Rays & Radiation Phenomena

We all know that an electric current requires a conductor, such as copper to carry it. Monsieur Bovis maintained, however, that the scale on the Biometer must be made of a non-conductor to carry the current. Everything he said was a complete contradiction of all I knew and had learned [ during my years at the University. As a matter of fact, it all appeared so ridiculous that it needed a very open mind and a good deal of courage to investigate his claims.

The first step in my investigations was to diagnose my patients in the usual way and then measure the radiations from their fingers and the palm of the hand and compare my findings and my diagnosis with the data given by Bovis about organic disorders. To my surprise I had to admit to myself that X-rays, urine analysis and other tests confirmed the findings which the radiation readings from the fingers disclosed according to Bovis. The first problem which Bovis was never able to answer was: “What kind of radiation do we measure?” The next question which nobody could answer was: “What connection exists between the different fingers and the organs?”

Many times I discussed these questions with doctors who used the Biometer in Paris, Marseilles, Nice and other towns, and every time I received the same reply: “It works, you can diagnose quickly and accurately, and is this not enough?”

In the course of twenty-eight years of research Bovis had tabulated the different fingers and the organs and diseases, and the wavelengths of disorders in the body.   The thumb, however, remained a puzzle to him. It had been found that the radiation of every healthy organ in our body has a wave length of 6,500 Angstrom Units and Bovis called this wavelength 100 degrees Bio-metric. When an organ is disordered or diseased its wavelength alters and lengthens.   In the course of the years I discovered that when the wavelength of our organs lengthens to 13,000 Angstrom Units death takes place. Our physical body therefore exists as a living being within a narrow wave band of radiations, between 6,500 and 13,000 Angstrom Units.

The radiation from the thumbs of all the people whom Bovis and others doctors had measured never gave a measurement of 6,500 A.U. or 100 degrees Biometric. In many cases the reading was 225, others gave a reading of over 300 degrees Biometric, whilst a few individuals recorded a measurement of over 400 degrees Biometric. The significance of the measurement of the radiation from the thumb remained a mystery.

For weeks and months I wrote down the readings, which I obtained from the tip of the thumb 1 of my patients. The more I puzzled the more’ perplexed I became. I can honestly confess that more than once I got so aggravated with the Biometer and with my inability to solve the many perplexing questions that I nearly told the servants to take it out of my room and burn it so that I could live in peace without being constantly reminded of the many problems which the sight of the Biometer brought to my mind.

There is a solution for every problem in life. There must also be a solution for every scientific problem which confronts us. If we struggle long enough we will always find that suddenly the key to the solution comes our way.

One day a patient of mine asked me whether I would see his daughter and tell him if there was any possibility of improving her mental powers. In his words: “She is mentally backward.” When I saw the young woman, who was accompanied by two nurses, there was no doubt in my mind that she was not only mentally backward but was an imbecile with an excellent body. As usual I took first of all the reading from her thumb. It was the lowest I had ever recorded; 118 degrees Biometric.

In order to see whether her mind was capable of comprehending and answering the simplest questions I took the stop watch and asked her to tell me which was her right hand. I pressed the stop watch and watched the second hand moving around the dial. Two minutes and eighteen seconds had passed when she suddenly lifted her right hand and said: “This is my right hand.” Again and again I asked her the simplest questions such as “Where is your left foot, your right ear,” and so forth. Exactly two minutes and eighteen seconds passed before she gave the correct answer to each question.

It occurred to me that these simple facts-right hand, left hand, and so forth—pass from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind; and when we are asked to lift our right hand we recall this knowledge with the speed of lightning from our subconscious mind into the conscious mind and lift the right hand. Not only simple facts, but all we hear or read or learn passes into that vast storehouse—our subconscious mind— and we can draw on the knowledge which we have stored away. It was quite evident from the time lag in this imbecile patient that there was a gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind, and it took two minutes and eighteen seconds to over-bridge this gap and recall the knowledge into the conscious mind. It appeared that the reading obtained from the thumb gave us an indication of the inter-relationship between conscious and subconscious mind. The same day I began to study the hundreds of readings from the thumb of my patients, and to my great surprise I began to see that those whose readings were above 330 degrees Biometric were far more intelligent than those whose measurements were in the 200 to 300 degree range of radiations.

Slowly but surely there emerged before my mental eye a clear picture of the mind of man. A careful study of the interests of countless individuals, their gifts and talents and their attitude towards life, the professions and vocations in which they were successful, as well as other aspects of their minds reveal that the wavelength from the thumb gives us a deep insight into an individual’s mental make up.