Rays & Radiation Phenomena

Several months later I went to Switzerland and collected stones at the Gorner Grat, which has an altitude of ten thousand feet. The radiation I of these stones was 150 degrees Biometric whilst those from the Himalayas emitted a radiation of 450 degrees Biometric, or 43 3 3 Angstrom Units and 1444 Angstrom Units. The stones from the Alps emitted a radiation in the wave band of visible light whilst those from the Himalayas sent out a radiation, which is in the wave band of invisible ultra-violet rays. Endless questions arose in my mind and the years have passed and _no answer or solution has come to my mind.

Out of sheer curiosity I took my different samples to the Royal Geological Society to get their views on the subject. The verdict was a very simple one. The same formation, all samples must come from the same spot. There is no difference in all the samples submitted. When I was presented with this answer I said “Take a sample out of each box, enclose it in paper, and from the radiation of the sample I will tell you out of which box you have taken the sample.” I proved my point but the great authorities looked at me in a strange way and thought most likely “he is a mind reader or some sort of a magician.” They were not interested in radiations from stones, and there ended an interesting investigation into the radiation of mountains whose secrets are hidden in eternal silence.

In the field of drugs and medicines, and particularly homeopathic medicines, we find another interesting subject where we can study radiation phenomena. It has always been accepted that drugs act on account of their chemical composition and that the effect of the drug is directly related to the quantity administered. Homeopathic medicines however, do not contain any quantity of a substance but only traces of it, especially in the case of higher potencies, but homeopathic doctors have recognized the fact that the higher the potency the greater the effect.

These findings are in direct contradiction to the principle that large amounts of a drug produce greater effects. These homeopathic doctors when asked to give an explanation for the effect of these medicines could never give a reply, but all were in complete agreement that they were effective and had a powerful beneficial effect. Why? Nobody could answer this quite reasonable question.

Homeopathy has fallen into disrepute in this country because no explanation could be given for its effectiveness. Although results could be seen it was quite natural for the orthodox doctors to think that the cure was due to “Faith of the patient in the doctor and his medicine.”

We must bear in mind that a homeopathic pill contains only a hundred thousandth, or in the higher potencies, only a millionth part of an ounce of the original substance. In spite of the microscopically small amount of the chemical or mineral contained in the pill, the effect can be most powerful.

This short story will make this point clearer. A friend of mine, a very well known doctor practicing homeopathy, had a young man as a patient. A strong and solidly built man of twenty-two years of age. For many weeks he had tried to cure this patient of some organic disorder. All his attempts to improve the condition had failed. Being at a loss what to do he consulted another doctor who knew the patient’s condition and who was considered to be the greatest expert in homeopathy. This medical man suggested that he should give the patient the same medicine but in a higher potency. The potency to be 50M. When the patient consulted my friend again, he had the medicine ready and he said to the young man: “Just place this little pill below your tongue and let it dissolve.” The young man did it and within a few seconds he fell forward—dead.

What do we understand under potentizing a medicine? We take for instance one cubic centimeter of concentrated hydrochloric acid and dissolve this one cubic centimeter in 10 cubic centimeters of water. After shaking this solution we take one cubic centimeter of it and dissolve it again in 10 cubic centimeters of water. Once more we take one cubic centimeter of the previous solution and mix it with 10 cubic centimeters of water. This third solution contains one thousandth of the original cubic centimeter of hydrochloric acid. A solution of this kind is a low potency. The more often we dilute it in the same manner the higher becomes the potency and the smaller becomes the quantity of the original chemical in the solution. In the case of very high potencies the final solution contains only a millionth part of the original medicine.

A simple example can lead us to some understanding of what takes place in potentizing anything. Take a glass of water and drop into the water a few drops of ink. At first the ink will not dissolve in the water. When we stir it, however, the drops of ink will mix with the water and expand in it, filling the entire contents of the glass and coloring the whole of the water. What takes place? The molecules which made the drops of ink are forced to expand when they are mixed with the water in the glass. When these ink molecules expand the wave length of the radiation of the ink changes. The di-electric radiation has then a higher frequency. The more we force the molecules of any substance to expand—as it is the case in potentizing—the shorter becomes the wave-length. We are therefore dealing with radiations in the case of homeopathic medicines and not with the effect of chemical reactions.

The ways of Providence are strange and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can discover many things in this world of ours which is still laden with many mysteries.

In Lialpur, in the Northern part of India, I was shown an eighteen year old bull who had been impotent for over six years. An experiment had been carried out on this bull with the result that he had become again potent and had been able to produce over half a dozen calves.