So the square has taken over and the circle made subservient Modem architecture shows the square overtly, with happenstance circles not tied in according to the old cannons of measure. Ancient architecture built in harmony with earth and sky and this is now being used in our present world by a scant few aware souls. The circle and the square must be in harmony as polar opposites, rhythmically carrying living forces, and not in conflict with each other as in our present situation.

So in borderland research we must again strive to reconnect with the cosmic bearings which bring the constant renewal of life and the intellectual impulses of a higher order. This can be done through many means and this website is in existence as a medium to present these manifold ideas.

Ancient cultures have left us many mysteries and these must be investigated to allow our developed imagination to build a complete world picture. Energy researches must be carried on to investigate the beneficial and detrimental effects of the electrical forces on one hand, and the development and use of equipment that will tap the higher forces on the other. Tied in directly with that are the conceptions of electro-therapy, but we must consider that research important but secondary to research into the subtle energies such as radionics, homeopathy, radiesthesia and dowsing. Plant metamorphosis must be studied as an overall key to the etherics sciences. UFOs, the perichoresis of our modem world view, must be looked at from many angles, keeping in mind that they are phenomena on the horizon line of our sensory capacities.

And thus Borderland Research moves into the future. With feet on the earth, and eyes toward the cosmos I ask you to think for yourself and attempt the same. This work requires one great task, the proper orientation and continued growth of your world view. Those who are capable of going in that direction are ready for advancement. It is for them that this site exists. It will be continually expanding with new and innovative ideas as time and energy permit.

Thomas Joseph Brown