Rays & Radiation Phenomena

From the thumb I directed my attention to the brain, and after many futile experiments I discovered that the same radiation as from the thumb—and even more accurately—could be obtained by measuring the radiation from the head. After considerable study and classification and grouping, it became possible to reveal the mystery of mysteries—the mind of man—from the wavelength of the radiation of the brain. In the course of the years over twenty-three thousand brain radiations have been taken and what we can learn from these shall be dealt with later on. The brain radiation reveals our mental potentialities, our field of conscious awareness, our gifts and talents, our strong and weak points. We are here on earth to do our best within the range of our comprehension, and the mental powers with which we operate can be determined by the frequency of the rays radiating from our brain. This radiation is present from the hour of birth till the moment when our eyes close for our last sleep on earth.

Let us go forward without fear or doubt and let us do our utmost to express ourselves with confidence and with the realization that we all can be really useful in this world when we find our right place in life.