Rays & Radiation Phenomena

Electrons are divided into two kinds. The one variety is chained to the atom and rotates around the proton, and the other kind of electron is free to move about in all directions. Those electrons which are chained to the protons form the atoms and atoms form matter. The free electrons can be harnessed and can be compelled to move in one direction as is the case in an electric current. These free electrons travel easily through so called conductors such as copper, silver and other metals. Rubber, paper, silk, etc., impede the flow of these electrons, and these substances are called non-conductors.   In non-conductors the atoms are so close together that there is no space for the free electrons to move about. The conductors of electric currents have sufficient space between the atoms so that the free electrons can move between them without interfering with any of the minute solar systems, namely the protons and electrons.

Metals are the best source of electrons and we can eject free electrons from metals by heating them. The electrons carry a negative charge and are attracted by a metal plate which carries a positive charge. The law of polarity operates again.

A stream of electrons liberated from an iron plate will be attracted immediately by another plate which carries a positive magnetic current. A magnet can direct the free electrons and force them to flow in a straight line.

Protons and electrons are not, however, the smallest particles which form matter. There is another one much smaller than the proton and the electron, and this is the neutron. This minute partner in the trinity of matter does not carry an electric or electro-magnetic charge like the protons and electrons. It seems to have no personality—it is neutral—hence its name—neutron.

Let us see how these minute particles came into being and of what they are composed. Where is the beginning? Where is the source from whence they come into manifestation as the tiniest particles of matter?

Rufus M. Jones in his book “Pathways to the Reality of God,” wrote as follows: “No atom is actually in contact with another atom, nor are the parts of the atom in contact with each other. They swim in an invisible realm or sphere which iscrammed wih incalculable energy …”

Modern science has brought us much closer to our ultimate goal. When we study the books of the philosophers and sages of ancient times we find that all of them believed in a mysterious and indefinable essence which they called divine essence, or ether, or the life giving force.

In 1865 Sir James Clerk Maxwell expounded his electro-magnetic theory of light. This very outstanding scientist maintained that light waves as well as electro-magnetic waves require a medium for their propagation, and Clerk Maxwell believed this medium to be the same for both. This medium we may call Ether or Bio-Cosmic Energy. We must bear in mind that light waves and electro-magnetic waves are but two names for the same phenomenon.

In October 1937 I maintained in a lecture which I gave in London that matter, the stars, and the nebulae, are simply condensations of an invisible and all-pervading energy. The condensation of this energy in space where pressure does not exist and where the temperature is an absolute zero produces the first manifestation of a cosmic or stellar cloud. The first particles formed thing known is crystallized light radiating and returning through its radiation to the source from whence it came.

Energy can never be desrroyed. The quantity of energy stored up in matter—in the atoms, the protons, the electrons, the neutrons—gives us the amount of power or energy which can be liberated from condensed energy into the primordial essence. This primordial essence is the shapeless, formless, matterless and all-pervading ocean of energy which we call Ether, Divine Essence or Bio-Cosmic Energy.

The di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation which can be measured with the Biometer gives us the clue to all the various radiation phenomena. These di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiations reveal to us many of the so called mysterious radiation phenomena.

The radiation around our head or around our body as seen by clairvoyants, or visible to anyone by looking through a Kilner Screen, is a di-electric radiation.

The halo shown around the heads of Saints depicts the di-electric radiation around the head. The atmosphere sensed in places of worship is the outcome of a di-electric radiation.

Moses found water in the desert because he detected with his rod the di-electric radiation emanating from the water in the mountain. It is a di-electric radiation which is detected by water diviners.

Medicines emit a radiation which is di-electric in nature. The frequency of the wavelength of this radiation is what reacts on our bodies.

The radiation of our mind is a di-electric radiation. Our mind is a condensation of the all-pervading energy. Mind is not matter, but is energy at its first stage of condensation. Mind is composed therefore of neutrons and the radiation of our mind is the radiation of the neutrons. The wavelength of the radiation indicates the energy condensation in the neutrons.

Neutrons have kinetic energy but no electric or electro-magnetic charge.

The neutrons can however affect the all-pervading formless energy and impress on it certain wave patterns. Our minds can in this way affect our surroundings. We impress our pattern, our wavelength, or in other words, our radiation on the all-pervading energy in our rooms, our places of worship and on the people whom we meet. It is our mind and our thoughts which impress waves or pictures upon the shapeless and motionless energy in which we live and have our being.

Magnets can give direction to the flow of the free electrons. Our mind can give shape and direction to the first manifestation of creation— namely the neutrons and the Bio-Cosmic di-electric radiation. Every thought, every spoken word makes an impression on to the all-pervading energy what we impress upon it remains. Thoughts of peace, contentment and harmony will leave their impressions in a room and create (tractive atmosphere.