But clairvoyance, without proper orientation in the universe, can lead one to pursue false paths. A classic example of this is the occult chemistry of Theosophist Charles Leadbeater. Leadbeater was able to discern the atomic and subatomic structures of elemental matter through his clairvoyant vision—he would isolate an element from nature, slow down its activity psycho-kinetically, and view its structure. Modem research with high energy accelerators has shown Leadbeater to be on cue, and there can be no doubt that he had deep insight, but his orientation—that of looking into matter—was that of modern science in these researches and that orientation has left us with a world full of problems. What is interesting is the polarity of action against nature present in these thoughts. Leadbeater, with his internal volitional force, slowed down the materials and the modern scientists, with their electrically driven atom smashers, speed the matter up (electricity being how the externalized volitional force has manifested in our culture).

Rudolf Steiner had several pertinent comments about this orientation:

“Spiritual Science always tries to look into the effects of living things on a large scale. It does not pry into the minute and microscopic, for that is not the most important. It does not primarily concern itself with the conclusions which are drawn from the minute—from microscopical investigations. To observe the macrocosmic—the wide circumference of Nature’s workings—-that is the task of Spiritual Science. But we must first know how to penetrate into these wider workings of Nature.”

“What does science do nowadays? It takes a little plate and lays a preparation on it, carefully separates it off and peers into it, shutting off on every side whatever might be working into it. We call it a ‘microscope.’ It is the very opposite of what we should do to gain a relationship to the wide spaces. No longer content to shut ourselves off in a room, we shut ourselves off in this microscope-tube from all the glory of the world. Nothing must now remain but what we focus in our field of vision. By and by it has come to this: scientists always have recourse, more or less, to their microscope. We, however, must find our way out again into the macrocosm. Then we shall once more begin to understand Nature-and other things too.”

AGRICULTURE -A Course of Eight Lectures by Rudolf Steiner, Given at Koberwitz, Silesia, June 7-16, 1924, Bio-Dynamic Association, London, 1958


Electrical research is another area of prime borderland research. While the term “occult” puts many people off, it should be realized that electricity is an occult force whose effects we only see when equipment is property engineered. Four to five hundred years ago one would possibly be burned at the stake if it would have been possible for them to demonstrate modern electrical devices.

Electricity is considered by some to be a degraded form of the Light Ether, that the etheric force gets bound up in matter in a way that it can be used. But being bound up in matter it provides mankind with the option of using it property or improperly. Many articles on the detrimental effects of electric fields have been published, and more studies are no doubt underway on this important topic. There are also some records of electro-therapeutic devices that used this force for healing.

Tesia envisioned a worldwide electrical power system and did the basic testing to show himself that it was viable, and the Wardencliffe Tower just needed to be completed and we would have worldwide free electricity today. Tesia was a man of great intellect and was a reader of Goethe and other great minds. One would feel that he was in some way familiar with Goethe’s Farbenlehre (color theory). The type of electricity being sent around our globe on wires is of a different, lower form that that of Tesla’s transmission of electricity without wires. It is quite possible that Tesla’s electricity was of a beneficial nature. Tesla did research into electro-therapeutics and was no doubt aware of both beneficial and detrimental effects. With the power system he envisioned on line we may not have ended up with the electrical health problems we are just beginning to see the “tip of the iceberg” of.

This point needs clarification and elaboration beyond what most people now imagine. Consider Dr. Lilly Kolisko’s experiments with the crystallization of metallic salts rising contra gravity during planetary alignments. These experiments were done to establish whether or not the planets had any direct connection to the metals as alchemical lore supposed.

“That there is an inward gold, or rather, that gold has an inward as well as an outward reality, was only logical for the contemplative way of looking at things, which spontaneously recognized the same ‘essence’ in both gold and the sun. It is here, and nowhere else, that the root of alchemy lies.” —Titus Burckhardt in Alchemy

The connections investigated are Gold-Sun, Silver-Moon, Mercury-Mercury, Copper-Venus, Iron-Mars, Tin-Jupiter, Lead-Saturn- For example. Dr. Kolisko would take a gold chloride solution (1%) and allow a portion of it in a laboratory dish to climb a segment of blotter paper. As it dried the fine details of crystalline form could be seen. After many experiments the characteristic form of each metal’s salt could be understood. It was scientifically established that the actions of cosmic bodies would have direct effects upon the crystallizing actions in the lab. Gold chloride would not crystallize property during several solar eclipses that Dr. Kolisko reported on (1927,1947). A darkening effect was noticed on these slides.