trying to peddle Radiant Energy. You came to me in regard to Radiant Energy, and I have tried to help you to understand my conceptions and the facts surrounding the discoveries I have made. If the world wants what they have to offer in Radiant Energy, Transmutation of Metals, Ultra Sonics, and ElectroTherapy, and the other kindred discoveries that I have made, I am more than willing to help them to do so. If not, I can and will work out every problem by myself. With kindest regards.

Most sincerely yours,

T. Henry Moray,

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April 17, 1942. Dear Mr.

Your kind letter of April 14, special delivery, came last night.

Letter writing is such an unsatisfactory method of trying to put one’s ideas over, that I hesitate in trying to express myself by letter, but this may serve to review some points in our minds, which, however, from the conversations we have had, I feel are fully understood by you.

As to an explanation of my theories of why the Moray discoveries of Radiant Energy have given the results demonstrated, I have in the past given many complete accounts to men of science and others. The data you have had from me goes into considerable detail proving the fact that the device does all that is claimed for it. Naturally no attempt has been made to give, nor will such information be given, as to why or how the results are obtained. I feel that you readily appreciate the fact that from a standpoint of law and public use patentability and a general safety standpoint, there is a definite disadvantage in disclosures up to the time when one has on file in the United States and desired Foreign Countries all applications which it is desired to file. However, the important thing is that the machine or device operates and therefore at this time theories of operation are unimportant. For instance, the explanation of the “back rush” effect of condensers should be sufficient to satisfy anyone as to the operation of the condensers in acting as reservoirs for the distribution of energy. This is equally true of the statements about the device oscillating in harmony with the oscillations of the universe, in face of the evidence of operation which is now in your possession, and the data you turned back to me.