Rays & Radiation Phenomena

The water of Lourdes in France emits a radiation of a very short wavelength, in fact the shortest wavelength ever measured in any health giving mineral water, and therefore can produce miracles of healing in those whose faith permits D to attune with it.

We can transfer radiations from our mind on to oil, salt and other substances. The blessing of salt or oil is therefore no superstition because we can measure the radiation of the original substance and the change which takes place when prayers have been said over it.

We have powers in our mind which are beyond all comprehension and which we can use for good or evil. The radiation of the brain discloses to us whether we impress evil or good on to the all-pervading essence or energy.

It is easy to make statements and to say such and such is the case and leave it to others either to believe it or reject it. When I say that we give form and shape to this di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation I base this statement on facts recorded and the observations made by many intelligent men.

Professor Baraduc was the first investigator who photographed prayer. Dr. Fitzgerald published a series of photographs where his thought pictures were arrested and fixed in salt solutions. Many similar investigations were carried out in different countries and the fact has been established that “a thought can be made visible without the spoken word.” Mr. Floyd Irving Lorbeer in his book: “Philosophy of Light” wrote the following: “Various persons have made the claim that they have been able to photograph human thought. For example, the Los Angeles Times of February 3, 1942 presents photographs developed by Dr. J. M. Crause of what appears to be human thought. This is done by placing sensitive photographic paper in the near neighborhood of persons who are seated in a dark room and who then concentrated their minds on some definite object. When the sensitive paper is developed the objects frequently appear, some of the objects being much clearer than others. Dr. Crause was assisted in his work by Dr. Edison Pettit of the Mount Wilson staff, Dr. A. Bellamy of the science department of University of California at Los Angeles and by [scientific writers of the Los Angeles Times.”

After having surveyed the sphere of rays and radiations let us consider the brain radiation. The radiation which we measure from the head is a di-electric radiation. These di-electric Bio-Cosmic waves give us the frequency of our mind. We do not measure the radiation of the grey matter—for mind is not matter—but we measure the frequency of the waves which our mind in its normal state of being emits and impresses on to the all-pervading energy.

The brain is material but the mind is immaterial. The immaterial manifests itself through the material, and it is this manifestation which the brain radiation reveals. The mind being immaterial—not matter—is not composed of atoms, protons and electrons. The immaterial mind produces by the process of thinking an alteration in the di-electric energy, speeding it up and generating electric currents in our body by means of which we perform a muscular action.

The longer the wavelength of the di-electric radiation, the greater is the intensity of the condensation of energy and the more concrete is our mind. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, the less is the condensation of the primordial energy and the nearer we are to the source of creation.

All things created must return to the source from whence they came. The circle must be completed, and in the end was our beginning and in the beginning is our end.

A simple investigation in any sphere of science can lead us to vast discoveries. Two things are essential when we investigate anything—the first and most important is to approach the subject with an open mind, without any bias or preconceived ideas as to what the result must be; and secondly and equally important is perseverance and determination. When we cannot find a solution within a week or so we must persevere until we find the key which will unlock the door. It has sometimes taken me ten and more years to find the answer and the solution to a problem. I made over twenty thousand observations before I discovered the effect of ultra-violet light on our mind.

The brain radiation and the interpretation of the wavelengths and many other interesting discoveries connected with it were also not the outcome of a few week’s research and investigations. This subject is the outcome of many years of conscientious study, thought, and diving into the great mystery—the mind of man.

The following is the story of the discovery of the brain radiation.  Sixteen years ago in the course of a conversation about radiation phenomena I heard that irf the South of France a man by the name of Bovis had invented an instrument which made it possible to measure radiations from minerals, foodstuffs, and human organs. A few days after this conversation I traveled from Paris to Nice to see Monsieur Bovis and to find out what he had discovered in the course of his investigations. After discussing for several days his findings and comparing them with my observations I bought one of his instruments—a so called Biometer—and returned to London.

I must confess that I was more than sceptical about his Biometer. I can honestly say that all his explanations appeared to me more than unscientific—in fact, quite absurd. I knew, however, that many men had at one time considered my inventions ridiculous, absurd and highly unscientific. Time proved that my ideas were correct and they were accepted even by the sceptics who had ridiculed them. Why should I pass a verdict and say that the ideas of Bovis were sheer nonsense? Instead, let us investigate and see whether we can supply an answer which can withstand all tests.

Monsieur Bovis maintained that radiations could be measured with his Biometer and that it was possible to measure the alcoholic content of wine in a sealed bottle by measuring the radiation passing through the glass. He maintained also that we could measure the radiation of the organs in our body by measuring the radiation from the finger tips and from certain parts of the palm of the hand. Bovis had tabulated the connection between the various organs in the body, and the different fingers and points in the palm of the hand, and had given the wavelength of the measurement from these various points which indicated disorders or diseases in different organs. Anyone who knows something about our body knows that there is no nerve connection, for instance, from the left ring finger to our right kidney or from the third phalange of the middle finger to our liver.