Amongst the recollections of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, founder of Wala Pharmaceuticals, he states:

“In the course of researches into the delicate changes in matter which are revealed in the capillary-dynamic method, an alarming symptom came to the fore. At one of the Easter conferences of the Anthroposophical Doctors’ Working Group in Comburg in 1964, Frau Kolisko, the past-master of the capillary-dynamic method, spoke on ‘Gold and the Signs of the Times.’ In earlier years she had demonstrated by means of the Steigbild (literally rising pictures, also known as chromatograms) the connections between the metals and the planets, and in particular the effect on gold of an eclipse of the sun. During an eclipse of the sun the gold Steigbild which normally glows with beautiful colors, shows a darkening and the emergence of grey formations. Frau Kolisko now showed a series of gold Steigbild produced in the last years almost hourly and at all times of the day and of the year. Without exception all of them showed the same sinister dark formations which had appeared earlier, in the first half of the century, only at the time of a sun eclipse. She closed her lecture with a question to the doctors, namely whether, considering the change now in gold, they could still be answerable for its use as a medicine. There was no doubt about it: since the middle of the century gold had become different — it was sick. Or, to express it differently, the connection between the spheres of the sun which stream down and the metal which they permeate is disturbed.”

AT THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE by Rudolf Hauschka, Steiner Book Center, N. Vancouver, Canada, 1985


borderlandThe main culprit in this sickness of earthly matter is none other than the electrical environment that has manifested on this planet Certainly there were radio communications going during Dr. Kolisko’s early experiments, but as this chart from Trevor Constable’s COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE shows, the post WWII environment was heavy with these signals,culminating in today’s total saturation point. Imagine what the Steigbild would have shown in previous centuries before the electrical force began its manifestation.

Nuclear proliferation must also be considered as adding to this phenomenon, but electricity is the degraded form of the light ether, whose source the sun is related to gold. Walter Russell, in ATOMIC SUICIDE, indicates that the spread of nuclear energy will destroy the atmosphere surrounding this planet and now scientists are scratching their heads as the hole in the planetary ozone layer gets larger. (Of course chlorofluorocarbons and New Zealand sheep farts have all been blamed for the ozone depletion, but nuclear energy is the primary cause according to Russell.) This atmospheric destruction could well aid in cutting off gold from its cosmic wellspring of life.

Rudolf Steiner had many insights into the true nature of electricity, its relationship to humanity and its role in our future. Pertinent to the matter at hand let us consider the following remarks, a portion of his answer to a question about electrical treatment of animal fodder:

“You must consider the whole part played by electricity in Nature, …to the effect that human beings cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides by electric currents and radiations. It has an influence on the whole development of man. This is quite true; man’s inner life will become different if these things are carried as far as is now intended. It makes a difference whether you simply supply a certain district with steam-engines or electrify the railway lines. Steam works more consciously, whereas electricity has an appallingly unconscious influence; people simply do not know where certain things are coming from. Without a doubt there is a trend of evolution in the following direction. Consider how electricity is now being used above the earth as radiant and as conducted electricity, to carry the news as quickly as possible from one place to another. This life of men in the midst of electricity, notably radiant electricity, will presently affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to understand the news which the receive so rapidly. The effect is to damp down their intelligence. Such effects are already to be seen today. Even today you can notice how people understand the things that come to them with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago.

‘It is a remarkable fact that whenever something new appeals, as a rule in the early stages it is heralded as a remedy—a means of healing. Then the prophets get hold of it. It is strange, where a new thing appears, clairvoyant perception is often reduced to a very human level! Here is a man who makes all sorts of prophecies about the healing powers of electricity, where no such thing would previously have occurred to him. Things become fashionable! No one was able to imagine healing people by electricity so long as electricity was not there. Now—not because it is there, but because it has become the fashion—now it is suddenly proclaimed as a means of healing. Electricity—applied as radiant electricity—is often no more a means of healing than it would be to take tiny little needles and prick the patient all over with them. It is not the electricity-it is the shock that has the healing effect.