Rays & Radiation Phenomena

Several months later on my return to London I was requested by a patient of mine to examine her husband and to see if anything could be done to save his life. The two other doctors in charge of this case had passed the verdict that the patient would be dead in ten to twelve days. After examining the seventy-three year old patient, I had to agree with the verdict of the doctors. During lunch whilst discussing the patient’s condition, the experiment with the bull flashed through my mind, and similar experiments which had been done in Switzerland. I thought about it and suggested an experiment, but pointed out that it was just an experiment and might not prolong the man’s life by a day. After outlining the experiment and my ideas, the wife of the patient and the two medical men agreed to my suggestion. One cubic centimeter of the patient’s blood was taken from him, and on my return to London I potentized it. On the following day I sent it to the country where the patient lived and one of the doctors gave the patient an intra-venous injection of the potentized blood.

Two days had gone by when my secretary told me that a man was anxiously waiting to see me, and he refused to give his name. I went into the waiting room and to my utter surprise there stood before me the man who had been on his deathbed three days ago. The swelling in his legs had gone, the blue lips looked again red, and his whole appearance was that of a healthy man. I was indeed perplexed at the result of the experiment. Four and a half years later during my absence from England he died in a peaceful way.

A week later I carried out the same experiment with another patient who was in a dying condition. The result was the same, and seventy hours after the intra-venous injection this patient travelled to North Africa. He died five years later. Many similar results were obtained and these forced me to seek to discover the secret, which lay behind these astonishing recoveries.

The wavelength of the blood had changed after potentizing it and in this lay the secret. Without going further into the medical aspects and the many and varied problems which we encounter in our search for a scientific explanation, let us bear in mind that our life is confined to a comparatively narrow wave-band of radiations. We have in our being between 6,500 and 13,000 Angstrom Units. All solids, liquids, food or medicines whose wave-length is shorter than 6,5 00 Angstrom Units vitalize our body and help to maintain the right wave-length of our organs.

Nearly twenty years ago two Swiss research workers, Professor Korschelt and Dr. Ziegler, investigated the radiation of metals. In the course of their researches they discovered that certain metals such as copper emit a vitalizing radiation, whilst other metals such as zinc and lead send out devitalizing rays; and iron, emits rays which are neutral in their effect on life.

Experiments were carried out using different kinds of animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, dogs and other animals usually used for this type of research.

The animals were confined to cages lined with copper or lead or zinc, etc., and a powerful light was focussed on to the outside of the metal. In other cases the hammer of an electric bell was allowed to knock constantly on to the metal. It was found that the animals in the lead and zinc lined cages lost weight and young animals were retarded in their growth. When these devitalized animals were transferred to the copper lined cages, they gained rapidly in weight and developed to full maturity in a short time. These investigations carried out over a very considerable length of time proved conclusively that the radiation from metals can have a very powerful effect, and that these radiations can devitalize or vitalize the body.

My investigations into the di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation of metals confirm the findings of these research workers. Metals which emit dielectric Bio-Cosmic radiations of a wave-length longer than 6,500 Angstrom Units—100 degrees Biometric, are devitalizing, whilst those metals which send out rays of a shorter wavelength than 6,500 Angstrom Units vitalize our body.

We find in many homes and in restaurants copper utensils on the walls for decorative purposes. Unconsciously we feel and we know that such ornaments are pleasing and attractive and create a home-like atmosphere. We may not be able to give a reason for our likes or dislikes, but our inner being knows.

The further we study radiation phenomena the more do we realize that the world of matter is but a world of rays and radiations which manifest themselves in many and various ways.

Several years ago the Minister of Agriculture had arranged a meeting at which I was to discuss with a number of agricultural experts my discoveries with fertilizers. I pointed out that radiations were the alpha and the omega of everything and that all plants depend on the radiation of the soil and that the food value of all vegetables depends on their radiation and on the frequency of this radiation. The experts disagreed with me most heartily. Everything depended on the chemical composition, was their argument. As they could not be convinced and remained adamant, and as they were in agreement that fresh and stale cabbages had this identical composition, I proposed that they should eat old cabbages for a few weeks and I would eat fresh ones. We could then compare the results and see whether they felt full of vigor after a strict diet of old cabbages or whether I was in a better state of health than they if I fed on fresh vegetables containing the life-giving radiations. Of course, they did not submit to the test. The value of food depends on the wave-length of the radiation and not on the chemical composition.

Let us return once more to the orthodox teachings in physics. We have discovered that molecules are not the smallest particles of matter. We have found that much smaller particles exist and these are the atoms. In this century we proved and established the fact that atoms consist of tiny particles which we call protons and electrons. Atoms are like minute solar systems. The proton represents the sun and the electrons are like planets rotating around the sun. The protons carry a positive charge whilst the electrons carry a negative charge. These minute solar systems form the atom. The protons and electrons are so minute that we can express their size only in mathematical terms. We can gain an idea of the size of an electron when we realize that thirty thousand trillion trillion electrons weigh less than one ounce. When we light an electric lamp, with a 100 watt filament, six million trillion electrons flow through the filament every single second the lamp burns.