“I made actual contact by way of the cloudbuster with luminous objects in the sky on May 12, 1954…During this hour men on earth saw for the first time in the history of man and his science two ‘Stars’ to the west fade out several times when cosmic energy was drawn from them. … Easy contact was made on that fateful day with what obviously turned out to be a heretofore unknown type of UFO. I had hesitated for weeks to turn my cloudbuster pipes toward a ‘star’, as if I had known that some of the blinking lights hanging in the sky were not planets or fixed stars but SPACE machines. With the fading out of the two ‘stars’, the cloudbuster had suddenly changed into a SPACEGUN … what had been left of the old world of human knowledge after the discovery of the OR energy 1936-40 tumbled beyond reprieve. Nothing could any longer be considered ‘impossible’. I had directed drawpipes, connected with the deep well toward an ordinary star, and the star had faded out four times.”

Reich had first hesitated on using the spacegun on the Ea, considering the possibility of them being some kind of American craft, but the situation became so intolerable with the noxious OR influence, that he finally decided to. He found the power of the Oranur Spacegun tremendous due to the sensitivity of the OR energy ocean. The energy equilibrium of Ea could be disturbed or even put out of order by withdrawing energy from it directly. The affected Ea seemed at first to struggle, pulsating erratically, then shrink and even fade out completely. But the space visitors seemed to be retaliating by increasing the DOR pollution in the vicinity.

“There was no doubt left as to the purposefulness of the activities of Ea: Energy was being drawn from the planet, with the consequences known now, 1956, far and wide as ‘DOR-emergency’; decay of vegetation, the crumbling of granite rock, a feverish atmosphere. OR energy laws, mostly unknown to us earthmen, were used technically in the Ea operations.”

A detailed report on the Ea problem was forwarded to the American Air Force who appeared to be ‘burningly interested’ in the subject, but not particularly surprised.

To further test the correlations between Ea and the desert forming DOR, Reich and the cloudbuster crew made their preparations to go to the fully developed desert, and the OROP Desert Expedition was underway.


A simple chart Reich made to differentiate between stars and UFOs hovering high in the sky. Certain facts about the appearance of the UFOs such as their noiselessness, their shimmering lights, sometimes bluish in appearance, rotating discs underlying their motion, fell into place with some of the facts Reich knew well from cosmic OR functioning:

  1. The ‘CORE MEN’ (CORE = COSMIC ORGONE ENGINEERS), as he came to call them, apparently were thoroughly conversant with the laws of functioning in the cosmic OR energy ocean.
  2. They used cosmic OR energy in propelling their machines.
  3. Their ‘blue lights’ were in agreement with the blue color characteristic of all visible OR functions, sky, protoplasm, Aurora, sunspots, the color of OR lumination in vacor tubes, etc.
  4. The CORE MEN were obviously riding their space ships on the main OR energy streams in the Universe.
  5. Just as space is not empty, light does not ‘come down to us from the stars and the sun’. It is an effect of lumination in the OR energy envelope of the planets. It is a local phenomenon.

Therefore, there is theoretically no limit to speed in cosmic space, and the Ea were able to achieve tremendous speeds.


Driving across country to Arizona where the expedition would make its base, Reich closely observed the atmospheric conditions. DOR tended to concentrate over cities and became more pronounced as they entered the desert regions. Here it was observed to sink down into the valleys and hover low over the landscape like a ceiling. The tops of distant mountain ridges were seen to project clearly above the DOR shell, like islands above the ocean, and on these peaks the primal vegetation was still alive; while the lower vegetation, covered by the low-lying DOR blanket, died off, leaving only desert in the valleys – especially in the areas near atomic testing sites.

Reich described the mountain ranges as being “eaten out”, gnawed at by DOR as if a monster were feeding on the rock itself. The DOR functions were characterized by “a silent, invisible and inaudible gnawing away and insidious consumption of the life force of a host or organism.”

“The process of disintegration of trees and whole forests is due to progressive DOR prevalence in the atmosphere. A slight DOR prevalence causes dryness, dryness in turn increases DOR. Thus, in a vicious circle, the water-hunger grows together with diminishing precipitation. The process is slow and not easily discernible. Not much is known about its secret attrition of life.”

“It has great significance for the mastery of our future, that DOR surplus causes deserts in the landscape as it does in the organism. Desert souls will enhance desert development; and desert development will increase DOR or staleness in human emotions.”

DOR is hungry for nourishment, for water, for oxygen. As the DOR increases it vampirizes its host, in this case the abundant life energy indigenous to the planet.

Reich observes that “the pestilential character shows the same type of behavior. He saps juicy, emotionally rich people, deprives them of their strength, akin to the behavior of a tapeworm, within the host victim. The pestilential character thrives on the energy loss in the victim, but in the end he perishes with the host. From here to sociological conclusions regarding the secret dynamics of political dictatorship is only a logical step: from here, too, a bridge can be built toward understanding the connection between desert development on our planet and visitors from outer space. These visitors are using fresh cosmic energy for their locomotion and pour the slag, DOR, into our atmosphere. Whether this is being done on purpose or by accident does not matter as far as the effects upon life are concerned.”