Rays & Radiation Phenomena

It is a very interesting psychological question, and I leave it to you to think out for yourself why this is the way of the world. Why do they attack, abuse, ridicule and condemn the exponent of a new doctrine or discovery, and why do they not attack the idea and prove that it is not based on truth or facts?

Already in the sphere of orthodox science many of the laws governing rays and radiations have been checked up—verified and proved—and these laws have in fact been responsible for the latest developments in the scientific field.

It is not in the field of the magnetic, electric, nor electro-magnetic radiations where we find the true basic understanding of all creation on earth.

Let us for a moment survey the various fields of radiation phenomena which do not fall within the scope of orthodox science. These various fields comprise many aspects. The first man who demonstrated the use of this knowledge was Moses. Ever since Moses gave his demonstration in the desert, locating water with a divining rod, water diviners all over the world have found water by means of divining rods. Modern scientists with their highly technical instruments laugh at our forefathers who found water with a hazel twig in arid desert land and at the present day water diviners who still use the same simple method to locate water. Are these scientists laughing at their own ignorance which has blinded them and made it impossible for them

to discover the law or the force or energy which bends the divining rod over a subterranean water current?

The mathematics which we use in science reminds me always when I have to use it of a circus in which acrobats perform the most hair-raising feats. The mathematics used in physics is an intricate form of mental acrobatics—interesting and requiring great skill. I believe, however, that the mathematics of the Creator of the Universe is a much simpler one, which is based on the laws of resonance, cycles and harmonics. Light is a higher octave of sound, resonance is the outcome of a dominant vibration, and cycles are waves of different lengths. It is a blessing that the mathematicians have not yet cast their mind on to music. What intricate formulas and what staggering opportunities would open up if we invented a kind of musical differential calculus for a Beethoven sonata.

Logic is the final and clearly defined concept of an idea which through the process of reasoning step by step slowly reduces chaotic or hazy ideas to an orderly and flawless whole. As long as we have not learned to think in simple terms we must use mental acrobatics, which in fact, gives us a decided feeling of superiority over those who cannot grasp or follow our formulas. Science must start at the bottom to reach the top. The oldest method of locating water by means of a divining rod must have some scientific basis —unless we believe it is just witchcraft or quackery. Yet with all our knowledge of the protons and electrons we cannot do what Moses did with a simple stick. He may have been a quack but he certainly could demonstrate results without complicated and highly scientific instruments. In this sphere we can observe a radiation phenomenon which has not been properly investigated.

There is another aspect of radiation phenomena with which we all are familiar. Since ancient times, long before Christianity was born, Saints in India and China were depicted with a halo of light around the head. Was this just the imagination of some neurotic, or can we find an explanation for this?

It is a general belief that certain places of pilgrimage have great healing powers, and that such places have a powerful atmosphere which can raise our mind to loftier spheres. Not only does the Christian Church believe in such places of power, but the Moslems journey to Mecca, the Hindus make their pilgrimages to many holy places in India. Is it all just the outcome of a vivid imagination or of an unhealthy mind? Can we find an explanation for this belief in holy places where man can find strength or health or spiritual power?

We all speak of atmospheres in rooms or places of worship. We speak of an atmosphere in certain localities. Is it just a senseless saying without any foundation to it or is there some truth behind it? If these beliefs or such expressions are based on facts, how can we explain them or throw some light on it and bring them into the realm of science? Endless are the examples which I could give you where we believe in certain observations or sensations for which we have no scientific explanations.

The field of rays and radiations will open the gates to many of these problems. We shall discover that an expression like the ‘atmosphere of a room’ is based on facts which have so far not been investigated by the orthodox scientists. Before we go further into the many and varied fields of radiation phenomena, let me give you a simple discovery which I made in India thirteen years ago. This discovery throws some light on radiation phenomena, which are not of a magnetic or of an electro-magnetic nature.

After measuring the brain radiation of hundreds of people in all walks of life I journeyed into the Himalaya Mountains. The object of my trip into these staggering mountain ranges with the eternally snow-covered mountain peaks was not to discover hidden treasures, saints or adepts or masters, but just to see one of the greatest creations of God and to see with my own eyes the majesty of the more than twenty-five thousand foot high peaks. Whilst staying at Jogindanagar it came to me to collect stone samples and to measure the radiation from these stones. To my great astonishment I found that their radiation was very much higher than anything I had measured up to that time. I took a considerable amount of stone samples from a place ten thousand feet high in order to compare their radiation with stones from an equal altitude in the Alps of Switzerland. After my return to London I checked once more the radiation of these stones.