“Now you must not forget that electricity always works on the higher organization, the head-organization both of man and animal; and correspondingly, on the root-organization in the plant It works very strongly there. If…you pour electricity through the foodstuffs—you create foodstuffs which will gradually cause the animal that feeds on them to grow sclerotic. It is a slow process; it will not be observed at once. Electricity will not at first be recognized as the cause; it will be ascribed to all manner of other things.

“Electricity, once and for all, is not intended to work into the realm of the living—it is not meant to help living things especially; it cannot do so. You must know that electricity is at a lower level than that of living things.”

AGRICULTURE — A Course of Eight Lectures by Rudolf Steiner, Given at Koberwitz, Silesia, June 7-16, 1924, Bio-Dynamic Association, London, 1958

How pertinent and timely these words are today on many levels of borderland research. Electrical/electronic medicine has the glamorous position on stage, and in many people’s minds, in today’s ‘borderland’ field. People are racing to buy instruments which are designed by electronic engineers with little or no training in the comprehensive constitution of humans. It is the fashion! There is no consideration that true healing comes from the spiritual realms, that the spirit is always healthy, and that dis-ease comes from a condition where the various subtle levels of the body are not aligned property with the physical.

These electrical instruments have the potential to work on many people to treat symptoms. But what of the long term effects of the subsensible electric current? Considering the alarming state of affairs viewed through the information just presented I pose the question, “Do you prefer the natural or the unnatural forms of treatment?” Many people flock to electronic medicine because they feel that the petro-chemical drugs that are prescribed by the medical establishment are detrimental to their long term health. Very possibly so, but will electricity be any better? What about your own vital energy and its relation to cosmic life forces?

Electrical stimulation of the body treats a symptom and fails to allow for the body’s natural healing process. As electricity is an externalized part of humanity’s inner volitional force we can see that there will be definite effects from the subsensible current But the effects will be relative and the inner healing process put on secondary mode. Electro-therapy, while emerging as a viable medicine of the future, appears to ignore the natural healing process.

This does not mean that we should not research electro-therapy. In what may seem a contradiction here, I am 100% for further research into this area. It will no doubt be of benefit to many. Our relationship with electricity is one of the greatest questions of our time. People unconsciously use this force, and the results are such as those noted by Lilly Kolisko.


The researches of Leon E. Eeman and Wilhelm Reich provide a solid ground for research into balancing and aligning the human vital force with the physical body. Eeman worked with connecting opposite polarities of the body in order to overcome and get around energetic blockages. Dr. Reich worked with an innovative technique of therapy and massage that he developed in order to ‘unarmor’ the human, release the blockages. Dr. Reich also developed the orgone accumulator, based on his discovery of a mass-free atmospheric life energy. The use of Dr. Reich’s orgone accumulators was not recommended around electrical appliances, fluorescent lights, X-ray tubes and the like because they were life-negative. In light of Dr. Lilly Kolisko’s forboding discovery of the status of gold we must reconsider the wide-scale usage of orgone accumulators. They concentrate the energy that is there, and we must consider its current status.

L.E. Eeman did many experiments with ‘substance circuits’, that is circuits of wire connecting polarities of the body in which substances are inserted. J. Cecil Maby, who participated in many of Eeman’s experiments, insisted on using a high-frequency coil in the circuit. Eeman relented, and could identify the substances – they were coming through the electrified circuit — but be got much clearer and stronger indications from the simple copper wire circuits he developed.


With our present world condition in mind we must consider the appropriate individual paths to take in researching the borderlands. The ancient cultures of this planet were in tune with the cosmic forces as well as the earthly forces. Our present culture has cut off the cosmic forces, as is ominously evident in Lilly Kolisko’s 1964 report, and has twisted its use of the earthly forces—merely taking what it wants with no allowance for the renewal of the planetary life force.